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Our patients share their stories:  It occurred to me that you would like to read some of the great results that other patients have had under our care. Some of these stories bring tears to my eyes. I've changed the names to protect their privacy  but every testimonial  is  recorded as written and available in our office for perusal. Take a look:

   “I felt that before I met Dr. Kaufman I was ready to write my will. Having been diagnosed with a vein/arterial disease in the brain, possibility of a stroke, and severe headaches constantly for a period of three months. First visit and I was impressed greatly. At this writing I’m 98% improved and 100% with other severe aches and pains, that no one else could do anything about.”  Martin Jones, Grand Junction, CO.


TMJ and Headaches

"Thank you for all your help.  You help get me back on track with life.  My TMJ was "killing" me and you seem to be the only one that could help it.  Again, Thanks!                                               ---Dr. Marc Clawson


Lupus, Severe Joint Pain, Fatigue                                                           3/22/99

"This letter is to simply record my appreciation to you, Dr. Kaufman, for literally giving me back my life. When I first saw you in fall of 1996, six months after I was diagnosed with lupus, I was not functioning well at all.  Thanks to your treatments, recommended supplements and nutritional counseling, I am now almost symptom free.

   I no longer experience frequent bouts of severe fatigue, and seldom miss a day of work.  And I especially appreciate the fact that I was able to stop taking prednisone after six months of your treatments and taking the supplements that you recommended.

   Thank you for the improvement in my quality of life.  I wish you the very best return in your return to Colorado, and regret that you will be leaving this area. "                          ---Maureen A. O’Conner   

Infertility, Insomnia, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Problems

“Thank you so much for getting my health back on the right course.  When I first came to you I had suffered four miscarriages and my body was depleted.  I had low energy and headaches, along with other various aches and pains.  I very much wanted a baby, but was afraid of another miscarriage.  I remember your words giving me hope when you told me you were confident that you could treat me.  Immediately after treatment began I had more energy, was sleeping better and my headaches stopped.  As the weeks went on my overall health was greatly improved.  What I am most grateful for is that the hope you gave me was realized at the birth of my healthy and happy son Jacob. 

   Thank you for investing yourself into my life and the lives of my family.  You have become a dear friend.  You will be greatly missed.”             ---Karen Faylor

Sinus Infections, Bunions,  Leg Numbness                 2/9/99

“I am writing this to thank Dr. Stephen Kaufman for being such a positive force in my quest for good health.  My first sessions were over 18 months ago for a severe sinus attack which antibiotics prescribed by a General Practitioner did not touch.  After a session of treatments, my sinus problems have not surfaced again and through this cold season I've managed not to have a reoccurrence. As a sidelight I mentioned a problem I’d had with numbness in my right leg after sitting for long periods of time.  Voilá!  Stephen took care of that problem.

My right big toe was beginning to show the signs of bunions…Dr. Kaufman’s treatments have realigned my toe and the pain associated with it has gone away. "                   ---Lee Rae Uranis  

Paralysis in Leg, Inability to Walk                                                                                                                                 

   In the summer of 1985, I underwent surgery.  During the surgery the nerve in my right leg was damaged, and my leg was paralyzed.  I went home from the hospital with a walker, after finally convincing the doctor there was a problem.   I saw a neurosurgeon who tested the nerve and told me there was little to no response.  She also told me she did not know if I would ever walk again without a walker.  She offered me no treatment and no hope.  I then went to a physical therapist.  She told me there was nothing she could do for me until I could move my leg.  Needless to say, I was pretty discouraged.

     After a month of no improvement, a friend told me about a chiropractor he was seeing, who had a different approach to health that seemed to be working for my friend.  He said the chiropractor’s name was Steve Kaufman, and he thought I should go see him, which I did.  After the first treatment I felt tingling in my leg which had not been there before.  I was excited and felt very encouraged.  I had treatments twice a week for six weeks, and then once a week for six weeks.  At the end of that time my leg was back and working normally.  I am very grateful to my friend and to Steve Kaufman.   Angela Buchtel – HAPPY TO BE WALKING (written in 10/2002)    

Vertigo, Head Pain                                                                       3/04

In 2002, Dr. Steve Kaufman removed pain and vertigo I had felt since my early childhood.   The pain was a version of temporal arteritis.  Shooting, stabbing pains would course through my head, just above my ear, leaving me virtually incapacitated for 20 seconds at a time.  The labyrinth vertigo would come on suddenly, leaving me horribly dizzy and sometimes nauseous for up to three days.  Although I had seen many Western medicine doctors, none had linked the two; they treated the symptoms of each separately (or disregarded the symptoms altogether, feeding me pain pills) instead of looking at the total connectivity of my body and its ailments. 


My mother-in-law suggested I see Steve – he had worked wonders for her years earlier – and I took up her suggestion.  Not only did Steve, within minutes, recognize the link between the two, he immediately began a treatment that reduced, then ultimately relieved, the afflictions I had been experiencing for nearly thirty years, all within a few weeks.  It was an unbelievable experience – I could feel my body shifting with Steve’s gentle nudgings, realigning itself to relieve decades-long stress on my artery. 


I now no longer have to take pills with me wherever I go in case my vertigo hits me while I’m driving or in a meeting or on vacation.  I don’t have to worry that the pain in my head may some day lead to an aneurysm (which runs in my family).  I am free to be a “normal” human being.  I can never thank Steve enough for all his work, not just in treating me but in also allowing me to look even deeper at and into my own physical self. 


Thank you Steve, for everything you’ve done for me.  ---- Jane Beecher


Arthritis, Cataracts, Pneumonia

“I came to Dr. Kaufman with degenerative arthritis in my spine, hands, fingers and wrists.  The spinal condition caused weakness in my left leg, making it difficult to walk and increased the possibility of falling.

 "Under Dr. Kaufman’s care, my leg has been strengthened and I walk normally and at a good pace.  Due to Dr Kaufman’s treatments, the circulation has been very much improved.  When the doctor is treating my leg, I can feel heat deep in my leg.  The joints in my fingers and wrists are enlarged but I have no pain or stiffness.  Dr Kaufman has also treated my back, and my eyes for cataracts.  There has been no progression of deterioration in these areas.  Recently I had pneumonia, and it was Dr. Kaufman’s treatments that made me well again - no pain or lingering cough. 

  "Dr. Kaufman is knowledgeable, caring, capable and very professional , and wants you to be well.  My whole body has benefited from his care.  I sleep well, eat well and have energy.  I care for an active 4 year old grandson and two other grandson’s after school.  I am 78 years and 10 months in age. 

  "I recommend Dr. Kaufman for whatever the health problem might be.  He is the best!"  Nancy Claiborne, 78

Severe Low Back Pain                                                                           12/23/97

"Thank you so very much for making my "owie" go away when nobody else could!"  Catherine Sparks

Depression, Headaches, Low Back Pain, PMS, Fatigue ,TMJ

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  Although I originally sought your help for depression you have cured that and all my other chronic ailments as well.  Even some I didn't know about, like lack of concentration, headaches from computer use, and low back pain.  I could go on and on.  We were blessed to have you in San Diego."    Mary LaManor

PMS, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Fatigue

"It has been such a pleasure meeting you and working with you.  I feel so fortunate to have found your "style" of healing. My PMS, headaches, hemorrhoids and fatigue are gone; my husband says he doesn't recognize me! I feel cared for and cared about and sometimes that's the biggest obstacle in healing.  I enjoy sharing what you do with my friends and I enjoy watching their successes after working with you.  I'm glad you're here.  Thank you."      Joanne Drake 

Ear Infection

"Yesterday, 9:00 AM--I was 95% certain I would have to take antibiotics.  My ear was aching so intensely, it was sensitive to the touch.

Today, 9:00 AM--It is gone.  The pain, pressure…Dr. Kaufman saved me from 10 days of antibiotics, along with all of their dulling and damaging side-effects.I am really amazed. Why get sick? When you've got Dr. Kaufman to fix you up."       Swami Das

Fatigue, Varicose Veins, Neck Pain , Insomnia, Arthritis                      1/20/99

“At the end of July 1998, I consulted you for help in energy level and irritability, among other discomfitures (sic).  After about two weeks, my energy was significantly enhanced and my patience improved.  As time went on, other chronic conditions (pain from varicose veins, neck pain, early awakening) improved considerably.

Furthermore, my craving for sweets almost disappeared-and I had not even mentioned it you!  The speed at which your treatment and recommendations improved my life at very deep levels astonished me, and I want you to know how grateful I am, as relief continues."   Gloria Steffi Grinder, 78

Neck Pain

"I've been living with neck pain for several years with little to no improvement through traditional MD's. Though it took a while, I am soooooooo much more comfortable now that I was before Dr. Kaufman began treating me.  Thanks, Dr. K."   Candi  Rosen  

Eye and Ear Infections, Elbow Pain , Low Back Pain                          1/23/99                                 

"Thank you for your care over the last few years.  As you know, I first came to you after suffering repeated eye and ear infections over a period of about three years.  I'd the usual antibiotic treatments, which helped clear up each episode but seemed to do nothing at all to prevent reoccurrence.  Your treatment, a combination rubbing surrounding areas and regular nutritional supplements, has eliminated the problem.  I've been free of either type of infection for about a year. "  Simon Mithan  

Low Back Pain, Intense Headaches, Swimming Performance, Knee Pain, Poor Eyesight                1/28/99 

" I would like to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. When I first started my appointments with you my back ached constantly, my left knee did not function right and my headaches had progressively increased in pain since my accident last June.  Not only have you put a halt to my intense headaches and back pains, you have also improved my mobility in swimming, and my eyesight has become more crisp and clear.  Thanks again for what you have done for me."   Paul Troy, 16, swimming champion

Anxiety, Tinnitus, Low Back Pain

 “I just wanted to thank you for your excellent care over the past year and a half.  You’ve really helped me a great deal with a chronic lower back pain and you’ve done a fantastic job of quickly healing me after all those sports-related body tweaks that I seem to keep doing.

I’m also really grateful for all of the very effective work you’ve done to help me relieve the chronic anxiety condition, and for the very sound nutritional and herbal therapies you’ve recommended to help with this.  My work and other personal issues have contributed a lot to this condition, and it’s been great having you help mitigate the stress on my body!

   Thanks also for all the ongoing ‘fixes’ like the carpal tunnel type condition and the tinnitus.  Your treatments have been a major help in getting me to feel optimal!

   I’ve really enjoyed you great ‘bedside manner’ and sense of humor too, along with the very sound nutritional advice that I firmly believe has contributed to a much healthier me all around!      Rolf Schrader

Migraines, fatigue, allergies

“When I first came to you, I suffered from low energy and migraine headaches.  I was tired most of the day, even though I got 8-9 hours of sleep a night. My productivity was low, my attention span short and each day was a struggle.  I had lived with these conditions for so long that I had grown used to them and learned how to function, but I knew it didn’t have to stay that way.

 I now do not feel tired throughout the day and I have extra energy in the evenings.  This has greatly increased my productivity at work.  I am more mentally and emotionally present for my family  and I have the energy to accomplish much more than I used to.

 The headaches began to reduce in intensity and in frequency.  In the last three months I have had only one migraine.  That makes it all worth it.  Even if it stays at this level, that would mean four migraines a year.  I would be satisfied with that, but I anticipate that they may be history altogether.  I will keep you updated.     ---James T. Faylor

Improved athletic ability for an Olympic class athlete, lifelong health care                

  “Steve, for the past 20 years your vast knowledge of health, fitness, training and nutrition was the major link in my successful athletic career.  I would have never been able to compete on an international level without your support.  It would be hard for me to count the numerous times that I limped into your office before a national championship, or on the way to the airport before a world championship and you ‘fixed’ me with success in the nick of time.  My education in the area of nutrition, acupuncture, harmonic therapy, kinesiology, reflexology and many more modalities continues to grow through your informative lecture circuit and speaking engagements.    Thank you again for supporting my son and me in health.  I only wish I’d had the opportunity to have this type of education from birth, as my son did with you.  In 17 years he has never had an ear infection, colic, or any of the many challenges that many children experience, and you are the one reason for his healthy state. Thank you.”      Clyde Sparks                  

Achilles tendonitis and heel pain             

  “I had problems with my Achilles tendon and had various and changing imbalances.  Dr. Kaufman’s treatments made my Achilles  better and possibly avoided serious debilitation.  All of the imbalances that he treats respond and improve. I have referred quite a lot of friends to Dr. Kaufman." Christina Furling    

Lower back , right hip, sciatic pain                                                                    

In early August I injured my lower back and fractured my right hip. I had sciatic pain that ran the length of my right leg and into my foot. Because of this pain I was unable to sleep and was having trouble standing for any prolonged periods. I begin treatment with Dr. Kaufman on August 20, 2002. For the first time in several weeks I was able to sleep the entire night without the aid of pain pills.                                                                        Because of my hobby of BMX racing, I was not able have follow-up visit until 9-12-2002, at this time I still had some pain however greatly reduced and usually brought on by my riding. Since that visit the sciatic pain has not returned. I have maintained weekly visits for pain in my hip and have made great progress in this area as well.   Because of Dr. Kaufman’s treatment I have been able to sleep better, work has been more comfortable and my racing has return to my pre injury level.        Bill Jacob            10/2/02         

Dramatic Improvement in a Weak Heart, Stomach Problem, Severe  Neck Pain, Shortness of Breath, Dental Infection                                   

Since my operation my stomach has been gurgling and I put up with it for 1˝ years until Dr. Kaufman worked on me and I no longer have to take Nexium , Prilosec and Levibid. I had continual pain in my neck from radiation until Dr. Kaufman worked on it and now I don’t have the pain or stiffness.      After my last heart operation I was always short of breath especially after I ate or trying to lift something or when I was walking.  After 4 treatments I can tell a big difference.     I had two wisdom teeth pulled and got infection.  The dentist put me on antibiotics and said if not better in 1 week, they would cut it open.  Dr. K worked on it and the infection went away and it felt fine the next day.     I had a nuclear stress test taken after Dr. K worked on me and the heart doctor thought it was a miracle that I had improved so much.        Larry Flynn

Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, Loss of Strength       November 12, 2000

 This testimonial is in gratitude to Dr. Kaufman who has been instrumental in my speedy recovery from months of pain and illness this year.  I feel extremely lucky to have found a doctor who is genuinely interested in helping his patients regain their health and vitality.

   I have been an amateur athlete, competitive and non-competitive, for many years.  Last year, I began to have digestive problems which at first were thought to have been caused by stress.  After diagnosis and medical treatment by my primary care physician. I struggled with continuous daily abdominal pain, fatigue, and loss of strength.

   After several blood tests and some expensive hospital tests provided no clear answers, I decided to take a more holistic approach to my recovery.  I spoke to a lady at my vitamin store who had been a patient of Dr. K’s.  She said he had helped her a lot.

   Within a few weeks of following Dr. K’s prescribed diet and supplement program I made tremendous progress with healing and improved strength.  Each treatment has contributed to my improved overall health and fitness.

   Dr. K is a one-of-a-kind doctor, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a more holistic approach to medical treatment. Thanks Dr. K, for helping me get my groove back!         Susan  Graston

Overweight, Inactivity in Infant                     

Dr. Steve started seeing Charlie when he was about 6 months old.  He is now a year and his treatment is done.  When Charlie was six months all he did was lay there and not do anything!  With the help of Dr. Steve he has lost 13 pounds in the last four months and started to crawl and even walk!!!!!!  This would probably be what Charlie would say if he could talk!  Thanks so much Dr. K for helping me lose my weight, so that I could become a lean, mean, and buff crawling and walking machine! and that I can now enjoy hours of tearing my house up and having Mommy and Daddy chase after me!  They will in turn lose weight!  So, please use Dr. K’s weight loss plan.  I did and it changed my life!!                  Alexis Canden for Charlie Canden, (1 yr)

Arthritis Pain                                                                                                      

About ten years ago I had an x-ray taken of my left foot.  Luckily it wasn’t broken.  However, while looking at the x-ray, the doctor reported that it looked like I was showing signs of arthritis.  “Better get used to it,” she said.  So I settled into the idea.  Sure enough over the last ten years it got worse and over time both feet were sore and stiff. This summer I decided to something about the pain.  I went to see Dr. Kaufman.  In four treatments my feet were flexible and pain free.  My knee feels strong and I am now able to stretch and run without worry of injury.    Thanks,Steve!                                               Jeff Shutte

 Detached Achilles Tendon                          August 17, 2002                      

  I have received 5 treatments for rehabilitation of a detached Achilles tendon surgery and experienced incredible relief and ease of the swelling.      In addition, a substantial improvement in range of motion and flexibility has occurred after each treatment!       Mitchell  Olin

Head and Neck Pain, Migraines                                                                 

Dr. K was able to effectively able to treat an injury I received while gardening.  I strained my neck, had what felt like a spike going into my head and a migraine.  The neck is strong again, the spike is gone and the headache hasn’t returned.         Debbie Noril

Vertigo, Shoulder and Neck Pain                                                                      

 I didn’t realize how bad my vertigo was until I started working with Dr. K.  I was having episodes every hour along with fear of heights, motion and altitude sickness.  I’ve now been working with him over 2 months and I feel like a new person not being dizzy all the time.  All kinds of other health problems particularly shoulder and neck pain have lessened.  I haven’t felt this strong and pain free for years. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. K and to learn more about my body and a different approach to healing it!             ---- Linda Cates

Chronic Severe Foot Pain                                               August 27, 2002       

I finally went to see Dr. Kaufman after searching over 2 months for a doctor that could diagnose and treat the chronic pain I was experiencing in my foot.  I had been unable to sleep much for several months, and even with the pain medication that other doctors had prescribed, I was hardly able to function.    No only was Dr. Kaufman able to diagnose my problem on the first visit, he was able to treat the cause of the problem so successfully (sciatica??) that within a couple of weeks I was no longer taking pain medication.  I was also sleeping well and functioning in my normal daily routine.      Thanks for your help Dr. Kaufman.  I only wish I had come to see you sooner.                Charlie Dancoster

Difficult Breathing

I originally started working with Dr. Steve Kaufman for, among other reasons, the purpose of improving my breathing.  At my first appointment, he adjusted three valves (pyloric, ileocecal, and esophageal), and I was immediately able to take a full breath for the first time in at least one year (most likely this inability to breathe first began to manifest approximately 3 ˝ years ago.)

          More recently, he has used 3 rounds of acupuncture to give me even more breathing capacity.  This has truly been phenomenal in expanding my breathing capacity, as well as my ability to maintain breath duration both in singing and in playing a wind instrument.  Amazing: back to the good breathing I had 20 years ago, and possibly to the best breathing I’ve ever had in my life!                           Stephen Driscoll