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Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman

Denver, CO.

(303) 756-9567


Improving Athletic Performance With

Applied Kinesiology and Joint Glides

     Applied Kinesiology is a specialty in the chiropractic and holistic medical field. It has been developed since 1963, when Dr . George Goodheart observed  a phenomenon:  a muscle that tested as very weak  could be strengthened, immediately and dramatically, by the application of a specific type of pressure!  Until that time, this type of weakness was considered untreatable. This was a totally revolutionary concept; muscle weakness could be diagnosed and actually corrected. Many previously "incurable " pains responded to this new procedure.  Many patients were found to have this type of muscle weakness. Hundreds of other effective techniques for muscle weakness and spasm were soon developed.

   Many other doctors added new discoveries to the development of AK,       including  Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman, of Denver, Colorado.  In 1979, due to the effectiveness of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Goodheart became the first chiropractor at the  Olympic games. One of his proteges, Dr. Leroy Perry , treated hundreds of Olympic athletes with Applied Kinesiology. Many of them credited him with improvements in their performance . Professional athletes from all over the world flew to Detroit to be treated by Dr. Goodheart.

   Applied Kinesiology is the science of  determining where muscles are not working properly and markedly improving  muscular and neurological functioning. It makes use of thousands of different procedures from many different disciplines, including acupuncture and osteopathy, to improve muscle function.  Joint Glide techniques, developed by Dr. Kaufman, often  instantly restore normal, pain free joint motion.

   Athletes have a unique set of physical needs. Their bodies are at a  high risk of injury, and they are constantly searching for optimal performance. They often experience dramatic improvements  from treatment with a combination of Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture, Joint Glide Techniques, and nutritional medicine.

   The following  changes usually occur and  can often  be demonstrated  immediately ;

Increase in strength  of certain weak muscles.

Improvement in the range of motion of  chronically stiff joints.

Immediate improvement in muscle stretch and flexibility.

Decreased  pain on motion  of injured joints.

Decreased  pain on touching  sore areas.  

Treatment with Applied Kinesiology and Joint Glide procedures usually  leads to;  

Reduction  or elimination of chronic pain.

Reduced injuries, and faster rehabilitation of acute injuries. Higher energy levels and deeper sleep.

A marked reduction in stress , pre game nervousness and performance anxiety, and stress related problems such as ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. , without reliance on medication.

Elimination of post game soreness.

Increased respiratory capacity and endurance, if  it is not optimal.

And ,consequently, better performance.

Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman has been practicing chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture,  Joint Glides, nutritional and Chinese  herbal medicine,  cranial sacral therapy and numerous forms of soft tissue manipulation since 1978. He has practiced yoga daily for 30 years. He has put together a  truly unique and original blend of these healing arts. In his athletic treatment program he also incorporates advanced stretching procedures, strain counterstrain, and active and passive myofascial release. He has devised  many new and innovative procedures in Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture,  and nutritional medicine, and published over 75 original research papers, making him one of the most published Applied Kinesiologists in the world. He has twice been awarded the Research Paper of the Year  by the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He has lectured hundreds of times around the country. He has been a member of numerous professional societies including the International College of Applied Kinesiology ,  International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, North American Society for Cervicogenic Headaches,  Society for Integrative Medicine,  SacroOccipital Research Society, International Health Institute, etc.

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