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Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman

Denver, CO.

(303) 756-9567    


Even More Testimonials!


I've changed the names of patients to protect their privacy  but every testimonial  is  recorded as written and available in our office for perusal. The names of doctors on the doctors' testimonial page have not been changed.


Hip, Wrist and Upper Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Sleep Disturbance                                             

July 11, 2000     When I was referred to Dr. Kaufman, I had been in pain with my hip, my wrist and my upper back in a constant state of discomfort.  I also had digestive problems, and much trouble sleeping. After our first session, my hip was no longer a problem, by our second session my wrist was no longer plaguing me and I was beginning to sleep better.  As we progressed with treatment over the last two months, nearly all my back and neck pain has been relieved.   I have now referred numerous people to Dr. K!  (and will continue to do so.)  I have never felt as good as I now feel.  I am pain free for the first time in over twenty years.   ---Thank you Dr. K!                                   Winona O. Koble   


Emotional scars from sexual molestation                  June 22, 2000 
By my nature, I am a skeptical man.  I read most testimonials with a wary eye.  Yet I feel compelled to write this one to you – the reader.  In June of 2002 I attended a lecture given by Dr. Steven Kaufman.  the talk demonstrated his techniques in treating effects of post traumatic stress.  Several people volunteered to undergo a simple series of questions, tests, and adjustments.  The problems presented ranged from a fear of going to the dentist to deep-seated childhood memories.  Within a few minutes, to my surprise, each volunteer expressed emotional relief from their concerns.  I was impressed.  I was also doubtful that Dr. Kaufman’s technique could help me.
   You see, I was sexually molested three times between the ages of 12 and 13.  For years I had covered up this feeling of guilt, embarrassment, and shame.  Nothing had helped.  Dr. Kaufman’s treatment seemed encouraging, but I had my doubts.  I called him the next day to set an appointment.      I arrived at his office.  We talked for a few minutes.  He asked a few questions, performed a few simple tests and made a few adjustments.  It took all of two minutes.   I can’t tell you what happened or explain how it happened.  But it was clear to me that something did happen.  I can only say that as of 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2002 a burden was lifted from me, and for the first time in 34 years I experienced a sense of grace.    Thank you seems simple, but proper.
---Jim  Shutte

Fear of Driving , Fear of Snakes                        August 22, 2002

  After I retired, my husband did all the driving.  Without realizing what I had done, I had achieved my parents’ vision of a sheltered adult.

Finally I realized my world had shrunk to a few square blocks around my house.  I was afraid of driving.  I was afraid of the stress of driving.  I was afraid the stress of driving would cause a return of the seizures.

I heard about Dr. Kaufman through a program for my grandson on phobias.  Was it possible that he could sort through my fear of stress caused by fear of driving?  Dr. Kaufman made no promises.  After several  treatments, I feel confident that I can drive myself wherever I wish to go.   Interestingly, the more I drive the more I enjoy driving.

Dr. Kaufman will be honest, fair, and probably successful in treating your phobia.

                                                     Marilyn Andrews, Ed.D.

Fear of the Dark

Before this treatment, when I was in bed at night I was so afraid because I believed there were monsters in my room.  I kept on making out pictures of monsters.  I wasn’t afraid of most of them but there were some that I was afraid of.  But now that I’ve had this treatment I’m not afraid.  Well I am a very, very tiny bit.                                          Hank, age 7


High Blood Pressure, Heart Issues, Addiction to Sugar and Carbohydrates

Over the time I’ve been seeing Steve he’s addressed my high blood pressure, heart issues and most presently my addiction to sugar and carbohydrates.  Finding out that each of these things are interrelated and that “tradition” medicine would only address the symptoms not the cause I have been nothing short of amazed at the results Steve has assisted me in achieving.  As a result of my treatments, I have brought my blood pressure under control.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a physical concern about my heart despite a questionable family history.  Most presently Steve has appeased my food craving.  To date I have no interest in the high carbohydrate and sugar filled food which are so damaging to my long term health.  As a bonus I’ve also lost 15 pounds to date.  I’m at my lowest weight in years , and not by dieting but by losing my addiction.                                           Earnie Stern


Fear of Dogs, Fear of the Dark, Sinus/Allergy Condition

My daughter and son have both been treated by Dr. Kaufman.  My daughter had a very strong phobia of dogs.  She would scream and try to climb up you at the sight of one.  Since her treatment she has petted and let dogs lick her hand.  She is very happy to go to our pharmacy where a dog is there during business hours and give her treats from her hand.  It’s great not to have her deathly afraid of dogs.

My son was treated for a sinus/allergy condition for a phobia of the dark.  He now has no fear of his bedroom in the dark, and has slept downstairs in the basement with his cousins for a sleepover.  He also has had a significant reduction in his sneezing, itchy eyes and blowing his nose.  It’s great to see him need the tissue box considerably less.                                            Marjorie Anderson


Muscle and Joint Pain, Blurred Vision, Headaches, Digestive Problems

This is to let the reader know that I have been seeing Stephen Kaufman for the past 6 weeks and have seen tremendous improvement in my complaints of muscle and joint pain, blurred vision, headaches, and digestive problems.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.               Karen Brill Martin  

Shoulder Pain, Fatigue,  Lower Back Pain
   For several years I had been cold all the time in the winter, had to sleep 8-9 hours a night yet still felt tired, and had a constant ache in my right shoulder.  After working with me for a few visits on the shoulder problem and finding it only moderately improved, Dr. Kaufman suggested this and my other symptoms were possible caused by allergic responses.  Upon testing me for allergies, he discovered I was allergic to wheat and recommended I eliminate it from my diet.  Within a few weeks of not eating wheat in any form, I found that continued chiropractic visits with him significantly improved my shoulder problem and I was staying warm even without wearing several layers of clothes.  Even more dramatically, to me, I found that I was getting along fine on about 6 ½ hours of sleep a night, waking up naturally after that and not being tired at all.  To this day I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Kaufman for seeking the root cause of my problems, diagnosing it correctly, and relieving me of the symptoms caused by it through a combination of dietary modification and chiropractic therapy.  

2. For two years I experienced significant lower back pain which prevented me from lifting items of any significant weight or from digging up my vegetable-garden plot with a shovel.  I had seen a chiropractor off and on during this period, but received no relief that lasted more than a few days or weeks and continued being unable to lift heavy loads.  For two summers, while on paleontology fossil digs with the Museum of Natural History, I even had to rely on the good will of others to shovel the mess out of my excavation sites because I could not life a shovel-load of dirt without experiencing pain. This January, however, I began seeing Dr. Kaufman for help with my back problem and within a couple of months it was miraculously better – and has stayed so.  Only residual effects remain now, several months later.  Best of all, this spring and summer I have once again been able to dig happily in my garden and lift those heavy bags of fertilizer with no ill effects – as well as shovel out my own dirt from my fossil-hunting excavations, to everyone else’s relief and my eternal gratitude!  Hooray!
--- Kate Miller, PhD.        Professor, Community College of Denver    

Cadidiasis, Liver Malfunction
Stephen Kaufman diagnosed me with cadidiasis along with some liver malfunction.  Because of the many operations I have had – along with having to take antibiotics, I have gained weight.  My last operation I unfortunately gained 20 pounds in two weeks. I spent much time trying to diet and exercise along with seeking different physicians advice, never seeing a result in weight loss. My dilemma was solved by seeing Stephen.    My last treatment  especially was astonishing in the results.  Within two days I lost 3 pounds, my sleep patterns were normal and my energy and mood level were great.   At this rate, I will be my normal weight and have enough energy to complete my trip to Kilimanjaro in 7 weeks.
---Thank you!    Myrna Jensen

Headaches, Anxiety
Before see Dr. Kaufman, I was having headaches and anxiety.  His treatment included supplements of which the most help for anxiety was HTP-5.  HTP-5 also help with sleep.  The headaches were much slow to response to treatments, until he started acupuncture treatments.  Shortly after these treatments started, my headaches started to decrease in strength and frequency to the point that I have not had any in about a month.  What I found most help was Dr. Kaufman’s non traditional approaches and when he was not getting results with one treatment he would try something different, there was always something to try supplements, reflexology, acupuncture, etc.
Thank you Stephen for all your help.
---Stan  Griner

Headaches, Moods
Dr. K has effectively treated me for my headaches, moods due to withdrawal of prescription medicine I had been taking for 3 years.
I felt results almost right away and now after two and half months I feel myself again.    I am very grateful I was already coming to see Dr. K before I started having more serious problems.
---Sandra Hunter  

Muscle and Joint Pain, Blurred Vision, Headaches, Digestive Problems
This is to let the reader know that I have been seeing Stephen Kaufman for the past 6 weeks and have seen tremendous improvement in my complaints of muscle and joint pain, blurred vision, headaches, and digestive problems.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.
---Karen Brill Martin

Come All!  Come One!
To Doctor Steven’s House of Chiropraction!  Have you been to other chiropractors and haven’t had satisfaction?  Well you’ll be happy with this doctor!  He doesn’t use normal kinds of medicines, he uses herbs and other natural medicines!  They’re not as expensive as other unnatural medicines.  He doesn’t prescribe medicines that have been tested on animals!  Herbs are natural and healthy.  If you or/and your children have hyper-kinesis, allergies temporo-mandibular joint (jaw joint), digestive disturbance, fatigue, blood pressure, head ache, stress, open illeocecal value, carpal tunnel syndrome, adrenal stress disorder, or something else please come and see Dr. Steven!  “I have been a patient of his for year and he a miracle worker!” A quote from myself!
---SignedKateBuss-Palmer ,age 11                               

Shoulder Pain, Diabetes, Angina, Retinitis Pigmentosa
I first experienced Dr. Stephen Kaufman’s healing abilities over twenty years ago when my husband, Bill, was in continuous excruciating pain from a torn rotator cuff.  Physical therapy had not helped and the doctors siad surgery was the only answer.  Bill also had diabetes and angina.  Then, a friend referred him to Steve.  Not only was his pain relieved and surgery avoided, but Steve also kept Bill’s diabetes and angina under control. Now, for my story.  In November of 2001, I discovered that Steve was practicing again in Denver and immediately called for an appointment for help wit several long-standing problems...Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP, an “untreatable” disease of the retina which leads to blindness), hypertension, injuries from falling on ice and an automobile accident.   Ever since I slipped on ice over twenty-five years ago, the right side of my skull has felt numb and I have clinched my teeth.  Four years ago I was diagnosed with RP and also had a bad car accident, had a concussion and banged up the rest of my body.  I have tried acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for a year and a half as well as other alternative treatments.  All helped, but I still clinched my teeth and my skull was numb, my neck, back and shoulders hurt and I was looking for more help with the RP. I no longer take medication for hypertension, my body is almost completely healed, the RP has not progressed and feel that I am in excellent health.  I expect to live in good health, at least twenty years beyond my present years!  I always knew Steve was a gifted chiropractor.  In the fifteen or more years since I had last seen him, he has moved to a higher level of expertise in his treatments and added another dimension...I’m not sure how to describe it.  He is treating more than my physical body.  After a treatment, I leave with a feeling of calmness and peace, a sense of well-being and confidence in my ability to learn and grow from whatever life has to offer.  One day, I believe I will write an addendum to this testimonial that my body has completely healed and the RP has improved.

12/23/97       "My Merry Christmas thoughts to you are a great big "Thank you" for helping to improve my allergies and diminish pain and discomfort in my back.  I've had a major health improvement since I've been under your care!"
---Joann Stangle

"I wouldn't want to go back to life without your care and expertise.  Thank you, from my heart, for all your sincere and knowledgeable service to me."
---Evelyn Arden

Sinus Problems
"You haven't helped me improve my handwriting, yet, but you've helped correct so many of my other deficiencies!  Thanks, from the bottom of my sinuses!
---Karen Vatters

  "In addition to getting healed of joint pain in my hand and toe cramps, I also have totally enjoyed getting to know you during our sessions.  Your wisdom and knowledge have been so impressive that I continue to sing your praises to friends who have become disciples as well!   Thanks for your dedication and love."
---Judy Thompson                   5\28\99

“It’s not usually my style to write letters of commendation, but you are not a ‘usual’ health practitioner.  The dramatic change I have noticed in my physical and emotional health since being under your care compels me to put digit to keyboard in an effort to express my thanks.

  Over the past many years I had attempted to find a health professional who could be a ‘partner’ in helping me to cure my ills and then maintain health.  I eventually found someone who was great – but then my husband and I decided to leave Seattle and move to San Diego.  I lamented the chore of resuming my search for health care in our new city, but I began interviewing various doctors.  Fortunately, my dear friend Mary Dahout provided the best recommendation possible: you!

  It was immediately apparent to me that you had not only a great deal of studied skills, but a natural capability and caring nature that is so necessary to successful health care.  Your gentle treatments, knowledge of nutrition and supplements, and understanding of the complex ‘human package’ has resulted in marked improvements in my overall well being, especially in areas which my previous ‘great’ doctor was unable to address.

  Thank you Steve, for taking such good care of my physical self, so I can concentrate on my spiritual well being and fulfillment of my life’s goal.”
---Karen Love

  “On behalf of our sons Jameson (6) and Jacob (8 months), we thank you for all you’ve done to bring them health.  Jameson come to you with severe eczema, allergies and breathing problems.  He plays soccer, rolls in the grass and rides his bike with full energy, just like any healthy six year old boy would.    We brought Jacob to you at three months of age with bronchitis.  Your treatments not only stopped the bronchitis, but have helped to boost his immune system.  He is a strong, thriving baby boy.  Thank you for your reassuring, gentle manner with our sons.  We appreciate all you’ve done for them and for us.”
---The Faylor Family

  “You make me feel better when I’m not even feeling bad!  Thanks for the wonderful healing hands and spirit (and the wacky humor!)
---Terri Bender   

“I really can’t thank you adequately for the very real caring that you bring in your healing work.  You have done wonders for my health – not the least of which is a complete recovery from my auto accident last May.  It took me two years to recover completely from my last accident.  I will miss your healing touch and fun sense of humor.  I know the people in Denver will be in good hands.  I hope they know how truly lucky they are."
---Kim Flanders

  “I came to Dr. Kaufman because my upper back was very painful most of the time and my feet have painful calluses on them.  The results I am experiencing are my feet are no longer painful, my back pain is much reduced, I’m sleeping longer (7 hours instead of 4 or 5), my posture is much better, and I don’t fall asleep in the middle of the day.”
---Beverly Arbelin

“For several years I had headaches, lower back pain, cervical pain, ‘Charlie horses’, wakeful nights, stomach burning, fatigue and stress.  Now I have more energy and my headaches have decreased in consistency and number.  Other improvements have been that I am calmer and have less stress." ---Amy Covermiller

“I came down with a flu virus and had a temperature, sore throat, swollen glands, aches all over and no energy.  My symptoms are completely gone, I have more energy  and I feel great!”
---Michelle Flanders

“My son Jameson had severely dry skin and eczema, along with allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes and nose and wheezing.  Since receiving treatment, his skin is clearing, becoming smooth and soft.  He has had no more itchiness on his face.  His stuffiness and wheezing have very much improved.  His nighttime sleep is more restful.  Thanks Steve!”
---Mrs. Tyler

                                                                                                      May, 2003

   I was having stomachaches each morning for a while, and finally decided to call a doctor. I went to a MD through my insurance plan, and he referred me to a Gastrointestinal specialist. She conducted numerous tests on me, and all results were normal with the exception of my stomach moving too slowly. She prescribed several prescription drugs for me, and that began a roller coaster ride of drug poisoning and sickness with hours of vomiting each morning for almost 2 months. After weeks of experimentation with dosages, and having no improvement in my symptoms, I ended up going off all of the drugs. I was still feeling severe side effects from all of the medications, not to mention, my stress and anxiety levels were out of control. I would get so anxious and worried that I was going to have hours of throwing up each morning, that my body was in fight or flight mode, and my mind was making my body react physically. I was also at a fairly new job, and was missing a lot of work causing me to worry about my job in addition to my sickness. Subconsciously I was so stressed out that it would manifest as severe stomach pains, nausea, and anxiety each morning before work even though I was off the medications. The doctors were all at a loss, and I didn’t know where to turn until my mom suggested calling Dr. Steve Kaufman.

   After only one treatment over the phone, Dr. Kaufman’s amazing techniques dramatically reduced my symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as the stomach pain and nausea I had each morning. All of a sudden I had trouble focusing on the things that we making me stressed. I wasn’t thinking about work constantly, and therefore could actually enjoy my time off. My productivity at work has increased because I am feeling better. I don’t know how it’s done, but I would have been lost in despair and depression if I had not contacted Dr. Kaufman. He has changed my life, and he’s the only doctor who I can really trust, and who has a genuine interest in providing the best possible medical care. With each treatment I am continuing to feel better and better!   Alison McBride, Oakland, CA.


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