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Inner Ear Disorders, Vertigo, Dizziness, Phobias, and P.T.S.D.- A Breakthrough Treatment

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- An Effective Treatment

Sciatica and Lumbar Disc Problems- A New Approach

More on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Nutritional Management

Headaches - Breakthrough In  Gentle Treatment

Help for Internal Organ Problems: Visceral Treatment for Stomach, Heart, Lung, Gall Bladder and Liver 

Acupuncture- Breakthroughs and  Radical New Concepts

Applied Kinesiology- A Great Innovation In Treatment Approaches

Improving Athletic Performance With Joint Glides

Neck Pain: A New, Gentler, More Effective Approach

How to Eat to Live Long and Prosper

Food Cravings: A Treatment that Can Really Help!

Emotional Loss, Grief, and  Trauma:  A Real Cure for Rapid Recovery

Knee Problems: A Very Effective and Overlooked Treatment

Sinus Problems and the the Cure for the Common Cold

Foot Pain- Rapid Relief from Most Types Without Surgery

What is Energy Healing?

Anti Aging Secrets!

Coming Soon:

Scar Tissue! A Breakthrough in Removing Adhesions and Making Your Joints and Muscles Younger!

Lower Back Pain: Quick Relief by Correcting the Sacroileac Joint and Lumbar Discs

Diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Quick Relief for Serious Problems

T.M.J. Syndrome -A Gentler, More Effective Approach

Phobias and Extreme Shyness: Rapid, Permanent Treatment

How to Avoid Heart Attacks: What Everyone in America Needs to Know

Chemotherapy for Cancer: How to Greatly Reduce the Side Effects

Skin Problems: Tremendous Help for Acne ,Eczema, Hives, etc.

Depression: The Way Out

High Cholesterol: Natural treatment that's More Effective (and Safer!) Than Medication

High Blood Pressure: Lower It Safely Without Drugs


Surgical Recovery: How to Greatly Speed it Up and Reduce Disability

What is Wellness Care?

The Real Importance of Posture and Exercise

Natural Treatment of Hernias


Published Research Papers

For Professionals- Information on Classes


hometestimonials  | more testimonials  |  even more testimonials  |

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