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Warning! Don’t Take Another Seminar Until You Discover These Secret Healing Techniques on DVD That Almost Magically Relieve Pain!


Please- read the doctor's testimonials on this page. These folks are experts.

The VERY BEST guarantee in all of natural medicine:

100% Money Back, 60 day, No Hassle Guarantee

DVDs of all our seminars are now available- much cheaper and easier than spending airplane and hotel fees! And yes, you CAN learn easily from video!

(You can buy the dvds without attending the seminar.)

The best Kaufman Technique course to start with: The Amazing Pain Neutralization Technique! Now on DVD! Click here for details.

Note: because of increased production and advertising costs, DVD prices WILL be going up. Buy now!

The best guarantee in chiropractic, acupuncture, or body work:


“I know you  go to  a bunch of seminars and learn tons of techniques. Even so,  I  100% guarantee  you've never seen a program  quite as potent as these procedures. Watch the dvds, learn the techniques in minutes, and try them in your office for 60 days.


"If you're not absolutely delighted with the results, if your patients don't thank you over and over for learning these (and even hug you once in a while), return them within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. Of course, these techniques will not work for everyone. But we do guarantee that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the results you get, or your money back!"


You can even pay in 3 payments, if you prefer. Call NOW to order (800) 774-5078.” 


All seminars suitable for chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers, physical therapists, medical doctors, naturopaths, etc.


New: all video products come with 90 day FREE phone support. If you have any questions at all about the techniques, feel free to call Dr. Kaufman!


Don't take my word for it; please carefully consider the many doctors' reports that follow.


WARNING! The following reports may sound too good to be true. Of course, none of these techniques will work on every patient. Your results will vary.  Remember, by federal law, I can only publish true testimonials, and I have to honor my 100% money back guarantee.



Note: the sound and video quality of our DVDs is excellent. You will have absolutely no problem learning from them! Guaranteed!


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“Dr. Kaufman’s technique for relieving musculoskeletal pain is nothing short of miraculous. After a single visit to him, I was completely free of the chronic, nagging neck and upper back pain that had plagued me for ten years following a ski injury.  After one 3 minute treatment, voila! The pain has gone! A miracle! Thank you! ” Dr. Sharon E. Meagher, M.D., radiologist Vail, CO.

“The PNT techniques are incredible, this is so much fun to see the look on peoples faces when you shut down a major pain.  Almost too many cases to list." Kerry Randa, D.C. Loveland, CO. 

“The PNT techniques are phenomenal!  They have made my treatments so much more effective and patients love the fact that it's not painful.   My only complaint is that since I've been studying with you my patient volume has gotten out of hand due to referrals and I can't handle all the people that want to see me.  Thank you again for all of your help.  Meeting you has without a doubt been the best thing for my practice since I graduated school. It's inspired me to say the least.“ Ken Andes, Lac, DOM Suffern, New York 

 "The techniques are absolutely phenomenal ; you're an incredible teacher! I taught for 15 years in an osteopathic college. I've never seen any other technique do what your cervical techniques can do.. every patient that I 've used them on has had an increase in ROM. All the patients that I 've used the anxiety procedures on have felt substantially better, even with all the fear out here that the hurricanes have caused. The extremity techniques are very clear from the videos; it's just like being in the class"   Dr. Kirby Hotchner, D.O. Miami, Fla

"I just finished watching the PNT DVD series and have been turning off trigger points all morning. It has raised the bar in treating my patients as well as making my work more fun. Thank you Dr. Kaufman!"   William (Bill) Myers, PT Borger, Texas


"Thanks for relieving both knees. I have had knee pain on and off for 7 or 8 years.  In a matter of minutes you relieved the tendon pain in both knees.  Your technique is truly amazing.  I look forward to mastering it.  I also had a very tender trigger point in the right lateral scapula area that sent shooting pain through my right shoulder.  After a few minutes of procedures you relieved the shooting pain and trigger point in the right scapula .  Thanks again for your amazing techniques. "   Dr. Gary C. Koch,  D.C. Pittsburgh, PA


"In October of 2004, I injured my left lateral meniscus. The subsequent MRI revealed a mild tear. You treated the knee for pain at the fibular head and surrounding area and the pain went from VERY TENDER on palpation to at least 95% improved. Flexion increased immediately by 20-30 degrees. The restriction and tightness was 100% gone! Thanks so much for taking the time to teach these awesome and effective techniques."  Dr. Marvin R. Terry, DC  Orlando, Florida


"Dr. Kaufman is the best kept secret in manual therapy.  In the upcoming years I believe he will be regarded as a revolutionary innovator in the fields of manual therapy and bodywork.  Any acupuncturist or body worker (or chiropractor) looking to become more clinically effective should look into his material.  Dr. Kaufman is one of the most generous teachers I’ve had and I consider myself lucky to be his student." Ken Andes, L.A.C. Suffern , N.Y.


"I can actually feel the trigger points disappear under my fingers as I do the nerve/meridian bending technique! " Dr. Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas.


“A gentle technique with extremely effective & immediate results. This should be a required course for all acupuncturists. Witnessing constant changes as “demo-ed” on stage by Dr. Kaufman was phenomenal, especially the “puzzled look” at relief by the classroom doctors tested. Looking forward to incorporate these procedures in my practice on Monday.  A must for all healers!!  My treatment in class yielded unbelievable & remarkable therapeutic results…” Ted Dugas, LAC. PhD, New York City

“This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in years...Thanks to you, I’m swamped (with patient referrals)! I’ve never had these kinds of results with anything. The P.N.T. is amazing. (Like you promised) I have patients saying “Wow! That’s amazing!” all the time.” Dr. James Monk, D.C. Chickasha, OK. (after viewing the DVDs)

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your cervical seminar ( on DVD). You said the first few techniques that you taught us were worth the price of the seminar alone and I cannot believe it but you were right... It even works with those horribly fixated necks that I used to struggle with. You've taken my knowledge base thirty years into the future and given it to me on DVD. What a treat!!!.. I like the referrals that good results bring to the practice."   Dr. Jeff Aberle, D.C. Madison, WI.

“Wow, I’ve been practicing chiropractic for a little over 20 years, and the techniques I’ve learned from your videotapes have not only blown me away, but they’re also responsible for massive changes in both function and pain level for my patients.

“One patient that I’ve worked with  for over 20 years always has had low level LBP. Of course I tried various .. techniques…All to no avail. After watching the cervical and lower extremity videotapes, I used two of the techniques that I learned, (which I have not seen taught anywhere else) when she got off the table, she remarked that her longstanding LBP was gone.....she has held that correction. Amazing!”  Dr. Curt Garner, D.C.  Rio Rancho, N.M. Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology

NEW: Read what M.D.s say about P.N.T., here.

All classes now available on DVD; each class is 4 discs. Every word of the seminar, every technique is here, unedited. Includes class notes. You do not have to take the seminar to buy the dvd! Don't have a DVD player yet? You can buy one for $30! Call 800-774-5078 right NOW, 24 hours, to order. And remember, these DVDs may be tax deductible as a business expense! No hotel or air fare! So your investment is even less.

  1. The Extraordinary Pain Neutralization Technique- immediately relieve agonizing pain with only your finger tips! $1397 - THIS is the class that teaches you how to use neurological reflexes to turn off trigger points in seconds! Amazing things happened in this class! See frozen shoulders of 10 years unlock on camera and rise from the dead! See torn lateral meniscus pain disappear in seconds! See severe subscapular pain melt away like butter on a hot day! (Of course, the techniques do not work on every patient.)

All classes are completely different; there is no repetition! Buy any class along with the P.N.T. and save $200!! Our most popular package: P.N.T. plus the Cervical class- $1697 (save $200!)                      

  1. The World's Greatest Cervical Technique: How to Quickly Relieve  Cervical Pain,  Vertigo, TMJ and Migraine , including cervical disc and radicular pain:  These techniques have  dramatically relieved pain and restored pain free range of motion in many patients; totally different techniques from the Cranial/Advanced TMJ/upper cervical class, above. $697.

  2. Sciatica, Disc, and Severe Low Back Pain: Easily Treated!  $697

  3. Deluxe Upper Extremities: includes the full 2 day, 4 DVD class, PLUS  2 studio DVDs with a TON of advanced techniques- 6 DVDs total- only $697.

  4. Extremity Miracles Seminar: lower extremities:  $697.

  5. The Emotional and Physical Pain Seminar : breakthrough in treating depression and emotional trauma, as well as all musculoskeletal pain! 5 discs includes the famous Anxiety/Depression/ Panic/Bad Mood Protocol Disc  $597

  6. The Cranial, Advanced TMJ,  Sinus, and Brain Function Class, including Cranial Pain Neutralization Technique - 2 days, 9 discs, lots of miracles. $847. Available NOW on DVD. - the best seminar to date. Many class members had dramatic improvements !  Contains Pain Neutralization Techniques; they are completely different from the techniques in the Cervical/Vertigo/TMJ class, next.

  7. Fatigue, Hot Flashes, P.M.S., and Sleep Disturbances 6 Discs, $547. Information available on request.

  8. Eight Needle Acupuncture- $597- the breakthrough new gentle approach for those with needle privileges that acupuncturists and physicians are scrambling to buy, based on British medical acupuncture.

  9. Millionaire Synapses- greatly expand your practice even if you're cheap, shy and lazy! $1397

  10. NEW! Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks, Advanced Pain Neutralization Technique, and Advanced Meridian Bending- the ADVANCED P.N.T. class! Learn to treat secret spinal reflexes that almost magically stop pain in seconds! $1397 (call for special pricing if you buy this along with P.N.T.)

To order call 800-774-5078 OR to fax an order form, click here. (Note : the current prices are on the fax form.) PLEASE call our office to confirm we received your fax!

Or send a check to Kaufman Technique LLC, 2693 S. Niagara St. Denver, CO. 80224 U.S.A.

Special package price #1 : 3 for deal. Save over $400! Any 3, one day seminars from the above (2 day seminars count as 2) for $1697.  bonus discs in the series are slightly more. (Substitutions are allowed.) 

Our most popular starting package: P.N.T. plus Cervical Class, $1697. (Save $200) Highly recommended!

(P.N.T and Advanced TMJ/ Cranial/Sinus are double seminars, 9 discs, counts as 2; our best yet!) What are you waiting for?   

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Studio DVDs

___10)The Bronchitis/Asthma/Respiratory Disorder $197.  A 1 hour studio presentation with numerous extremely effective techniques for respiratory and sinus problems, cough, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

For many years I would see patients at this time of year with severe cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems etc. and not be able to help them. Since developing the Respiratory Protocol the past couple of years, I now look forward to these patients; the majority of them show improvement after 1 or more treatments.  In the past 2 weeks I have seen several patients who had been sick for weeks with bronchitis, chronic cough, etc. have complete, quick recovery. (Not every patient gets results. Of course, patients with asthma always need medical supervision and possibly medication as well. This treatment is not a substitute for medical care but a possible adjunctive treatment; it may aid in the patient feeling better much more quickly. It should never be used in place of medication or other medical care. In my experience, it may aid acute attacks and prevent future episodes. NOTE: asthma can be fatal if not treated properly. ALWAYS get medical care!)

____12) Enter the Dragon, 8 needle, and Trigger Point Acupuncture: breakthrough  techniques in Needle Acupuncture. 3 discs, $597 Faster, painless, unbelievably simple and effective! For practitioners with needle privileges only- M.D.s, D.O.s , LAcs, D.C.s, etc.

___15) The Anxiety/Depression/Panic/Bad Mood Protocol (the psychoneuro- lymphatic treatment)- if you already have the Emotional Seminar. $147. Use this on almost every patient for startling emotional relief!

NEW: the DVD of the month club! Have one set shipped out each month for the rest of your life! (Just kidding! We'll ship them until you have the whole set.) (Please add shipping to all DVD charges).


This information is intended for practitioners only, and is not to be used by patients without the guidance of their physician.


New: M.D.s report on P.N.T. and the Kaufman Techniques!


Millionaire $ynapses: the financial healing Boot Camp. Now on DVD. Click here for details.  But hurry- I'm going to run ads in Dynamic Chiropractic and Acupuncture Today soon, and prices will be going up to cover costs! (P.N.T and Advanced TMJ/ Cranial/Sinus are double seminars, 9 discs, counts as 2; our best yet!) What are you waiting for? Order NOW (800) 774-5078.

Think this is too expensive? The cost of 3 seminars on DVD is less than the air fare and hotel to one seminar! And you can rewind the DVDs! And did I mention our money back guarantee? When was the last time you were offered that at a seminar? Not ever! The increased new patient referrals from these new techniques can pay for your seminar investment in just days or weeks.

These seminars are available at bargain prices; you save the cost of air fare and hotel fees! The first 2 or 3 techniques presented on disc will more than repay your investment. Plus you can review them whenever you like!   ( Upper and lower extremities are 2 different seminars!) (Advanced TMJ/ Cranial is a double seminar for $847) Half price if you've attended that seminar!  Each package contains the entire seminar unedited on 4 discs, plus class notes. A huge amount of information! NEW: region free DVDs- will play anywhere in the world!  For descriptions of previous classes, click here.            

It's very easy to learn from the dvds; see comments below. Watch class members get immediate improvement in many conditions with the Kaufman Techniques™. These dvds are not packaged pretty, but each one contains a ton of new techniques and information. What are you waiting for? Call 800-774-5078 NOW to order at this low price. I will be placing an ad in Dynamic Chiropractic and Acupuncture Today  soon and may have to raise prices.

You could be learning these techniques tomorrow! Next day air available for a slightly higher investment.

I and many doctors have found the P.N.T. procedures to be very effective at relieving trigger point pain in many patients. They do not work in every case. There is no guarantee that they will work in any particular case; your results will vary. Several treatments are usually required for lasting results. You can't be sure until you try it how it will work for you. Therefore we offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. I can't guarantee any result since I don't know you but I can guarantee you'll be very happy with the techniques, or you'll get a full refund.

Think about it: how can I make a 100% money back offer like this? When was the last time you saw that in a technique class?  (How 'bout ,"never?")

I'll take a chance on you, because I'm absolutely confident you'll love this material. Just like the hundreds of doctors who have already seen it, and the thousands of patients who have benefited immensely.

Many doctors ask which is the best class to start with. You can start with whichever class interests you, or I generally recommend the Cervical/Vertigo/TMJ/ Migraine class. The Advanced TMJ/Cranial/Sinus Class has totally different techniques and is also an excellent class to start with.

WARNING: most practitioners get the whole series because the results are so amazing. And yes, it's funny but true; they really do use the word "Wow!" a lot in their testimonials. What can I say? They love this stuff.

All techniques hands only, no muscle testing, no devices, electronics, or lasers to buy, no supplements forced on you. No manipulation or bone popping, no painful or forceful techniques. All classes suitable for chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers, etc.


We do not have a shopping cart yet on this site. To order, call 800-774-5078. You can also order by clicking here. Just write in your name, phone number, and we'll call you. (or include address and credit card info, and we'll ship it right out.) Or you can fax an order, click here.  (Our fax is on 9-5 Denver time only) (there is a nominal shipping and handling fee on all orders.)

Note: there is a $25 Priority Mail non refundable shipping and handling fee per box on all orders. International orders will be slightly higher.


The best testimonials  I didn't write any of these. These are all real comments written by real doctors and practitioners in real cities. See many more below. Please note: these techniques will not work for every patient.


"Dr Kaufman, your techniques are great! I used to be an avid competitive runner but for more than 2 years I had difficulty breathing while doing any kind of physical exertion, including walking. At times I almost blacked-out after running; at times I wouId cough right through the night till morning. I went to a medical doctor who diagnosed it as exercise-induced asthma. I was put on the inhaler and was heavily dependent on it (3X a day) if I were to do any kind of running.

"After applying the techniques in your DVD's for a little over 2 months, my asthma is almost completely gone, I have not had the light-headed feeling during running, and I sleep like a baby through the night, while being totally off the inhaler.

"I highly recommend your seminars and DVD's to any practitioner who would like to see results quickly. They really work!!" Tze Wei Lim, A.R.T. practitioner,Singapore



"... my outstanding results. (I've only had the DVD's for 2 weeks!!!) I am very satisfied ... with the DVD's and the techniques are presented well and are easily learned. ..Regardless of what your chiropractic technique is - buy Dr. Kaufman's DVD's and learn his material. It will make an immediate impact on your patient care! When Dr. Kaufman notes that the first 2 or 3 techniques on the DVD's are worth the price, he isn't joking! They are some of the most effective and easily applied techniques I have ever learned, and so far my patients are loving it!"

It is refreshing to see someone in the chiropractic field talking about what is important - getting your patients better - instead of trying to show you 30 ways to "educate" your patients into becoming "lifetime patients." I agree wholeheartedly with you, get them better and help the next patient! I Your material has already impacted me and my practice significantly." Dr. Aaron M. Peters, D.C. DuBois, PA


"Dr. Kaufman’s classes have increased my massage practice by 60%.  I have people who won’t go to any one else.  The comments are “my migraine headaches are gone for the first time in 10 years” and “my lower back pain and neck pain are gone”.  I use the same for myself and family.  Thank you so much.  Your'e are easy to learn from and you give a lot in your seminar.  You are a very caring person."  Phyllis Phillips, L.M.T. Lakewood, CO.


"Wow! It's amazing! (Your techniques on the DVDs) are changing my practice; I don't think you have any idea how much!" Dr. Alain Salas, D.C. Kansas City, MO.

"I now have had the opportunity to view the upper and lower extremity DVD's and as usual the material is quite good. Thanks. I used your shoulder protocol on my wife who has had chronic pain on shoulder adduction and presto, in one minute the pain was gone."   Dr. Jacob Bastomski, D.C.  D.I.B.C.N. chiropractic neurologist, Santa Barbara, CA

"Great stuff! Just the first few minutes of the first disc (of the Cranial P.N.T.) has been more than worth the cost of the seminar. Much better than (the other cranial techniques) It's already helping my practice tremendously.  The other day I had a patient with recurring vertigo that only seems to respond to needling GB 20, this person hates needles and it's like pulling teeth for the both of us.  I used the cranial techniques and in a few minutes the vertigo was gone and I didn't need to use acupuncture.  Both she and I thank you for putting out such great material!" Ken Andes, LAC Suffern , New York


"Thank you for your prompt reply to my order of DVDs ...  the material you are presenting is of the highest quality and your procedures are often so simple, but so effective, they can be used immediately and are well worth the price of the DVD sets.. I have already integrated some of your protocols into my daily work. I was able to close some of my longstanding cases and I treated a 75 year old lady with neck pain successfully, I would not have touched before. Thank you again for sharing that wealth of information I am beginning to discover. Keep up the good work." Dr. Hans-Jürg Bieri DC,  Zürich, Switzerland

“I have had significant tension in my jaws for as long as I can remember. I never dreamed it would ever change. On Saturday, Dr. Kaufman did a simple occiput procedure that started an amazing wave of relaxation in my sinuses, mandible and maxilla that continued for a full hour after the treatment. Then on Sunday, he did his new trigger point therapy on my TMJ and now my masseters are like butter and all of the chronic tenderness at C1 and C2 has vanished as well! Not only are the results amazing but he did it quickly—great news for busy, high volume docs! Follow up 5 months later: my TMJ is still doing great!” Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C. San Jose, CA.



“After being assessed for upper trapezius pain and treated once, my trapezius trigger points disappeared and did not come back. I have experienced trigger points and pain for over 20 years and they have never felt better than after this one treatment! ” Dr. Debbie Novick, Julian ,CA.



“Dr. Kaufman’s visceral technique cleared 90% of residual abdominal trigger points and pain one year after a cholecystectomy complicated by a stone in the common bile duct and pancreatitis!  Amazing!” Dr. Karin Nelson, D.C. Denver, CO.

"Dr. Steve Kaufman’s techniques are the “wave of the future”.  The principles behind these techniques are “straight forward and easy to understand”.  At first, it sounds too good to be true until you actually see the results with your own eyes. I urge you to attend the classes in person and purchase the DVDs for review.  The Kaufman Technique will “add a new dimension” to whatever techniques that you currently use. I believe that these techniques will greatly change your own chronic problems as well. ...." Dr. Jim McCarty, D.C. Greenwood Village, CO.


 “I had a dental swelling in the lingual side of the maxilla after oral surgery. The stroke technique to my surprise reduced the swelling that had been there for 3 days—immediately!”  Dr. Patterson Stark, D.C. Denver, CO.


“Every chiropractor, no matter how many years in practice should take Dr. Kaufman’s seminars!” Dr. Albert M. Golly, D.C. Colorado Springs, CO.

"I started watching the cervical spine DVDs tonight and did a couple of your moves on my partner...she got great immediate results. "   Hetty Adema, L.Ac. Palm Springs, California

 “I have been an associate professor for 15 years at 2 different Osteopathic Medical Schools in the Departments of Osteopathic Manipulation and Family Practice. I am taking my third seminar with Dr. Kaufman and though I have only been using his techniques for a little over a month  I can honestly say that they are some of  the best and most effective treatments I have seen in my 23 years of clinical experience. They are easily learned and with so many options you can tailor them to fit the patient’s specific needs. I highly recommend his classes in person or on video.”  Dr. Kirby R. Hotchner, D.O. Miami, Fla.

" After getting your DVDs I am excited about practicing again because I know I can actually help people..." a DC in Utah.

"My mother's systolic BP was 160.  (Her ) BP has remained at 131 systolic at 2 subsequent measurements after the first treatment. I did a second treatment and the systolic dropped from 131 to 125. She can't remember ever being in the 120's in the past 20 years she's been on medication." Tze Wei Lim , Singapore (after learning the Kaufman hypertension protocol from the DVDs.)

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your cervical seminar ( on DVD). You said the first few techniques that you taught us were worth the price of the seminar alone and I cannot believe it but you were right. The occipital shift technique works great at relaxing those tight upper cervical muscles and lets the atlas and occiput glide within a minute or two. It even works with those horribly fixated necks that I used to struggle with.

"You've taken my knowledge base thirty years into the future and given it to me on DVD. What a treat!!! If all of life were that simple. I pride myself on knowing the latest most effective techniques to get patients well quickly and keep them that way. I like the referrals that good results bring to the practice.

"I don't know how you figured out all the procedures that you do. I'm just glad that I can get that knowledge and save myself a lot of time and frustration. I just purchased the rest of your courses and cannot wait to continue the training. Thanks again,"
  Dr. Jeff Aberle, D.C. Madison, WI.

"I loved the magic you worked on my wife.  She had eight weeks of continuous right shoulder pain.  I had done everything to resolve it with no results.  With one session (at the seminar) she was pain free."  Dr. Phil Pollock, D.C. Loveland, CO. 


"I have been frustrated by cases that didn’t make sense and didn’t respond according to the model I was using.  I was happily surprised to find (at this seminar) a chronic, nearly 30 year long painful point respond in less than a minute.  A whole new world of understanding and treating has been opened up to me.  Thanks " Dr. Robert Pratt, D.C. Pueblo, CO.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know some of the things that I have experienced since ordering and studying your DVD's on Cervical, Migraines, Vertigo, etc.

"One patient is a 79 year old sweetheart that has been patient for about ten years, and has suffered from dizziness for the last five years. On the first treatment she noticed quite a lot of improvement, which lasted for about two days. The next treatment gave her almost six days of relief. I saw her today, to treat her before she flew off to Phoenix for Thanksgiving and she has great hopes of having a wonderful visit with her three older sisters.

"The second patient is a nurse that has had vertigo since 1991, after an accident. She has tried every medical treatment that is available with no help whatsoever. I went through the basic and the advanced (head tilt) part of the protocol, finding 8 of the positions positive, that cleared immediately, producing a strong muscle response.

"After the first treatment in my office, she got up from her chair with no dizziness. She reclined on one of my adjusting tables on her back, and then popped right up, stating that this is when she has the most dizziness getting out of bed in the morning. She had no dizziness. Two days later, no dizziness. I talked to her today, a week after the second treatment and she said that she is doing things that she has not done in the past ten plus years, and the dizziness has not returned. She is rounding up "many" other people that she knows (I guess there is a local support group) that suffer from vertigo.

"I want to thank you and tell you that I will be purchasing your other DVD programs and will be coming to your live seminars. I suspect that I will attract enough vertigo patients to pay for this education.

"I am advanced certified in B.E.S.T. and Neurolink, have studied Bio-Kinetics and NMT, and have been Advanced proficiency rated in Activator Methods since college, for fifteen years. All of these are great techniques, and I have found them to be quite effective, allowing me to have about a 90% success rate in getting patients well. What you teach will easily increase that, allowing me to help those that did not respond to the other techniques, or could not understand what I was doing because I was not doing a "physical" adjustment. I believe that many patients will respond to what you teach better than some of the other techniques because it is a hands on treatment, but it is still very low (non) force. Thank you very much. I look forward to meeting you and learning more."
  Dr. Robert McCartney, D.C. Oklahoma

"Love it, love it , love it! This stuff is fabulous! I've been in practice 20 years and that means something! " Allan Perlmutter, D.C. Pelham Physical Medicine, Bronx, N.Y. (on the whole DVD set)


"....I applied the techniques you showed on the DVD and within 2 minutes asked a patient what her level of fear about failure was. She reported that she went from a 10 to a 4. Had stopped crying and felt more at peace. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work with the world!"  Dr. Doug Mosher, Napa, CA.

"I wanted to thank you for the Cervical DVDS.; they're absolutely terrific! Everybody I've used them on has had incredible response. I'm thrilled you're sharing this with us.  And thanks for the sciatic set--just begun them and they're already worth the price (just the first few minutes).  Wonderful stuff."   Rudy Hunter,  Olivebridge, New York

 "I just received your DVD's on the Emotional Class. The material is truly amazing.  I started getting results the first time I used them. Patients are so surprised with the results with just a light touch. Your SCAT technique really breaks through a lot of  'stuff' .  I also find patients.... asking to have the techniques done again. Good work! "  Dr. Norman Roy, D.C.  East Hampten, Massachusetts

"I just finished watching the Lower Extremities DVDs....  I was impressed at the camera angles- they really showed what you were doing well.  "  Kim McLaughlin, L.Ac. Houston, Texas 

"Love the cervical seminar! (on DVD) Awesome! I'm only half way through and already fixing, necks, shoulders, and even knees with it!"  Doug Christian, D.C.  Taos, New Mexico

"I've gotten some great results. It's amazing. The emotional work is fabulous! It works much better than (other emotional work being taught.)"  Judy Abrams, LAC  Ithaca , New York

Weren't these guys great to say all these nice things? You couldn't pry these DVDs out of their cold dead hands! Of course, these techniques will not work on every patient. These are our best testimonials, and are not typical of  every case. But we do guarantee that you are delighted with the results you get, or your money back.

New: the Michigan Chiropractic Society convention LOVED P.N.T. Click here.

To order please call 800-774-5078 or 303-756-9567 - we do not have a shopping cart yet on this site.

You can also order by writing me. List your name, address, phone and credit card and we'll ship it out to you; or just list your phone and we'll call you to complete the order. Simple!

OR: you can fax us an order form,  click here for fax form.

Our disclaimer, here.

Hey, nothing pleases everybody. I've taken the risk out. Don't forget our 100% No–Hassle Money Back Offer- watch the dvds, learn the techniques in minutes, and try them in your office for 60 days. If you're not absolutely delighted with the results, if your patients don't thank you over and over for learning these , return them within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

More doctor's testimonials.

For chiropractors, M.D.s, acupuncturists, N.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, and all body workers!

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