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Neck Pain: A New, Gentler, More Effective Approach

Inner Ear Disorders, Vertigo, Dizziness, Phobias, and P.T.S.D.- A Breakthrough Treatment

Help for Internal Organ Problems: Visceral Treatment for Stomach, Heart, Lung, Gall Bladder and Liver 

Migraine and Stroke: Some Incredible Breakthroughs in Treatment, Even Years After a Stroke      (with possible applications for head injuries, migraine, Parkinson's, autism, seizures, depression, multiple sclerosis, panic disorder, tinnitus, etc.)

Improving Athletic Performance With Joint Glides

Foot Pain- Rapid Relief from Most Types Without Surgery

Emotional Loss, Grief, and  Trauma:  A Real Cure for Rapid Recovery

Depression: The Way Out

Phobias: A True Cure With Thought Field Therapy

How to Reduce Anxiety and Stop Your Emotions from Causing Physical Symptoms!

The Secret of Pain

Neural Facilitation Technique (NFT)

More on how Neural Facilitation Technique works

Phobias and Extreme Shyness: Rapid, Permanent Treatment in Denver with Thought Field Therapy!  

Why medicine is often dangerous: you need to be aware 

Stress Reduction : a Breakthrough!

Acupuncture- Breakthroughs and  Exciting New Developments!

Chronic Disease as a Model of  Accelerated Aging (and how to prevent them both)   


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