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c.1987, Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman

"Working on mysteries without any clues" Bob Seeger 

In selecting case histories for presentation, the author has tried to choose those which clearly demonstrate the effect of healing energy.  We have chosen cases where the results could not reasonably be attributed to any other factor or therapy; the results were either immediate or within a very short time of the treatment, the patient had had the problem so long that it was not likely to resolve on its own, previous therapies had failed, and the placebo effect was ruled out as far as possible.  We tried not to suggest any expected results to the patient.  In some cases the results of the therapy were so unusual as to be labeled "paranormal"; no other known therapy is likely to produce these results.

   These cases are fairly representative of the author's overall experience.  It would be interesting to do a statistical breakdown of cases.  This is difficult because the intensity of the healing experience varies somewhat, depending on the condition or state of the healer.  If the healer is very tired, uncomfortable or in pain himself (e.g., if he has a headache), it is more difficult for him to produce an effect.  The author is sensitive to hot rooms.  Two demonstrations were performed during the summer in rooms where the temperature was over 900, and the results were poor: only about 20 percent of the people treated had a strong effect.  A similar embarrassment occurred one night at a demonstration when the author had a bad headache and was already fatigued from having treated 50 people earlier that day.  However, even when performed under such stressful circumstances, several quite remarkable healings in each group did occur.

On the other hand, a very positive and receptive audience (or patient) will increase the likelihood of results.  One lecture to a group of 20 such people produced 19 clear-cut improvements.  I would conservatively estimate the overall percentage of definite positive results to be above 70 percent.

Success with certain conditions which initially did not respond to this therapy has improved over time, especially allergies, hayfever, foot pain of various types, and cranial pain.

The following treatments were given with special attention to isolate the healing energy as the only factor at work.  Particular attention was given to rule out any placebo effect.  Many times the patients did not even realize treatment was being given.

B.W., 40-year-old female, with bilateral heel spurs and concomitant calcaneal pain.  This patient was at least 60 pounds overweight and had had heel pain for months, especially on weightbearing.  Healing energy was applied for three minutes by simply holding each heel very lightly in the palm of the healer's hand.  The day after the treatment, the patient walked over two miles.  Nevertheless, she had no further pain and has not had any at all several weeks later. (We had previously cleared up severe asthmatic, allergic and insomniac disorders on this patient).

   K.R., 30-year-old female, had severe foot cramps at least two or three times daily in the left foot.  They had been occurring for several months.  A 3-minute application of healing energy was applied with the fingertips to the ball of the foot.  No other dietary or manipulative treatment was given.  The patient has had no further spasms several weeks later. (We had previously cleared up a severe brachial neuritis of two years duration on this patient.)

   J.M., 30-year-old female, had gotten an insect bite on her forehead the night before, which had swollen up to the size of a nickel.  It was extremely painful and itchy.  Healing treatment applied with the fingertips an inch over the wound for two minutes brought complete and lasting relief. (Interestingly, another very well-respected healer had treated the wound hours earlier with no change in the symptoms.  This would seem to rule out a suggestive effect, as his method was much more spectacular than the author's.)

J.L., 30-year-old female, had spasmodic right temporal pains fairly severely.  They would occur every few seconds.  They had been going on for several months.  After being very successfully treated for a fatigue syndrome, the patient remarked that she still had the cranial pains.  The author engaged her in conversation oh a different matter while he surreptitiously touched the skull lightly, as if to examine it.  Healing energy was applied for one-two minutes.  The pain stopped immediately.  When questioned several weeks later, the patient stated she had had no recurrences.

This patient was not told that therapy was being administered.  It was implied that she was merely being examined.  Yet her symptom completely disappeared.  We will frequently try to apply healing without the patient's awareness, in an effort to achieve the result without any possibility of suggestion to the patient.  This is easy to do if the patient is lying prone on an examining table and cannot feel the healer's hands over them.  Frequently they will interrupt their conversation to say, "Oh, that feels great," or "That's much better," or "What are you doing?" when all the healer has done is to lay hands lightly on them, or simply hold his hands several inches above them without even touching them.

M.N., 55-year-old female, had been previously successfully treated for a chronic sprained ankle.  She was lying prone and being examined.  She was not aware that any treatment was being given when she remarked, "Oh, that feels wonderful!  I feel like I've melted into the table and I"m floating in space." The patient described a very joyful and peaceful state.  The healer had only been touching her coccyx for approximately 30 seconds.  This patient had had no previous exposure to healing, had never heard of the author's interests, and was certainly not seeking such an experience.  It was completely spontaneous.

D.H., a 60-year-old female, was previously treated by the author for moderately severe rheumatoid arthritis, of 15 years duration, with almost complete resolution of her joint and allergy symptoms. (She was treated kinesiologically and nutritionally, not with healing.) She was a school administrator and very intellectual, straightforward and not at all given to flights of imagination.  She mentioned that she was under a great deal of stress.  The author conversed with her on a different subject while lightly putting his hands on her head and beginning healing treatment.  Within seconds the patient interrupted the conversation to state that she felt a tremendous charge of electricity running through her feet, legs and up into her abdoman.  The sensation was very strong.  At the end of the treatment the patient stated she felt completely at peace and happy.  No mention was made to her of why the result occurred.  This patient had this same effect on many subsequent visits; no interpretation was ever offered to her, and she never asked.  She stated that she felt like a different person, and her stressful attitudes had resolved.

B.S., a 30-year-old male chiropractor, had burning and itching eyes for 24 hours.  They smarted so badly he couldn't read for any length of time.  He did not know of the author s work with healing energy.  The author did some "dummy" (ineffective) treatment on him and then lightly touched the patient's eyes for two minutes.  All symptoms immediately and completely disappeared.  They remained better even when the patient took a drive for an hour through very hot, bright, and smoggy traffic.

J.B., a 5-year-old boy, had fallen off a chair on his head 10 days previously and presented with constant, severe headache, sleeplessness, fever and slight disorientation.  The parents had no familiarity with the author's methods.  Healing treatment was given by merely holding the patient's skull on the frontal and occipital regions and willing energy into the boy's head.  The patient immediately fell asleep.  The parents called several hours later, quite alarmed that their son had not yet awakened!  He was practically comatose.  They were advised to allow him to continue sleeping.  The child slept 14 hours, awoke ravenous, with no headache or fever.  He had no recurrence of any symptom.

This is a very typical response.  Most children become very settled and fall into a deep sleep soon after treatment.  Their bodies are taking the deep rest they need to heal.  Adults have this experience much less often.  One of my 14-year-old patients routinely crawls off into a corner of the treatment room and falls asleep after her treatments. (So does one of my 50-year-old men.)

A 6-year-old girl had asthma at one of our healing demonstrations.  She was having difficulty breathing all night.  The author put his hand on her chest and gave healing treatment for 2 or 3 minutes.  An hour later we asked how she was doing and she said, "Great!" All her discomfort had subsided and she felt a lot of energy and happiness. (This was one of the demonstrations where the room was very hot and the healer was very uncomfortable.  The percentage of success that night was much lower than usual.)

A woman, age 25, was unable to raise her right arm for over a year.  It was very painful.  She was a competitive tennis player and this had forced her to stop competing.  At the time of her examination she was unable to bring her arm up more than 450.  Healing treatment was applied to the scapula for 2 minutes.  She was then asked to walk over and flex her shoulder with a chair.  She looked at the author in disbelief, but proceeded to lift the chair.  The arm, and the chair, came all the way up past 900, with no pain.  This improvement lasted.

V.L., a 35-year-old woman, had marked hayfever symptoms: running and itching nose and eyes, sneezing, post nasal drip, etc.  The only treatment given was healing energy with the healer's fingers lightly touching the patient's sinuses for several minutes.  The patient's symptoms completely disappeared in an hour and did not return.

R.R., a 38-year-old male, had tooth and gum pain.  The healer's hands were held several inches above the painful areas.  Pain relief was complete but only lasted several days.

Several other patients were treated at various times with severe acute dental pain; most often the pain would completely disappear shortly after treatment.

A 60-year-old woman was treated at a group demonstration with severe, unremitting jaw and facial pain, of 2 years duration, following a stroke.  All pain completely disappeared during and after the treatment, for the first time in 2 years.  Relief was lasting.

A 25-year-old male was seen at a group demonstration who was severely handicapped following an auto accident.  His entire right side was paralyzed, he had a severe speech impediment and other symptoms.  Healing was attempted for 10 minutes.  No change at all occurred in any of his physical symptoms, but he stated that he felt intensely happy "inside" during the treatment, for the first time in a long time.

R.B., a 30-year-old male, was treated by the author kinesiologically for a year for severe neck, upper trapezium, and head pain.  He improved to a point but still had a great deal of constant pain and frequent muscle spasms.  He was very depressed.  The author applied one particular healing technique by stroking his hands several inches above the patient's head. The patient was prone and unaware of the treatment.  Within minutes, his neck pain was relieved, as was his depression.  Neither returned after that one healing treatment.  The author kept in touch with the patient for a year.  He seemed as if a great weight had been lifted from him, much happier and more cheerful.



  In a paper published in 1985, this author described his experiences after developing the ability to heal simply by laying his hands on patients for very brief periods (usually about 5-10 minutes).  Briefly, after years of unsuccessful attempts to heal merely by "directing energy" into patients, this author studied with a number of expert traditional healers from native cultures of the Phillipines, Hawaii, Africa, etc.  He then developed a highly successful "technique" which consisted basically of laying his hands on or above patients and "willing" energy into them to heal.  This procedure is very similar to the Chinese healing art of Qi Gong, as described by Dr. David Eisenberg, M.D., in "Encounters with Qi" (Norton Books, 1985).

   In the large majority of cases treated in this way, improvements were seen in a vast array of symptoms.  Changes were frequently immediate.  Most (over 70%) of the patients noticed a strong sensation of warmth, vibration, electricity, or coolness in various parts of their bodies during the treatment.  The majority of patients had marked improvements in their emotional states, with sharply decreased anxiety and depression.  Most of the patients had more energy.  A small but significant number of patients had a disappearance of structural pathology, including tumors.

    A review of the literature and extensive bibliography tried to show that this method of healing has been used by many people of many cultures since biblical times but, at least at present, is very rarely attempted in this society.  Several theoretical possibilities were offered, and a number of representative case histories were presented.

     In the 2-1/2 years since this paper was written, time has served to further validate this procedure as an effective therapeutic modality.  As far as was practical, for research purposes, many times the healing energy technique was the only modality used; this was, of course, in order to isolate the results from other factors.  Almost all patients had previously unsuccessful medical and/or chiropractic and/or kinesiological care.  In an effort to rule out a placebo effect, many times patients were not informed as to when the treatment was actually being given.  Many patients had no knowledge of this type of healing and were not aware that it was or had been used. (Some of the patients under 4 years old presumably neither knew nor cared about the authorís  healing interests, but nevertheless cooperated by getting well.)

    The most consistent response to this treatment remains the emotional changes that take place, frequently within several minutes of starting healing.  Most patients experience a profound sense of peace, relaxation, calmness, and even  joy and expansiveness.  Many cases of depression and anxiety syndromes of several months' duration have responded after one or two treatments.

   Acute physical symptoms still seem to respond more readily than chronic diseases, but both respond well.  One factor not mentioned in the earlier study was a very successful effect on so-called low blood sugar syndromes, "hypoglycemic" syndromes consisting of fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness headaches, dizziness (especially postural hypotension), appetite disorders, and other symptoms, all aggravated by hunger and ameliorated by food, are commonly diagnosed by natural health practitioners.  Patients with these syndromes of several years' duration often respond within several days of healing treatment, many times showing complete relief from most or all of their symptoms. (Alert practitioners will recognize that many times these patients are also variously diagnosed as having food allergies, cerebral or environmental or ecological allergies, heavy metal or amalgam toxicity, chronic fatigue syndrome, or candida albicans as the major source of their problems.)

   The exact methodology of the healing procedures used was discussed in the previous paper.  Recent case histories are presented below.  Most of these patients were treated solely with the application of healing energy by this author.  All results were within a brief period of time, such that no reasonable doubt existed that the results were due to the treatment given.  Most patients had been previously treated unsuccessfully with other methods.

Case Histories

  M.S., 63-year-old female, suffered from an advanced case of scleroderma and pulmonary fibrosis.  This patient had a tracheal tube, was on a portable oxygen tank, and required 6 liters of 02 a day.  She was informed by her medical doctors that she would probably need to be put on a respirator within 2 months, and her life expectancy would not exceed 4 or 5 months.  Her condition had progressively worsened over 2 years and she went rapidly down hill after an auto accident 3 months previously in which she had broken several ribs and sustained two compression fractures at T8 and T9.  At the time of her intake she could not walk more than 6 or 7 steps at a time, was severely short of breath, dyspneic, coughed constantly, was not able to sleep more than 30 or 40 minutes at a time, and was severely fatigued.  She stated that she had not gone more than 5 minutes, day or night, without severe coughing for at least 6 months.  

   She had a multitude of other more or less severe symptoms.  She could only sit, and was unable to assume any other position for examination or treatment.  She was told that we weren't sure we could help, but we would try. Because of her severely kyphotic posture, no treatment other than simply laying on of hands could be performed.  She was treated 3 times a week for approximately 7 minutes each treatment.  Within 3 weeks, after rapid improvement, the patient had almost completely ceased coughing, was no longer short of breath, could sleep for 4 or 5 hours at a time, could occasionally assume a supine or side-lying position (for the first time in a year), and was comfortable.  Within 2 more months, her oxygen intake was down to 3 liters, most of her other symptoms had markedly diminished, she was able to walk normally without resting, and called the office one day to report she had just walked more than a mile through a shopping mall.  Needless to say, the patient never went on a mechanical respirator.  Nine months later, she is maintaining her improvement.

  M.K., 60-year-old woman, had a marked spasmodic SCM twitch and mild facial tic. She was treated one time, as she was from out of town. Her son reported several months later that a large arthritic deposit on her hand had completely disappeared hours after the treatment, restoring flexibility to her fingers.  Her other symptoms were unchanged.  Interestingly enough, the author was not even aware of the calcification on the hand.  Many times, the healing energy treatment will correct problems unknown to the healer and distant from the area treated.

   D.K., 37-year-old male, son of the previous patient, presented with marked  abdominal pain, cramping, burning and diarrhea, self-diagnosed as an intestinal flu of 48 hours duration.  A healing application of 6 minutes brought immediate and permanent correction. (This is very typical.) This patient several months later came in with a left ankle swollen almost double.  It had just gotten out of a cast of 6 weeks after being diagnosed by an orthopedist as a trimalleolar fracture.  It was still very stiff and painful.  Healing treatment produced an immediate and complete improvement in the pain and stiffness; the swelling went down only gradually over the following months.  Contrast this with the following case.

   J.D., a 60-year-old female, presented with a markedly swollen and stiff ankle of 4 weeks' duration, diagnosed as a severe sprain.  Ten minutes of healing application to the ankle brought the ankle down to normal size with no stiffness within several hours.  This patient also was a lifelong light sleeper; she stated a fly landing would awaken her.  She stated she had the best sleep in years for several nights following the single treatment.  Follow-up care was not possible.  

    J.F., 59-year-old male, was treated in hospital following a heart attack, 20 minutes prior to scheduled open heart surgery.  An angiogram had indicated complete blockage of the left anterior coronary artery and partial occlusion of one other artery.  Healing energy was applied for 15 minutes to the patient in the hospital room.  When the surgery was performed, the left anterior coronary was found to have completely opened.  It was left alone and only the other blockage treated. (This author is not familiar enough with cardiac operative procedures to knowledgeably comment, but the prevailing feeling was that a "miracle" had taken place.) A severe post-operative headache of several hours duration on this patient was immediately stopped with a brief healing energy treatment to the head.

   M.S., 64-year-old female, had hemorrhoids, cataracts and high blood pressure.  The hemorrhoids bled daily.  After two healing treatments, the patient stated she could see normally (she could now watch television, when before she couldn't), and her hemorrhoids were no longer bleeding and had ceased to trouble her.  Her blood pressure had dropped to normal.  The patient refused further care, and a check 3 months later revealed she was still asymptomatic.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to objectively verify improvement in her cataracts or hemorrhoids.

   C.W., 30-year-old female, presented with a tumor of the breast 1 cm in diameter.  She was told to immediately consult a surgeon as she was a likely candidate for surgery.  She stated that the tumor was very painful and asked us to at least help the pain.  The only treatment used was healing energy, and the patient was admonished that we could not give further treatment until a surgical opinion as to the possibility of malignancy was obtained.  Several months later the patient who sent her in informed us that we had "cured" her.  A call to the patient revealed that within days of the treatment the tumor had completely disappeared. (The pain had stopped immediately.)

   The author has very little experience treating this type of condition with this therapy, although several cases of fibroid tumors appear to have disappeared. (More cases have been resistant to therapy, however.)

   S.B., 29-year-old female, had marked abdominal pain on both sides, diagnosed by a gynecologist as Stein-Levinthol syndrome (polycystic ovaries); other signs of hormonal abnormalities were not observed on this patient.  She also had a marked sensation of pressure in the region of the ovaries.  Healing treatment of two sessions produced an immediate and complete improvement.  The patient did not have further gynecological examination, so the state of the underlying pathology is unknown.

   Many cases of abnormal (+2, +3) uterine Pap smears have been treated, usually for a period of 6-8 weeks at once or twice a week, and the patients then are retested and found to have normal smears.

   J.C., a 9-month-old male, was diagnosed by two pediatric surgeons and a pediatrician as needing immediate surgery for an inguinal hernia.  The patient's testicle and groin area were blue.  Healing treatment was given at the mother's insistence in hopes of avoiding surgery.  Within days the coloring of the areas was normal.  Treatment was given twice a week for 4 weeks.  The mother took the child to a third pediatric surgeon who could find no trace of a hernia at that point.  One year later the child has had no recurrence at all.  This child has had several ear infections, each of which disappeared immediately after healing treatment without medication.

   C.C., a 41-year-old male, and M.L., a 70-year-old female, both suffered from several "floaters" in one eye.  One or two healing treatment brought a disappearance in each of them of about half the "floaters."

   D.T., a 55-year-old female, had been diagnosed as having early cataracts; her vision was blurry.  Two healing treatments caused a disappearance of the cataracts and the blurriness.

   M.H., a 63-year-old male, had worn glasses for correction of nearsightedness for over 40 years.  He could not drive without them.  After a healing treatment for a localized eczema on the leg, he left the office and realized he could not see through his glasses.  He took them off, realized he could see perfectly without them, drove home, and has never worn glasses since.  This was over a year ago. (The eczema on his leg was unaffected.) He calls once every two months to thank the author.

M.C., a 3-year-old female, was diagnosed in hospital as having viral encephalitis.  For several weeks the child had run a fever as high as 1040,, was irritable, had an ataxic gait, and did not sleep well.  She was extremely listless.  Several hours after one healing treatment, the child's temperature returned to normal and all other signs completely disappeared, with no recurrance.

A.B., 39-year-old female, had a bladder infection which had failed to respond to several courses of antibiotics.  She had painful micturation, urinary frequency and burning, and a bearing-down sensation.  One healing treatment produced complete and permanent relief within hours.

P.R., 45-year-old female, had severed a tendon in her left forearm 24 hours prior to being seen.  In spite of large doses of analgesics, she was in constant severe pain and unable to sleep.  Six minutes of healing treatment brought complete relief of pain (the "anaesthetic effect").  At her second treatment 2 days later, she said the pain had only begun to return an hour earlier.  The second treatment again produced marked and lasting relief.

The most consistent effect of treatment remains the emotional euphoria and peace that many people experience.

   R.K., 26-year-old female, presented in emotional turmoil, with headaches and related gastric upset of 1 month duration.  She was under a lot of stress at work and home.  She had been unable to sleep well and had constant anxiety.  One 10-minute application of healing produced a complete disappearance of all stress-related symptoms and anxiety within 24 hours.  There was no recurrence for the 6 weeks the author was in touch with the patient.  This case history is typical of dozens that this author has seen.

    To be sure, many times healing treatment fails to produce any change at all.  Sometimes the positive effects are very short lived and can't be repeated.  However, the author's experience in over 10,000 treatments is that this therapy produces a definite, positive, noticeable result in over 70 percent of cases, and the results are long-lasting in well over half of those.  Again, remember that these results are by healing energy alone.  We usually combine these treatments with applied kinesiology, nutrition, etc., bringing our success rate to a much higher percentage, with cases that have previously been failures under medical or chiropractic care.

For further details on the specific effects and application of healing energy as defined by this author, and an extensive bibliography, see "Healing with Energy--Magnetic, Psychic or Spiritual Healing," Kaufman, Stephen J., D.C., Collected Papers of the Members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, Winter, 1985, pp. 133-190.

Future papers will elaborate on various aspects of this healing art.          

Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman   




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