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"Secrets of Instantly Relieving Pain in TMJ, Cranial, Sinus and Upper Cervical  Areas with Rapid Pain Elimination - Double New Patient Referrals!" now available on DVD-  $797 for 2 day seminar (9 discs)!

New: Rapid Pain Elimination! Dramatic new procedures added to cranial and cervical classes!  A totally new way to instantly inactivate painful muscular areas in many patients. (Not all, of course.) This class has TOTALLY different techniques from the Pain Neutralization Technique class! Both classes contain cutting edge breakthroughs, completely different from material taught elsewhere.

Note: this class has the TNT  for the cranial , TMJ, sinuses, and upper cervical regions. The Cervical/ Thoracic/ Lumbar and Pelvis PNT class taught in July 2005 has totally different techniques for the rest of the body.

I have never seen a group of doctors so excited as this class when they learned the new pain elimination procedures! 

This is a powerful NEW type of cranial treatment, different from all the other cranial techniques now taught. Incredible results in headaches, neck, upper trap, TMJ pain, sinus problems of all types. Stop pain on the spot for many patients! All techniques are painless, can be done in seconds, and are very easy to learn. Includes the NEW cranial, TMJ,  sinus, and upper cervical Pain Elimination Procedures (PEP), and startlingly effective Trigeminal Nerve Treatment. Amazes the patient. (And the doctor, too.) (Of course, not every patient responds.) For chiropractors, acupuncturists, and body workers.

   A young boy was so hyperactive that we couldn't keep his hands off everything.  After the first cranial treatment, I went to get him in the waiting room and couldn't believe it was the same child. He was sitting quietly with his hands folded in his lap! His mother said he was a different child! He was sleeping normally for the first time in his life!  Several other doctors are now reporting identical results on many patients with these techniques!

   A woman with a stroke couldn’t walk without a walker. After 2 treatments she regained most of her balance and walked unaided.

   Another stroke patient had severe balance disturbances. After a few treatments she was back to walking normally.

   A man with severe constant headache for  6 months, suicidal from the pain, diagnosed with temporal arteritis, completely recovered in a few treatments. A pregnant woman with a constant headache for 5 months was completely pain free after 3 treatments. This is common; we have many cases like this.

   Experience dramatic possibilities from a NEW concept in cranial work! You’ll effectively treat cranial bony structures, cranial muscles, nerves and vasculature.

   If you've never done any cranial treatment whatsoever.....this class is for you!!

   If you've been doing cranial therapy for many years.....this class is for you!! A totally new concept!

  • Most patients feel immediate results!

  • Extremely gentle, totally painless!

  • Much simpler than any other cranial technique! These techniques do not require a great deal of sensitivity like some other cranial treatments.

  • Quick to perform, easy to learn! Easy on the doctor to do.

  • In my opinion, much more effective than any previous cranial work!

  • NEW! Advanced TMJ module. Extraordinary results in eliminating TMJ muscle pain with the Trigeminal Nerve Treatment!

  • Extra: you'll master how to abolish pathological cranial trigger reflex areas (CTRA's) and give pain relief quickly- dramatic to the patient!

Unusually effective protocols for:

  • All manner of headaches and neck pain.  You'll be able to immediately, dramatically get rid of tender points around the cervical vertebrae and muscles, even decades old upper trap pain! See exquisite upper trap and TMJ muscle pain disappear in seconds  on the DVDs!

  • Improve vision, even slow loss in cataracts and other degenerative conditions.

  • Improve hearing loss, tinnitus.

  • Dramatic, rapid relief for hay fever, respiratory allergies, sinus problems. Protocol for sleep apnea

  • A new, soft tissue approach to the upper cervical region to balance this critical area without trauma! No manipulation or thrusting!

  • Effective treatment for learning disabilities in kids. Many severe cases have responded!

  • Improve memory, concentration and focus substantially for yourself and your patients.

  • Greatly improve the outcome in CVA  (stroke) patients! Numerous dramatic cases will be described. Of course, not all patients respond. (These techniques can be extremely beneficial for  long term results in stroke patients but are not appropriate for acute CVAs; all patients need to be referred immediately to the nearest Emergency Room.)

  Techniques so simple, results so startling, you'll wonder why you haven't seen them before!

   Improve brain function: startling medical research on brain longevity strategies.                                                        

  You’ll learn incredible clinical techniques, with extensive research references:     


Read what the doctors in the class said:

“This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in years...Thanks to you, I’m swamped (with patient referrals)! I’ve never had these kinds of results with anything. The P.N.T. is amazing. (Like you promised) I have patients saying “Wow! That’s amazing!” all the time. Thanks for all that you do. You've made my practice fun & exciting again which is particularly rewarding as this is my 27th year in practice!! ”  Dr. James Monk, D.C. Chickasha, OK. (after viewing the DVDs)


“I have had significant tension in my jaws for as long as I can remember. I never dreamed it would ever change. On Saturday, Dr. Kaufman did a simple occiput procedure that started an amazing wave of relaxation in my sinuses, mandible and maxilla that continued for a full hour after the treatment. Then on Sunday, he did his new trigger point therapy on my TMJ and now my masseters are like butter and all of the chronic tenderness at C1 and C2 has vanished as well! Not only are the results amazing but he did it quickly—great news for busy, high volume docs!” Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C. San Jose,CA.



“After being assessed for upper trapezius pain and treated once, my trapezius trigger points disappeared and did not come back. I have experienced trigger points and pain for over 20 years and they have never felt better than after this one treatment! ” Dr. Debbie Novick, Julian ,CA.



“By using fundamental neurological concepts, having an appreciation of musculo-skeletal function, you can reset neuro-muscular activity to a more harmonious influence with marked reductions in pain, within seconds. The possibilities are staggering. Our patients get off the table and they float!! They say “this is absolutely incredible!” They ask us “how are you doing this?” (getting these incredible results with P.N.T.) I love it! It’s so much fun.” ”  Dr. William L. Koontz, D.C. Colorado Springs, CO.

"Thanks for your amazing cranial work!  A client who’s upper body and neck has been locked up for years, started having chronic dizziness.  She had several medical tests that showed no problems.  She has had no dizziness since the first cranial work and now she says her neck and back have never felt so loose after only 4 sessions! Your techniques are so profound, while being quick and easy to use.  I incorporated them on every client with consistent excellent results.  Thank you so very much for continually searching for answers and sharing them with all the varied practitioners you attract.

The last time I received an acupuncture treatment a needle in my back triggered a big jump response followed with an emotional release.  That spot has stayed sensitive.  The meridian bending technique just released the whole area.  What a great relief."  Jayne Marino, LMT, Frisco, CO.

“Dr. Kaufman’s visceral technique cleared 90% of residual abdominal trigger points and pain one year after a cholecystectomy complicated by a stone in the common bile duct and pancreatitis!  Amazing!” Dr. Karin Nelson, D.C. Denver, CO.



“I had a dental swelling in the lingual side of the maxilla after oral surgery. The stroke technique to my surprise reduced the swelling that had been there for 3 days—immediately!”  Dr. Patterson Stark, D.C. Denver, CO.


“Every chiropractor, no matter how many years in practice should take Dr. Kaufman’s seminars!” Dr. Albert M. Golly, D.C. Colorado Springs, CO.


Other classes on DVD: most classes are full day seminars, $497 per class for 4 dvds and class notes.

Call now to order: Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C.  (800) 774-5078 or (303) 756-9567   


Go here for more info on all classes.  DVDs now available of all classes! (Did you know you can buy a DVD player for $60?

"Breakthrough in Neurology Produces Instant Pain Relief for Many Patients, and doubles new patient referrals": Pain Neutralization Technique ™ (P.N.T.) – healing dynamite! Cervical, thoracic, and low back procedures. July 30-31, 2005 NOW on DVD. 

   Call Dr. Kaufman now  (303) 756-9567 or (800) 774-5078


(These are real comments written by real doctors in real cities. See many more below. Please note: these techniques will not work for every patient. Your results will vary.All seminars: all techniques hands only, no muscle testing, no devices, electronics, or lasers to buy, no supplements forced on you. No manipulation or bone popping, no painful or forceful techniques. All classes suitable for chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers.


   Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C.  (800) 774-5078 or (303) 756-9567   

   2693 S. Niagara St. Denver CO.  80224  

   DVDs available now!!

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Disclaimer: The Kaufman Technique, Functional Myology, and Pain Neutralization Technique  are  not methods of  diagnosing, treating, or curing illness, pathology, medical conditions, or disease of any kind. None of the statements on this page are approved by the F.D.A.

There is no guarantee of any particular results in any individual case from the application of these techniques, either in the classes or on dvd. All testimonials are presented with the understanding that your results may differ; not all practitioners get the same results. The information presented herein is for the consideration of licensed health care practitioners and is not intended to be used for soliciting patients, nor should prospective patients infer that any guarantee of a cure is implied.

All techniques taught are for the practitioner's information and consideration only; it is up to you as the practitioner to decide in any case when they may be applicable, and how they may be applied. I  can not be responsible for how these techniques are applied to any particular patient. All such applications are solely the responsibility of the individual practitioner. I am not able to personally monitor or suggest their use in any individual case. Always use very, very light pressure. In no event shall Stephen Kaufman, D.C. or Kaufman Technique ,LLC be liable for any injury or  damages arising from the use of any techniques or nutritional products presented or discussed on the DVDs or at seminars. 

The information and methods in these classes and discs is not meant and should not be used for self treatment, and are not a substitute for consulting a physician or health care practitioner for any health problems  you may have. Kaufman Technique LLC and Dr. Stephen Kaufman are not responsible for any adverse effects, injury, or damage resulting from the use of any of the information or techniques presented in these classes.  

Dr. Kaufman and Kaufman Technique LLC reserve the right to limit or refuse sale to any individual of any DVDs or seminar, and such refusal is not based on religion, race, gender, age, or discrimination.

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