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More Testimonials


I've changed the names to protect their privacy  but every testimonial  is  recorded as written and available in our office for perusal.


Severe neck pain, broken collarbone of 12 years

 “I was troubled by severe and chronic neck pain with limited range of motion for  over 10 years. I needed to be adjusted frequently. In  three treatments  last year Steve unlocked the facets, restoring normal motion and a pain free state!! I also had severe constant burning pain in my left shoulder after fracturing my clavicle 12  years ago. Steve quickly eliminated all of that as well. This stuff works!!”   Dr. James Taylor, D.C.

Severe fatigue, insomnia, weakness, headaches, low back pain, depression  

"After the birth of my fourth son, I was completely worn out and feeling awful!  I had gone to my regular MD to have testing and a check up because I thought for sure I had some dreaded fatal disease!  When he told me I was only sleep deprived and to get more sleep, I asked “Great – how!?”.  I finally was convinced by my wonderful friend, Karen Taylor, who has seen Dr. Kaufman  for years, to go with her to see him.  What a blessing!  I contacted him only 2 weeks before his move to Colorado and he graciously accepted me as his last new patient.  He was confident that he could “fix me”  in the short period I had to see him.  He was right!   With only three days of supplements and two treatments in his office I felt human again! I am so glad that I went to him.  Dr. Kaufman was so aware and had so much knowledge of the human body,  it was amazing.  It was fun to watch what he did each time and to see the connections he made as to what was wrong with me.  Thank you, thank you Dr. Kaufman for bringing me back to physical life.  I feel like a human again: alive and well and able to take care of my four boys!”               ---Dawn Harley

Finger sprain, sprained foot, shoulder bursitis, whiplash ( on a dancer)

“Thank you so much for all your special healing – of my fingers, my foot, my neck, my spine and my overall health.  I am always continuously amazed at your skills and your knowledge.  I feel confident that you can help my friends as well.  I enjoy your sharp wit and gentle, generous nature.  Thank you for having been in San Diego.   ---Kathy Glackston

Eczema, allergies,  asthma, bronchitis

“On behalf of our sons Jameson (6) and Jacob (8 months), we thank you for all you’ve done to bring them health.  Jameson come to you with severe excema, allergies and breathing problems.  He  now plays soccer, rolls in the grass and rides his bike with full energy, just like any healthy six year old boy would. 

   We brought Jacob to you at three months of age with bronchitis.  Your treatments not only stopped the bronchitis, but have helped to boost his immune system.  He is a strong, thriving baby boy. 

   Thank you for your reassuring, gentle manner with our sons.  We appreciate all you’ve done for them and for us !      ---The Faylor Family

Hip and ankle pain, menstrual cramps

 “For me personally, you were the only person, out of the countless I sought, who was able to provide me with real help for my hip.  For that relief alone I’ll be forever grateful..”                      Susi Pritchard, dancer

Ruptured eye

 “I am not one with words…at the same time, to even think back to the horror of the attack that ended in the rupture of my left eye and the doubtful prognosis of even being able to save it leaves me dazed.  However, to realize that without your knowledge of nutritional supplements and the interrelationships of muscles and energies, I am certain I would have had much less recovery.

   The supplements provided nutritional support for my eye and my body that has made it possible to endure three eye surgeries.  Initially, it seemed as if the internal bleeding in my eye would never stop.  The eye doctor was unable to see the retina and how much damage had been done.  Thanks to supplements for strengthening of vessels and others to promote absorption of the hemorrhage, my eye cleared.  My body was strengthened, which allowed me to withstand the indescribable stresses of attack, surgeries, being totally dependent on others and not knowing what was going to happen next.

   Thanks to your care and support of the traditional surgical approach, I still have my left eye, rather than an implant.  I am up and moving again, able to continue to withstand the unknown future of whether replacing the lens (which had to be removed because it had blood in it) with cause me to see again.

   I will miss you.  At the same time, I am glad to have been able to receive your care and am glad for those in Denver who will have the advantage of your expertise.  Deep gratitude and best wishes for your future.”                                                                                           ---Nelda Frazier

Bad headaches, sprained ankle, rotator cuff (shoulder) injury, chronic fatigue

“I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past and many of them had given up on me and that is the first thing I stressed when I saw Dr. Kaufman.

 I was also skeptical of Dr. Kaufman’s subtle style.  Nevertheless, I continued coming, gradually I could feel my body responding to Steve’s gentile to unique manipulation.  My headaches were better.  His diagnosis of what vitamins I was taking to much or too little of was right on the nose.  I injured my ankle and shoulder and without hesitation I sought out Steve.  I greatly appreciate having such a caring, knowledgeable physician working on me.  A lot of pain and suffering has been eliminated because of Steve’s expertise. Dr. Kaufman not only heals my body, he is my friend.  We envy all you lucky people in Denver who will enjoy his practice”                                    ---Mina Kritcher , 7/8/99

Leg fracture recovery on a baseball player

“My 12 year old son fractured his knee, and tore the ligament and a chip of bone on the inner side.  After wearing a full leg cast for 6 weeks, he had a full leg brace.  Of course he had lost a great deal of strength, had very limited bending, and a most peculiar walk.  About two months after the injury Dr. Kaufman started treating him.  It was amazing, within 1-2 weeks his knee was almost normal, three months after his injury you would have never guessed.  He was back to his usual activities (baseball, roller blading, hiking, climbing).”                                                ---Nancy Hart

Depression, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, menopausal hormonal imbalance

“It is with much sadness that I say farewell to Dr. Kaufman.  When I first found him I was looking for an alternative to the anti-depressants and hormones being recommended by my traditional physician.  Due to his caring, listening skills and expertise, I feel like I have been given my life back.  His treatments and the supplements he has recommended have allowed me to sleep at night, restored my cheerful, optimistic outlook on life, balanced my hormonal cycle and even cured me of claustrophobia.  I have been able to seek his help for everything from bronchitis to dislocated joints.  He has never failed to make me feel healthy and well.  I know I will not be able to find another practitioner of his caliber.  I wish him well.”                                                                   ---Rebecca Riddle

Back pain

“I don’t even know where to start to say thank you for all that you have done for me.  I remember jumping from chiropractor to chiropractor after Dr Dahout passed away.  I was never able to find anyone who could help me feel the way he did.  It was so frustrating to jump from doctor to doctor and when my mom told me that we were going to try another doctor at Mrs. Dahout’s, I kind of rolled my eyes and went along with it.  All I can say is that I’m so happy we found you!  You have been such a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for improving my back problems.  I know it hasn’t been easy with Christmas trees falling on necks, my mom making us do manual labor, and me ‘snapping and flipping’ my neck as you would call it.  You have been truly amazing.  It is so special to have a doctor as well as a friend, and it meant so much to me when you let my mom and me come to your house when my back was hurting so badly.  I really can’t believe you’re going all the way to Colorado!  I may have to fly myself to see you if my back ever acts up again.  The prospect of finding another doctor scares me.  Oh well, I guess I wish you the best of luck with your new practice in Colorado.  I know you will be successful in whatever you do.  We will all miss you.  Thank you again for everything.

   Steven’s things NOT to do:

1)    Carry large Christmas trees.

2)    Head bang for long periods of time.

3)    Hold the phone with you shoulder and neck.

4)    Use your vitamins and supplements as things to throw at people.

5)    Stand in front of soccer balls flying at head level.

6)    Trip and fall off of a bed. 

7)    Live strictly on Balance Bars.”                                  ---Nicole Merton


Migraine headaches, chemical sensitivities, allergies, chronic fatigue

“I had a lot of discomfort in my back upon rising in the morning and off and on during the day.  I have had this for about 11 years (since hysterectomy).   Also problems with congestion and sensitivity to environmental things (acute allergies).  These symptoms I’ve had forever!

   I think manipulation and the addition of supplements has improved my back immensely.  Also the headaches and sensitivity to environmental things has improved greatly.  The headaches are fewer and less in intensity.  My sleep is much better and I think NADH has increased my energy level, especially in the afternoons.”                 ---JoAnn Prana

Eye and ear infections, chronic tennis elbow


“Thank you for your care over the last few years.  As you know, I first came to you after suffering repeating eye and ear infections over a period of about three years.  I’d had the usual antibiotic treatments, which helped clear up each episode, but seemed to do nothing at all to prevent reoccurrence.  Your treatment, a combination of rubbing surrounding areas and regular nutritional supplements, has eliminated the problem.  I’ve been free of either type of infection for about a year. 

My family and I are sorry that we will soon be losing you as a wonderful natural healing resource in San Diego.  Our loss is Denver’s gain!  We look forward to reading your book and to becoming regular visitors to you Web site.”                                                                             ---Simon Miters

Back pain, bedside manner

“My boss told me about Dr. Kaufman being an excellent person to see in regard to my sore back.  After my first visit I felt much better.  I was convinced he could solve my back problems.  I liked my visits both for the fact that I felt much better and because he informed me about what was wrong and how he was fixing me up.  I have to say the doctor has an excellent ‘bedside manner’.  I was most impressed that he found and fixed problems that I had gotten used to, and was unaware that I had them.  Two thumbs up!”                                                      ------ John Tenless


Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, severe insomnia, muscle spasms

“I came to Dr. Kaufman with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  I was suffering with migraines,  flu-like symptoms, IBS, back and neck pain, and muscle spasms.  I have been sick for 4 years, and only 4 months ago did they give me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  I have not been able to sleep without medication for 2 years.

   I had been to nine doctors this year alone.  They had not made me any better, only prescribed more and more medication.  In less then one month Dr. Kaufman has reduced my migraines and headaches.  I’m sleeping with less medication and will be off sleeping pills in 10 days.  I have less pain and almost no muscle spasms.  I am not having anxiety attacks, have a better (all over general) sense of well being, and have become less stressed and more relaxed.”              ---Tracylyn Fredders

Headaches, depression, severe insomnia

“Headaches were my primary symptom on a long list.  They have improved so dramatically that I am afraid it won’t last! My life-long insomnia is also markedly better, as is my depression.”

                                                                                ---Greta Peters

Phobias, panic attacks, neck pain, low back pain, fatigue, depression

“I suffered from phobias, all of my neck joints being unbalanced, lower back pain and too much physical and mental stress.  All of these symptoms are now greatly improved…feeling back to normal is all of those things (more energy, better sleep, calmer, less depression).”                ---Rick Watson

Knee pain, TMJ (jaw ) pain, migraines, fatigue

“I had a weak right knee, intermittent jaw pain, sore back in the morning, and migraine headaches.  My knee is now much stronger, my jaw no longer locks and my migraines have disappeared.  I used to get very drowsy mid-afternoon but no longer do." “                     ---Ben Gladstone


“I came down with a flu virus and had a temperature, sore throat, swollen glands, aches all over and no energy. Immediately after your treatment, my symptoms are completely gone, I have more energy  and I feel great!”             ---Michelle Letterman

Severe TMJ pain

“I came to Dr. Kaufman because my right jaw was so sore my teeth couldn’t meet.   This problem had persisted for 3-4 years.  I have gotten much better with the applied kinesiological treatments.”  ---Ruth Brandon

Eczema , asthma, allergies

“My son Jamie had severely dry skin and eczema, along with allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes and nose and wheezing.  Since receiving treatment, his skin is clearing, becoming smooth and soft.  He has had no more itchiness on his face.  His stuffiness and wheezing have very much improved.  His nighttime sleep is more restful.  Thanks Steve!”   ---Mrs. Taylor

Stomach Problems, Shortness of Breath

“I suddenly began having stomach problems and shortness of breath.  After the first treatment with Dr. Kaufman my breathing was normal, and after the second treatment the stomach problems were gone.”

                                                                      ---Blair Schwartz

Claustrophobia, Insomnia , Anxiety

“When I started seeing Dr. Kaufman I was claustrophobic.  I was uncomfortable in elevators, airplanes, rooms with low ceilings, etc.  My chest would tighten up and I would feel like I couldn’t breath.  Now I enjoy airplane rides, and I am very comfortable in tight spaces that would have had me climbing the walls before.  I even climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty in August, with no fear or loss of breath.  I sleep better now, am calmer and have less of a tendency to react negatively to stress.”

                                                            ---Becky Riter

Ankle Sprain, Depression 

“My right ankle was sprained, swollen and inflamed for two weeks.  The inflammation decreased dramatically,  and the mobility was much better after one treatment.  I also experienced less depression and calmer moods.”                                               ---Matthew  Nobles


Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Digestive Problems, Low Back and Neck Pain

“I had digestive problems, pain in my back, neck and shoulders, depression, mental sluggishness, stress, and total lack of energy.  I’d had most of these problems for several years.  By my third visit, all symptoms were either gone or greatly reduced.  I would recommend kinesiology treatment to anyone with similar problems.” ---Karen Fellows


Severe PMS, Headaches, Mood Swings, Fatigue

“I’ve always had problems with severe PMS (mood swings, headaches, cramping, etc.), but the symptoms had increased dramatically since I stopped nursing my baby two months ago.   I started treatment several weeks ago and already the mood swings are not as wide,  and are not as severe or persistent as they had been.  I haven’t had a headache in over a week!  My energy is much improved in the last week, and I feel more rested and ready to get up in the morning.”                    ---Joanne Simpson

Chronic Cough, Multiple Joint Pain, Headaches

“I suffered from coughing and congestion, head and neck pain and general stiffness. Most of my joints hurt from multiple fractures I had from a truck wreck many years ago.  After treatment, my symptoms are considerably reduced or no longer present and my body is more limber.  I definitely have more energy,and less coughing. ---Roger Gresham

TMJ, clicking jaw (TMJ), chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches

“Before seeing Dr. Kaufman, I had fatigue, headaches, infertility and a clicking jaw for years.  I’ve had no headaches since treatment started.  My energy level has greatly improved, and my jaw is not clicking.  My sleep is much better and I feel ‘awake’ in the morning. "                                                 ---Karen Johnson

Hyperthyroidism, weight loss, nervousness, exhaustion, fatigue, depression, insomnia

“I had a hyperactive thyroid that resulted in extreme weight loss, exhaustion and night sweats. When I came to see Dr. Kaufman I was scheduled to have radioactive therapy where they would destroy the thyroid. Now since Dr. Kaufman treated me  my thyroid has been working normally for 9 months.  I’ve noticed other improvements in my health such as more energy, better sleep and less depression.”         ---Lisa Wadsworth

  Phobia of death, carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pain)                          

  “I had general paranoia concerning friends being dead when I tried to contact them after being out of touch.  The concern is now almost completely gone.  I am calmer now.  I also have less pain in my wrists.” ---Sean Ketters                                                                                                      

Ear Infections                           

For 13 months I had suffered from chronic ear infections.  Since seeing Dr. Kaufman I have had no ear infections.  I am also less irritable and I sleep better.           ---Cameron Hensley, age 1 1/2  



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