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Neural Facilitation Technique™ (N.F.T.™ ) :  a breakthrough new approach to rapid healing of fears, phobias, anxiety, emotional trauma, and pain                                                                                                                  

c.2003 Stephen J. Kaufman, D.C.

Abstract: This article contains a discussion of a new set of procedures with a remarkable success rate for immediately and substantially reducing depression, fears of all types, phobias, anxiety, panic, obsessive  thinking , trauma and P.T.S.D.,  appetite control and weight loss, and all forms of acute and chronic pain. Other possible applications may include acute and chronic allergy reactions. A unifying theory based on solid neurobiological research is offered which for the first time explains many of the results seen with N.F.T.™, thought field therapy, emotional freedom technique, applied kinesiology, and other forms of “energy psychology”. This therapy can also be taught to a patient to do over the phone. 

   Alice has been a patient of mine for many years, but now lives two hours away. She called me in a panic to say she was having a severe allergic and respiratory attack, that had been going on for several months. Out of desperation, she was just about to start a course of steroids (this patient’s past medical history made any use of steroids extremely risky; that indicates how desperate she was.) I gave her instructions for a number of nutrients and told her these would probably reduce her symptoms within a few days, if she could hang on. As I was about to hang up, I suggested to her that we try the new technique I had developed, Neural Facilitation Technique™. Within 4-5 minutes , her symptoms had completely resolved! She said it was “the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen!”

   Billy was having a severe anxiety attack, lasting for several days. I treated him with N.F.T.™, and saw a slight improvement after his treatment. However ,he reported that the panic completely disappeared within an hour of the treatment and never returned.

   Jill has had severe episodes of vomiting and gastrointestinal distress every week day morning for many months. She has had a complete G.I. workup with negative results. I tried numerous nutritional remedies with marginal success. We finally determined that she was under an enormous amount of stress at work, causing almost constant obsessive thoughts. After the first  N.F.T.™ treatment, she had substantial improvement. After the second treatment, she ceased her daily vomiting, for the first time in several months. She said it was like a miracle; I changed her life.

   In 1979, Dr. George Goodheart , founder and developer of applied kinesiology, introduced the concept of  tapping on acupuncture points on the skull to influence body functioning. These points are the beginning  and end points of acupuncture meridians, and therefore known as “B and E” points. Goodheart believed they influenced hypothalamic functioning, and consequently affected emotional states. Years earlier he had introduced the concept of tapping on points on the body for pain control. I had studied acupuncture since 1973 but never seen any references in the literature to “tapping”  points. I believe he may have developed this method for chiropractors who were not licensed to use acupuncture needles.   

   Other practitioners of applied kinesiology (AK)  such as Wally Schmidt ,Mike Leibowitz and Jim Durlacher introduced variations of  point tapping. Roger Callahan, PhD., a psychologist, took some AK classes and  modified Goodheart’s technique somewhat, applying it to the treatment of phobias, grief, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, etc. He  named his method thought field therapy (TFT). Callahan later developed a method he calls Voice Technology, which he claims has a somewhat higher rate of effectiveness than the basic TFT procedures. Interestingly, Voice Technology is done only over the phone. It is also highly expensive to receive and to learn to do.

   Gary Craig later modified and simplified TFT, calling it Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  In my experience both TFT and EFT are  effective in treating the emotional problems mentioned earlier. There are now a number of minor variants descended from Goodheart’s and Callahan’s early observations. The original procedures are so effective that I have no doubt that all the variations work as well. It is common to hear claims of 80-90% effectiveness for the conditions mentioned. These methods as a group have been referred to as “energy psychology”.

   Not to be outdone, I have also developed a variation on the theme. As a practitioner of both AK and TFT since the early days, I have  strived to improve the effectiveness and broaden the application of these mind body techniques. AK of course already has a very broad application indeed; in my mind Goodheart invented the concept of the holistic physician, treating many aspects of mind and body. “Treat the patient who has the disease, not the disease that has the patient.” Few people realize that many of the truisms and concepts of the holistic, CAM and mind-body movements were first put forth by Goodheart decades ago.   

    Neural Facilitation Technique™ (N.F.T.™ )  includes many of the concepts and protocols of TFT , EFT, and AK, and goes beyond them. Basically, acupuncture points on the skull and body are tapped ,rubbed, or held while the patient thinks of a disturbing trauma, fear, phobia, stress, depression, or physical pain. In addition to tapping the “standard” 14 points or so that TFT and EFT  use, there are literally hundreds of other applicable points that have been defined in the AK literature. Further , I have added a number of cranial fault corrections that make a big difference in the results: these seem to make the points tapped much more effective. I have also identified  a number of previously unrecognized factors in TFT and EFT which I believe have unknowingly contributed to the positive therapeutic outcomes. These include variations in tapping procedures, timing, points chosen, sequencing, number of taps, phrasing of the issues, visualizing the disturbing mental states, etc. When adding these factors, the effectiveness of the treatment takes a quantum leap forward.

    There is now extensive research data to explain the results of acupuncture as a neurochemical phenomenon. It is well established that acupuncture stimulation causes an increase in beta-endorphins, enkephalins , and dynorphins. Further, there is an increased production of serotonin.

   On the cellular level stimulation of skin receptors cause an increased activity of gamma afferent fibers resulting in pain modulation.

   How does this explain the results seen in Neural Facilitation Technique™?  As the patient brings to mind the stressful trauma, phobia, or pain, stimulation of certain skin areas (“acupuncture points”) causes an increase in endogenous (self produced) opiates and neurotransmitters, including serotonin and norepinephrine. The instantaneous release of these mood elevating substances at the same time as they are thinking of their problem causes a neutralization of a conditioned reflex. Previously, whenever they thought of the trauma or (harmless) object, they felt fear of grief. This was the result of a conditioning that had been set up at the time of traumatization. In other words, at some point in the past they  accidentally formed an association between e.g. dogs, and a fear response. This conditioning may have lasted for 50 years. Or they had a truly traumatic event, e.g. a rape, and whenever they thought about for years afterward, they were understandably retraumatized. By tapping on acupuncture points while they think of the trauma , stress, or phobia, they are instantly reconditioning their body by producing a squirt of serotonin. In effect they are now being rewarded for thinking of the stressor, and the conditioning is broken, either instantaneously (often), or after several treatments. Is this cool or what!!?.!

   In the event of pain, the N.F.T.  treatment “opiates” them while they focus on the pain, thus associating the pain perception with the production of pain killing chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, or whatever). This often clinically causes a dramatic and lasting decrease in the pain, sometimes permanently. It may break the pain cycle in the nervous system. It is centrally mediated pain control, similar to the way analgesics work, as opposed to things like trigger point therapy, massage, chiropractic etc., which are probably peripherally mediated. Of course, these other methods can be used along with Neural Facilitation Technique™  for greater effect.

   Emotional scars from sexual molestation                  June 22, 2002
By my nature, I am a skeptical man.  I read most testimonials with a wary eye.  Yet I feel compelled to write this one to you – the reader.  In June of 2002 I attended a lecture given by Dr. Stephen Kaufman.  the talk demonstrated his techniques in treating effects of post traumatic stress.  Several people volunteered to undergo a simple series of questions, tests, and adjustments.  The problems presented ranged from a fear of going to the dentist to deep-seated childhood memories.  Within a few minutes, to my surprise, each volunteer expressed emotional relief from their concerns.  I was impressed.  I was also doubtful that Dr. Kaufman’s technique could help me.
   You see, I was sexually molested three times between the ages of 12 and 13.  For years I had covered up this feeling of guilt, embarrassment, and shame.  Nothing had helped.  Dr. Kaufman’s treatment seemed encouraging, but I had my doubts.  I called him the next day to set an appointment.      I arrived at his office.  We talked for a few minutes.  He asked a few questions, performed a few simple tests and made a few adjustments.  It took all of two minutes.   I can’t tell you what happened or explain how it happened.  But it was clear to me that something did happen.  I can only say that as of 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2002 a burden was lifted from me, and for the first time in 34 years I experienced a sense of grace.    Thank you seems simple, but proper.
---Jim  Shutte

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