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Published Research Papers 

Stephen J. Kaufman, D.C. has published over 75 original research papers since 1978.  These have appeared in the International College of Applied Kinesiology Collected Papers, Digest of Chiropractic, The American Chiropractor, Success Express, Townsend Letter for Doctors, and others.  The following is a list of some (but not all) of these papers:


“Testing Muscles in a Fully Shortened Position”

“A test for Compression of the Fourth Ventricle Technique”

A Quick Emotional Fix: K27”

“Occipital Fiber Therapy Localization”

“Trigger Point Therapy Localization”

“A New Test for Tibialis Anterior Muscle Function”

“Multiple Muscle Allergy Testing”

“Repeated Muscle Activation/Patient Induced Reactive Muscle Testing”

“Reactive Fascia Muscle Testing”

“Healing Energy:  Magnetic ,Psychic, and Spiritual Healing”

“1987 Update on Healing Energy”

“Paranormal Phenomena During Energy Healing”

“More Case Histories of Healing Energy”

“Cranial Lift and Condyle Separation Technique”

“Healing Energy Procedures”

“Therapy Localization of Bennett Neurovascular Dynamics”

“The Devil’s Advocate”

“Repeated Muscle Activation/Patient Induced Aerobic Muscle Testing”

“Aerobic Reactive Muscle Testing”

“Superimposed Set Technique: a new way to discover hidden muscle weakness”

“Financial Kinesiology”

“Cognitive Kinesiology”

“Grief Technique”

“Aerobic Fascia Testing”

“Contralateral Anterior/posterior Neurolymphatic Stimulation”

“Chiropractic Emotional Technique”

“TMJ and Sphenoid Therapy Localization”

“Low Point/Alarm Point Therapy Localization”

“Using the Atlas as a High Gain Therapy Localization Indicator”

“The Reverse Temporal Tap”

“Alarm Point Pain Neutralization by Tapping Associated Points”

“Spinal Strain Counter Strain”

“Abdominal Strain Counter Strain”

“Cocxyleal Train Counter Strain”

“Hara:  Abdominal Trigger Point Treatment for Chronic Fatigue”

“Where It Is, It Ain’t” Technique

Reactive Fascia Testing

“Fascial Adhesion Release Technique” (F.A.R.T.)

“Visceral Release Procedures”

“A Cure for Inner Ear Disorders”

“Illeoceal Valve Strain/Counter Strain Procedure”

“Facilitated Muscle Testing”

“Cranial Neurovascular Pulsation Testing”

“Testing for Cranial Faults in Gait Position”

“Myfascial Release with a Muscle in a Fully Shortened Position”

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