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The Kaufman Emotional Techniques™- the Emotional and Physical Pain Seminar: breakthrough in treating depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma, as well as musculoskeletal pain! 

New: the Anti Anxiety/Bad Mood Method! This one studio DVD has an enormously powerful set of techniques for easing patients' emotional pain, depression, bad moods, anxiety, post traumatic stress and grief, etc. Almost every patient needs these procedures! By itself this one disc is worth 10 times the price of the whole course!

"Before I entered chiropractic school, I was a PhD. candidate in clinical psychology. I have always been fascinated by human psychology and ways to help bad moods. In fact for several years I specialized in this and developed a number of powerful techniques to immediately improve patients' moods. "

The mind body/ body mind class: half the class will focus on eliminating emotional stress by treating the body with soft tissue techniques, half will focus on dramatically relieving physical pain by learning how to re-route the emotions. THIS COULD EASILY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT CLASS YOU EVER TAKE!

"By using the Kaufman Technique Emotional DVD's I have become the 'guru' of self-help in my area.  I find that oftentimes a physical problem that will not resolve in any other way, easily disappears once I get to the emotional root.  These outstanding DVD's have changed the way I practice!" Dale Richards DC, Ogden, Utah

Help your patients enormously with depression, grief, emotional trauma, panic, and phobias, as well as chronic physical pain! See rapid improvement in even long standing conditions with this hands on POWERFUL treatment!    An extraordinary approach which  often gives immediate lasting results. Includes many  procedures developed by Dr. Kaufman over the past 20 years and not taught elsewhere, as well as research by various medical professors. We also will share incredible research on a startling procedure to dramatically relieve physical pain!

This is a major bargain; some of the other techniques that are being taught that are similar to these are $800 to $10,000 a seminar, or even more! This material will knock you out. The class will be a major personal growth experience for you, quite likely the most important healing secret you have ever discovered.

"I wanted to again say how amazed I am at the emotional protocols I've learned from you. EVERY DAY I am getting miracle stories from patients who are having chronic (over 10 years) phobia, anxiety, and depression disorders cured (not significantly relieved, but CURED) in 1-4 visits. Today alone one patient was cured of lifelong nightmares, another relieved of chronic neck pain that showed no physiological cause. I could spend the next 2 days sitting here typing about the success stories I've gotten with your emotional protocols.

"In addition to my Chinese medicine background I was trained as a social worker at Rutgers University and have been treating emotional disorders since 1998. I've used cognitive behavioral therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Medical Qigong for the treatment of emotional disorders. Nothing has produced as dramatic results as the stuff I've learned from you....nothing. With these techniques the effects of five years of psychotherapy can be achieved in 10 minutes.

"I find it shameful that this stuff isn't taught in schools. If more health care providers knew these techniques the human experience would be less miserable. I also understand that what I'm writing will come across as exaggerated or unbelievable to people not familiar with your work. If any of your prospective students would like a reference please have them e-mail me or call me. I'd be happy to explain to them that I am in no way exaggerating and that these results are real.

"I've been cutting treatment time dramatically with your system and it's working better." Dr. Ken Andes, LAC, D.O.M., Suffern, N.Y.

Here's some of what we covered in the class;

"By my nature, I am a skeptical man.  I read most testimonials with a wary eye.  Yet I feel compelled to write this one.  In June of 2002 I attended a lecture given by Dr. Stephen Kaufman.  The talk demonstrated his techniques in treating effects of post traumatic stress on people in the audience.  The problems presented ranged from a fear of going to the dentist to deep-seated childhood memories.  Within a few minutes, to my surprise, each volunteer expressed emotional relief from their concerns.  I was impressed.  I was also doubtful that Dr. Kaufman’s technique could help me.    You see, I was sexually molested three times between the ages of 12 and 13.  For years I had covered up this feeling of guilt, embarrassment, and shame.  Nothing had helped. 

"When I saw Dr. Kaufman, he asked a few questions, performed a few simple tests and made a few adjustments.  It took all of two minutes.   I can’t tell you what happened or explain how it happened.  But it was clear to me that something did happen.  I can only say that as of 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2002 a burden was lifted from me, and for the first time in 34 years I experienced a sense of grace. The pain that I carried for so long was gone.  Thank you seems simple, but proper.---Jim  Shutte , Denver, CO. 

 "After only one treatment , Dr. Kaufman’s amazing techniques dramatically reduced my symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as the stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting I had each morning for many months.  My productivity at work has increased because I am feeling better. I don’t know how it’s done, but I would have been lost in despair and depression if I had not contacted Dr. Kaufman."  Alison McBride, Oakland, CA.  

"(Dr. Kaufman,) your name is becoming a household  word around the clinic.  Over half the things I do now have some aspect of your work involved. I have had numerous successes with your techniques.  

  • A lady with chronic anterior groin pain is now 95% resolved.  

  • Another with chronic SI pain who was rearended by a shopping cart is completely resolved after trying my "old" ways for a year and a half.  

  • A young lady who injured her knee snow skiing and was facing surgery by her orthopod, 2 treatments pain completely gone.  

  • A very severe case of sciatica on a man who had previous low back surgery is 90% resolved after 7 treatments.  

  • The lady I mentioned with 5% hip abduction bilaterally has now 30% in both.  All areas of tendon and muscle pain you mentioned in the seminar were evident and lessened dramatically during treatment.  

  • The emotion treatments are also very exciting.  A young man with low self esteem and extreme hate of his father is now acting like a new man and is regularly conversing with his dad and comes in with a big smile on his face.  

  • A women in her 40's who was abandoned by her parents and left on a doorstep of her now empty house, now has full recall of her adoptive years  and now knows why she felt so rejected for so many  years and could not stay in a relationship is doing fabulous.    Dr. Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas

"The emotional work is amazing. My patients were amazed at how relaxed they became." Dr. Pat Dougherty, D.C Denver, CO. 

"I'm jazzed!!!  doing the emotional techniques is a blast!  I have a 12 year old boy who has been afraid to sleep in his own bed for almost 5 years...he has been sleeping in his parents bed!   After treating him using the PTSD and anxiety protocols ... That very night he slept in his own bed all by himself...no prodding!!  WOW that's amazing!!!  Dr. Kaufman ... has a phenomenally easy and successful approach to dealing with complex emotional traumas ...I'm having a blast doing your work!!


"I have a new patient who came in with Irritable bowel and acid reflux symptoms. I did the PTSD protocol on him for an emotional trauma that happened around the time his symptoms started. He said he woke up the next morning feeling like a new man! He has experienced a tremendous decrease in all anxiety and he has had only the occasional symptom and they have been much less intense than they were before! He is telling his friends that I am a miracle worker!! "Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C. San Jose, CA.


"I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your awesome seminars.  Using the stuff regularly and already getting great feedback from the patients. My patients love your neck protocol! I have used your techniques from the Emotion seminar several times this week and all I can say is....OUTSTANDING!! The patients are so amazed that their internal stress is completely relieved after only a few minutes of treatment.  One guy today during the "TAT squash" says "Wow...I'm tingling all over!!".  He then reported is stress level immediately dropped from an 8 to a 2.  " Dr. Keith Braswell, D.C. Smyrna, GA.


“A young girl had painful periods so bad she had to heavily medicate herself just to survive.  I did the painful period protocol yesterday and she came into the office with a smile from ear to ear and said she also had absolutely no pain.  “Wow, that's amazing".  The   menopausal hot flash protocol has worked beyond my expectation. So far it has not failed. The insomnia protocol is also working fabulously on everyone treated so far."  Dr.Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas

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