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Neck Pain!

     I have discovered a new, radically different, and incredibly effective treatment for neck problems, headaches, sciatica, and dizziness or vertigo. Results are rapid and usually dramatic! The treatment is completely gentle and has never caused any exacerbation. It's perfect for patients of any age. It does not involve any manipulation.

   Almost every patient with vertigo or dizziness gets tremendous improvement!

   I am a chiropractor , acupuncturist, nutritionist , Applied Kinesiologist, myofascial therapist and cranial sacral therapist practicing for   27 years. I have developed many original soft tissue techniques and published over 75  clinical research papers.  Fifteen years ago I set out to develop a gentle way to  relieve  pain much better and faster , restore full range of motion, and align all the structures of the body without using much force.

   Over the years, some  of my patients have preferred to not have the usual  chiropractic manipulations. I have always wanted to offer them an effective alternative . These techniques grew out of that intention to find methods more effective and more gentle.

      Even severe cervical disc pain often shows great improvement! The following testimonials are on file in my office:

  Carol is a 58 year old woman  who has had severe neck and arm pain and migraines for the past two years following an auto accident. Four neurosurgeons have told her she needed spinal surgery. Chiropractic care had not helped. After several sessions her migraines have receded, her neck and arm pain is much less, and her medication usage has been greatly reduced.

    Larry had constant, severe, full spinal pain, inability to eat because of bad stomach distress, and marked shortness of breath. He was extremely weak. His heart function (ejection fraction) was only 35%. After several treatments all pain and disability completely cleared up, and re-testing by his cardiologist showed his heart function to be 81%! His family doctor was shocked.

   Richard has had constant neck pain for 20 years. He sat up after his first treatment and said "The pain is gone!"

   Theodore, 44,  had severe neck and cervical disc pain, and sciatica following an accident where he broke his femur and pelvis two years ago. He could not sleep at night from the pain, even with analgesics. After two visits his neck, cervical disc pain,  and sciatica  is completely gone, and he sleeps normally. His popping TMJ ( since the age of 12) has also resolved.

    Bob had constant sciatica for fifty years (!). He had never slept more than a few hours because of pain. After two visits it was  totally gone, and has not returned. He began sleeping through the night, for the first time in many years.

   Geri had vertigo  and trigeminal neuralgia several times a week for the past twenty years. Several times a month she would have to spend days in bed because of the dizziness. After the first week of treatments her vertigo (and facial pain) completely disappeared, and have not returned.

   Lily had severe neck and back pain from a ruptured thoracic disc after a car accident 14 years ago. She had not been able to take a full breath because of that pain. After her first treatment, she took her first deep breath in 14 years, pain free!

   These are the kind of results I see many times each day, using these techniques. Wouldn't you like to be out of pain?

      If you  have ongoing neck pain, dizziness or vertigo, or sciatica that has not responded to treatment, I urge you to call me for an appointment, or more information !  Isn't it worth it to you to be out of pain?  (If you'd like to read the page specifically on low back pain, click here.)


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