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Feet: Surprisingly Effective Relief from Plantar Fascitis, Bunions, Neuropathies, Neuromas, and Many Types of Pain (without surgery!)


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   There are many very safe, effective methods for treatment of most types of foot pain. Most of the patients that I have seen over the years have responded very well and have not required surgery. These include many , many patients with arthritis, plantar fascitis, tendinits, neuromas, metatarsalgia, neuropathies, and even bunions! 

   Often the bones of the feet slip out of place or become compressed. Adjusting the bones into the correct position often produces rapid relief from pain.

   There are often trigger points in the many muscles of the feet. These contribute to spasm in the foot muscles, especially around the arch and the ankle. We can relieve these either by acupressure or trigger point acupuncture, if the patient desires this. 

   As we age, unfortunately, we develop scar tissues or adhesions in the muscles of the feet. We have an exciting new procedure for reducing this scar tissue which can often give remarkable relief from foot discomfort. 


Sinus Infections, Bunions,  Leg Numbness                 2/9/99

“I am writing this to thank Dr. Stephen Kaufman for being such a positive force in my quest for good health.  My first sessions were over 18 months ago for a severe sinus attack which antibiotics prescribed by a General Practitioner did not touch.  After a session of treatments, my sinus problems have not surfaced again and through this cold season I've managed not to have a reoccurrence. As a sidelight I mentioned a problem I’d had with numbness in my right leg after sitting for long periods of time.  Voilá!  Stephen took care of that problem.

My right big toe was beginning to show the signs of bunions…Dr. Kaufman’s treatments have realigned my toe and the pain associated with it has gone away. "                   ---Lee Rae Uranis  

Arthritis Pain in feet and knees

About ten years ago I had an x-ray taken of my left foot.  Luckily it wasn’t broken.  However, while looking at the x-ray, the doctor reported that it looked like I was showing signs of arthritis.  “Better get used to it,” she said.  So I settled into the idea.  Sure enough over the last ten years it got worse and over time both feet were sore and stiff.

This summer I decided to something about the pain.  I went to see Dr. Kaufman.  In four treatments my feet were flexible and pain free.  My knee feels strong and I am now able to stretch and run without worry of injury.

Thanks, Steve.                                       Jeff Shutte                                                                               

Achilles tendonitis and heel pain             

  “I had problems with my Achilles tendon and had various and changing imbalances.  Dr. Kaufman’s treatments made my Achilles  better and possibly avoided serious debilitation.  All of the imbalances that he treats respond and improve. I have referred quite a lot of friends to Dr. Kaufman."      ---Christina Furling    


Detached Achilles Tendon                          August 17, 2002                      

  I have received 5 treatments for rehabilitation of a detached Achilles tendon surgery and experienced incredible relief and ease of the swelling.      In addition, a substantial improvement in range of motion and flexibility has occurred after each treatment!                           Mitchell  Olin  

Chronic Severe Foot Pain                                               August 27, 2002       

I finally went to see Dr. Kaufman after searching over 2 months for a doctor that could diagnose and treat the chronic pain I was experiencing in my foot.  I had been unable to sleep much for several months, and even with the pain medication that other doctors had prescribed, I was hardly able to function.    No only was Dr. Kaufman able to diagnose my problem on the first visit, he was able to treat the cause of the problem so successfully (sciatica??) that within a couple of weeks I was no longer taking pain medication.  I was also sleeping well and functioning in my normal daily routine.      Thanks for your help Dr. Kaufman.  I only wish I had come to see you sooner!                              Charlie Dancoster

Ankle Sprain, Depression 

“My right ankle was sprained, swollen and inflammed for two weeks.  The inflammation decreased dramatically,  and the mobility was much better after one treatment.  I also experienced less depression and calmer moods.”                                               ---Matthew  Nobles  

Painful feet and back, insomnia, fatigue

“I came to Dr. Kaufman because my upper back was very painful most of the time and my feet have painful calluses on them.  The results I am experiencing are my feet are no longer painful, my back pain is much reduced, I’m sleeping longer (7 hours instead of 4 or 5), my posture is much better, and I don’t fall asleep in the middle of the day.”
---Beverly Arbelin