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Knee Problems-  Very Effective New Discoveries

   On the inside of the knee joint there is a spongy cushion which acts as a shock absorber, called the medial meniscus. Sometimes this meniscus gets squeezed out of place, causing pain, swelling, stiffness, or even locking of the joint. Many patients with knee problems have this problem. It used to be thought that the only way to correct a meniscus problem was with surgery. However, several years ago Dr. Kaufman discovered a method to reposition the spongy cushion back into place by hand, without surgery. Patients often get dramatic, lasting relief within a few treatments, if this is their problem.

   As we get older, a lot of the nice, smooth, flexible muscle tissue in our bodies, especially around our joints, is replaced by  stiff, gristly scar tissue. This makes us much less flexible than when we were younger. This is common around our knees, shoulders, neck, low backs, and wrists. It used to be thought  that this was an inevitable result of aging. However, Dr. Kaufman has developed a specialized  variation of a treatment known as instrument assisted myofascial  adhesion release. There is  university research on similar therapy of this type showing that adhesions and scar tissue can indeed be corrected. We have had many patients , including the elderly as well as active athletes, show tremendous improvements from this treatment.

   Most acupuncturists in America practice traditional Chinese acupuncture. Dr. Kaufman has trained in that as well (since the '70's) but also uses some newer innovations. There are a number of improved types of  medical acupuncture that are practiced in Europe but almost unknown here . They include periosteal acupuncture , trigger point acupuncture , kori acupuncture , and microacupuncture. These are frequently effective for helping chronic knee problems. 

   Applied Kinesiology has been used for many years by professional and world class athletes to treat and rehabilitate knees. Of course, any one with a knee problem can be treated, not just athletes. Dr. Kaufman used to treat many injured skiers when he practiced in Vail, and had a sign on his desk: "world famous knee specialist". There are many procedures in AK for knee problems, some of which were originally developed by Dr. Kaufman. Many of his patients have been able to avoid knee surgery after his treatment.

   Agatha is a 72 year old woman who had had a great deal of difficulty walking up or down stairs for 12 years, because of knee pain. After being treated for several weeks, she had absolutely no further  problems with her knee. This was more than a year ago and she continues to function normally.

   I have had many patients who have had knee surgery with unfortunate results. Many of them have required repeat surgeries for damage occurring after the first one. A recent study found knee surgery for osteoarthritis to be worthless. At any rate, surgery should be a very last resort.


Leg fracture recovery on a baseball player

“My 12 year old son fractured his knee, and tore the ligament and a chip of bone on the inner side.  After wearing a full leg cast for 6 weeks, he had a full leg brace.  Of course he had lost a great deal of strength, had very limited bending, and a most peculiar walk.  About two months after the injury Dr. Kaufman started treating him.  It was amazing, within 1-2 weeks his knee was almost normal, three months after his injury you would have never guessed.  He was back to his usual activities (baseball, roller blading, hiking, climbing).”                                                ---Nancy Hart  

Knee pain, TMJ (jaw ) pain,migraines, fatigue

“I had a weak right knee, intermittent jaw pain, sore back in the morning, and migraine headaches.  My knee is now much stronger, my jaw no longer locks and my migraines have disappeared.  I used to get very drowsy mid-afternoon but no longer do." “                     ---Ben Gladstone  


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