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Dr. Stephen J. Kaufman

Denver, CO.

(303) 756-9567


Real Anti Aging Secrets!


    The following "anti aging secrets" are extracted from a vast amount of medical literature and this writer's personal experience of not aging.


   The foremost anti aging secret is caloric restriction; eating less. The main researcher in this area is Dr. Roy Walford, and he has a number of excellent books. The best is Beyond the 120 Year Diet . In other words, "be thin to save your skin". This is the only really scientifically proven method ( in many species) to prevent most major disease and extend your life.


Take naps. Many long lived cultures nap in the middle of the day.


Along these lines, don't incur a sleep deficit. make sure you get enough sleep. There's almost nothing more important than being  fully rested.


Drink plenty of  water, at room temperature. One recent study found that some patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease were actually dehydrated, and inadequate water intake worsened mental confusion in patient's that actually did have Alzheimer's.


Treat small health problems before they become big ones. If you have a nagging problem today, what's that going to become in 10 or 20 years?


Eat breakfast. Eat at least 2 meals a day. Don't eat your largest meal of the day late in the evening, as it's much harder to digest the. Your digestion is the strongest between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. That is the best time to have your biggest meal.


Wash your face several times during the day. This removes pollutants that  accumulate on your skin, and retards their damaging effect. This is one of the best things for keeping your skin looking young. Minimizing the amount of sun you get on your face will also keep you looking young. (Just take a look at the skin on your butt. No matter how old you are , it always looks much younger. That's because no sun ever gets in there!)

Facial exercises strengthen the muscles of the face, slow or even reverse wrinkling, and can really make you look much younger.


Find work that you love and have a passion for. This is the single biggest predictor of longevity.


Minimize stress. Easier said than done, right? Well, one of the most prevalent forms of stress is dead lines. Our entire day is scheduled to  the minute. wherever we are , we're thinking about where we have to be next. Even seemingly innocuous appointments become very stressful because we always feel that we are rushed. (This must be why they are called dead lines.) Loosen up, schedule less, do less. Live longer.


Get aerobic exercise.


Cleanse your body periodically.






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