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All classes now available on DVD; each one day class is 4 discs. Every word of the seminar, every technique is here, unedited. Includes class notes. $347 per class. (the Gyn/Energy/Thyroid/ Sleep Problems class is 5 discs, $367. The advanced TMJ/ Cranial ?Sinus class is 2 days, 9 discs: $697). These dvds are not packaged pretty, but each one contains a ton of new techniques and information.

You'll easily learn from the DVDs. I'm so sure your patients will love you for using these new techniques because so many doctors have been so excited about our dvds. 


Here's our 100% No–Hassle Money Back Offer- watch  the dvds, learn the techniques in minutes,  and try them in your office for 30 days.  If you're not absolutely delighted with  the results, if your patients don't thank you over and over for learning these , return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


Many doctors ask which is the best class to start with. You can start with whichever class interests you, or I generally recommend the Cervical/Vertigo/TMJ/ Migraine class. The Advanced TMJ/Cranial/Sinus Class has totally different techniques and is also an excellent class to start with. WARNING: most doctors get the whole series because the results are so astounding.


A note about testimonials: All of the testimonials on my website were written by doctors and participants at my seminars. I didn't write any of them. This is probably unique. These are the real words of real doctors in real cities.


 How to Quickly Relieve  Cervical Pain,  Migraine, TMJ and  Vertigo, including disc pain :

   "The night after being treated at Dr. Kaufman's seminar I rode in an elevator without vertigo for the first time in memory! Now several days later, I have not had any further motion sickness. I used to get it whenever I was in a car. Now it is gone!  " Dr. Tom Leeseberg, D.C. Nebraska  

    "Hi doc, thanks again for all your work.  I feel my technique has improved dramatically from your neck and low back seminars.  People are getting great results!"  Dr. Deb Ford, D.C. Lakewood, CO.

 "...your vertigo protocol is an elegant approach to balancing the upper cervical spine and from a neurological perspective (handling ear canal issues) makes imminent sense and does work consistently. BTW, I am a diplomat in chiropractic neurology and attended a 3 day symposium on vertigo last year. From a therapeutic perspective, I can tell you that your one hour presentation on your vertigo technique was more valuable then the 3 day symposium, seriously.

   "I have been using your neck and back protocols on a regular basis and find them to be quite beneficial. ....Your muscle stretch technique is most worthwhile for low back issues. "  Dr. Jacob Bastomski, D.C. Santa Barbara, CA


“Dr. Kaufman’s technique for relieving musculoskeletal pain is nothing short of miraculous. After a single visit to him, I was completely free of the chronic, nagging neck and upper back pain that had plagued me for ten years following a ski injury.  After one 3 minute treatment, voila! The pain has gone! A miracle! Thank you! ”  Dr. Sharon E. Meagher, M.D., radiologist. Vail, CO.

   How many ways do you have to treat the neck? Add more than 15 powerful new procedures! 

   An intensive one day class in:

  • The Nine Cervical Facet Procedures, an exciting new advance  in treating neck pain and headaches, including cervical disc and radicular pain! Easily relieve even severe pain and numbness down the arm, quickly! Patients frequently go from 30 degrees to 80 degrees of rotation in seconds. This impresses and pleases patients like nothing you've ever seen before! Your patients will call you the next day to thank you.
  • Extraordinary results with dizziness and  vertigo, neck pain, TMJ problems, and migraines. Includes the NEW occipital One Point Procedure. This will greatly enhance your abilities with these conditions.  Many of our techniques are backed by extensive medical research. See comments of doctors from previous classes. (You know some of these folks!)
  • Learn techniques that quickly increase cervical range of motion and relieve pain, with no force. Even severe headaches often eliminated in minutes with the Occipital Lift and Shift, and the Occipital One Point! This has to be seen to be believed; a true breakthrough. Most patients have dramatic increases in R.O.M. and relief of pain, even after many other techniques have failed! Gently unlock necks that have been frozen for years.
  • Dizziness is very common and disabling; easily treat it with the new Vertigo Protocol and double your practice. Almost all patients with the most common form of  vertigo have substantial or total improvement.
  • The amazing Torticollis Protocol and Migraine Protocol produce rapid relief! You'll confidently face all manner of headache patients as they come to your office in droves.
  • Most TMJ patients show great improvement from the rub-lite and TMJ osteopressure procedures (extremely gentle).  Make your practice bullet-proof; you'll see how to greatly increase your practice with these techniques! 
  • Do you do cranial therapy? We will present a NEW approach, which is much, much simpler, much easier and quick to learn, and much more effective, in our opinion. (Dr. Kaufman has 29 years experience with many forms of cranial therapy, including osteopathic cranial.) Did I also say it only takes a minute or 3 to apply? Includes the Occipital Realignment Procedures ( the Spigot technique), often effective in even the most severe headaches. Your patients will call you the next day to thank you.

   The NEW Whiplash Triad: the three problems that occur in almost all auto accidents. Unless you fix them, the patient can take many more months to recover. Once you demonstrate them to the patient, they immediately understand the need for proper care.       

       Last week -

  • There was a patient whose neck rotation was limited to 20 degrees on the right for twenty years due to severe post surgical scar tissue build up. In one minute these techniques enabled her to move easily to 65 degrees.
  • There was a patient with a severe headache, constant for several months. After the first treatment with the NEW version of the occipital lift and shift, his headache  was markedly reduced and has stayed that way. (Other chiropractic had been unsuccessful.) Also, he was having 2 vertigo episodes daily which disappeared after the first treatment.
  • A similar patient last month with constant severe headache for a year ; it immediately and completely disappeared after two treatments. I discharged a patient who had had constant severe neck pain for over 20 years, in spite of frequent chiropractic care. After her first treatment, there was a dramatic, lasting elimination of pain. I saw another patient with severe cervical radicular pain and numbness in the arm and hand, of several months duration. It completely resolved in several treatments with the NEW upper/lower facet release.                                
  • I recently talked to two patients  treated 2 years ago whose lifelong, severe vertigo resolved and never came back.

    These are typical cases. You'll see this every day. See the paper, "Why it's important to be able to turn your neck all the way".  All procedures are very gentle and easy on the doctor , and simple to learn. Stop wearing your body out doing strenuous techniques!  Learn the three things that most  of your patients are doing that undoes your good work (you may doing them, as well; they're not what you think!) This alone will dramatically improve your results. Payment options available.  No  muscle testing background needed.                      

   P.S. You may pay for the class with three monthly installments .

   The NEW occipital lift and shift, the upper/lower facet release, and occipital cervical/ rotation alone are worth many times the cost of the seminar. Includes the new cervical rot-lat exercise, the only neck exercise that can't exacerbate a patient's pain.  

  "We've used (the cervical techniques) on every patient. Each patient has had a great response except for one woman...and she had a dramatic increase in her range of motion! I'm very pleased."  D.C. from Estes Park, CO.

   "In 2002, Dr. Steve Kaufman removed pain and vertigo I had felt since my early childhood.   The pain was a version of temporal arteritis.  Shooting, stabbing pains would course through my head, just above my ear, leaving me virtually incapacitated for 20 seconds at a time.  The labyrinth vertigo would come on suddenly, leaving me horribly dizzy and sometimes nauseous for up to three days.  


   "Dr. Kaufman reduced, then ultimately relieved, the afflictions I had been experiencing for nearly 30 years, all within a few weeks.  It was an unbelievable experience – I could feel my body shifting with Steve’s gentle nudgings, realigning itself to relieve decades-long stress on my artery.   Thank you Steve, for everything you’ve done for me. " ---- Jane Beecher  

" It has been 3 years that I have been experiencing vertigo now. As a practitioner it doesn't help the growth of my practice to have this issue on a daily basis. After hearing about other doctor's and patients great results I had to come to the seminar for myself.  It has been 3 weeks since and I am amazed that I have not had any problems! I am a believer!"  Dr. Jennifer Koontz, D.C.  Colorado Springs, CO.    

    " I treated an officer in the air force base nearby. He had severe pain down his arms and in his neck, and was told to have surgery. After only 2 or 3 treatments, he is smiling and pain free! He now wants to make this treatment available to other airmen!"   D.C. from  Texas                                           

   "I recently had a patient come in after developing seizures- 3 gran mal and petit mal a day. She was reluctant to take the drugs prescribed and was referred in by a patient. I set her S.I. and did the Cervical Protocol™  and the seizures disappeared after the first visit and have not returned in a month." Dr. Don Gay, D.C., Florence , CO.

 " I want to tell you that you're the best teacher I've had (Dr. Kaufman). You really listen to the questions, not just me but with everyone."  A D.C. from Northern CA.

   "Dr. Kaufman's simple breathing technique immediately and significantly improved my breathing capacity. (I experience chronic asthma.) His....treatment for sinus congestion opened up my sinuses in about 10 seconds. Overall, a fun informative seminar with quick and easy techniques that are very effective." Dr. Claire Li, D.C., Glen Cove, New York.

Letter from Dr. Kaufman explaining the Kaufman Techniques


Sciatica, Disc, and Severe Low Back Pain: Easily Treated!

   Imagine smiling with confidence when a new patient with severe low back pain and sciatica from a disc comes into your office! This class will give you a huge number of  treatments that produce immediate symptom relief, for a great variety of musculoskeletal problems. Do only stuff that works! 

   How many ways do you know to treat the low back? Learn 24 new, powerful techniques! Two or three of these procedures will more than pay for the class. Dr. Kaufman has practiced for 29 years and  published over 75 papers.  He has won numerous awards for  his papers. He has devised hundreds of shortcuts. This class will give you many new, simple techniques that work Monday morning.  Treat old and young easily. Handle all manner of muscle pain with confidence.

  Learn a major breakthrough in the treatment of sciatica! You need no longer fear when that hot disc/sciatic patient walks through your door! Get absolutely dramatic results when other methods have failed, even surgery! Learn startling facts about severe low back pain and where it's coming from. This will totally supercharge your confidence as a doctor!

  • Immediate results in sports injuries, acute and chronic.
  • Advanced disc techniques , including   new procedures to aid lumbar disc pain! Help many patients avoid surgery. New techniques in spinal fixation correction and testing, gentle and long lasting! New, powerful  cranial techniques!
  • The new spasm protocol.
  • A new understanding of the importance of the lymphatic system and how to use it to gain immediate symptom relief. The great importance of tendons in most musculoskeletal problems, and a very effective new  way to treat them.
  • Treat inguinal and abdominal hernias successfully.
  • One of the most powerful and overlooked therapeutic procedures .
  • Our emphasis is on immediate, practical, clinical results.  We'll try to make this the best spinal class you've ever taken!   
  • Learn more easy to use techniques in one intensive day than in two or three  weekends of  other seminars! These procedures are so intuitively obvious you'll wonder why you didn't think of them before.

   Of course, there will always be patients that don’t respond. Nevertheless, these gentle techniques will greatly please most of your patients and stimulate many referrals.

    “Thank you for your treatment of my hip. I had pain for over six months and tried everything!  As a yoga instructor and Chiropractor and kinesiologist, I tried all my stuff, saw a few associates to no avail.  I was considering the possibility of a bone infarct or worse. Your treatment was about ten minutes and I felt immediate relief.  My range of motion without pain was 90%  better and over the following three weeks has improved to 100%! “ Dr. Patterson Stark, Christchuch, New Zealand

   The low back and disc procedures give instant pain relief; right here, right now!  " Dr. Pat Dougherty, D.C. Denver

   “I had a very painful sacroileac joint for a year that resisted treatment. After 3 sessions with Dr. Kaufman last year, my SI joint no longer bothers me.”  Dr. Chuck Santisteven, D.C., Lic. Ac. ,Denver 

   "My neck has felt tight, upper c spine, for a long time and I am very happy that getting worked on only one day, the range of motion is greatly improved, and feels wonderful. " D.C. at the April, 2004 seminar.     

" ...she walked out saying she felt the best she ever has after a treatment in the office!  She wants to know when she can come back for more work!  I feel the work you are doing is something I have been searching for.  It is a way to use the (methods) I already know and combine it with your methods that WORK.  I am anxious to see who else comes in today to try out my new methods!  Thanks for sharing your work with us."  Dr. Peggy Bolks, D.C. Spring, Texas 

   "Wow. Fun and informative. My expectations were more than met. Can't wait to start implementing this stuff into my practice. I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman's seminars. I like his relaxed teaching style how non-judgmental Dr. Kaufman is. " Dr. Jens Korgaard, D.C., Newington, Conn.

  “My daughter had severe headaches and neck pain after an accident and brain surgery last year. She had a lot of chiropractic care and massage therapy. The headache was immediately relieved after treatment by Dr. K.” Peggy Moore, L.M.T., Denver


Extremity Miracles Seminar! Upper extremities:

   Imagine consistently restoring pain free movement in shoulders, elbows, necks and knees, even if they've been restricted for years! You'll double your practice by greatly improving your results in extremity problems. This class uses no thrusting procedures, no muscle testing! These techniques are a new concept in soft tissue repositioning procedures and joint glides. They take just seconds to do, and are completely painless. These are not myofascial release techniques. All are extremely gentle with no chance of aggravation. Dramatic improvements even in arthritis! (Of course, not every one responds as well.) 

   Do you have patients with arms and legs? Then you need this course! Suitable for all chiropractors, acupuncturists, and body workers.

    Instant (and I do mean right away) increase in range of motion and pain relief in:

  • Shoulders- you'll learn to increase abduction from 80-160 degrees, instantly! Even if the joint has been restricted for 10 or 20 years! We’ve done this in 12 class members already! You’ve seen it, now do it! These procedures alone are worth the price of the whole week end! (Of course, not every one responds as well. Results may be more limited in severe osseous pathology.)
  • Radicular and arm pain, even due to cervical discs . This is  debilitating, and often very difficult to treat. It's easy with these techniques! Avoid surgery!
  • Surprising good news about torn rotator cuff syndrome! Surgery is often not necessary.
  • Wrist pain and stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis- avoid surgery. Increase pain free, range of motion in the wrist, instantly! Hear how one doctor completely reduced the wrist pain of a 15 year old problem! 
  • Elbows- extremely high success rate in most elbow problems. Quickly unlock stiffness.  
  • Hands and fingers- a rare technique to quickly relieve pain and stiffness in fingers. Even a case of Dupuytren's successfully reversed!
  • You will also learn extremely effective muscular release  techniques, including very inexpensive instruments, from Dr. Kaufman’s 30 years experience doing myofascial therapies of many kinds. Many of these are original, not taught elsewhere.
  • Acupoint Pain Neutralization techniques! Extraordinary immediate pain relief!
  • Rib pain, including 1st rib head pain and intercostal neuralgia. 
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome. One doctor got immediate relief  from a 20 year old problem at the last seminar!
  • Scapular pain.
  • Relief for tendon, ligament and muscle injuries of all kinds.
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • None of these techniques are taught in school. These are not thrusting procedures.
  • NEW! New concepts in getting much more from your exercise routine: greatly increase flexibility, respiratory capacity and endurance, and strength! Competitive athletes will seek you out to become super athletes!
  • NEW! The Soft Tissue Separation Concept approach to understanding instant pain relief in joint dysfunction.

    The best compliment I've received is that almost every doctor who's taken one class with me has signed up to take the whole series!

" I had been unable to abduct my shoulder beyond 90 degrees for 40 years. With one 60 second treatment Dr. Kaufman got full abduction back, to 160 degrees! It feels great!" Dr. Kerry Randa, D.C. Loveland, Colorado

"A guy with a totally frozen shoulder came in Friday.  Now I know you have worked on guys in class ..... I decided if you could do it in one treatment then I should be able to too.  Never thought it was possible before..... but he walked out 100%!  Pretty awesome!"  Dr. Becky Brinkman, D.C. Denver, CO.                                 

   "I've had restricted ROM in my left shoulder for 10 years. In one minute, to my amazement, Steve restored full ROM! It is now pain free ! His technique was not only simple but incredibly effective! Thanks Steve!" Dr. Keppen Lazlo, D.C.  Denver , CO.

   “When I came to the seminar I had limited range of motion after an injury where I could only take my right arm to my right sacroiliac joint without getting pain. After the shoulder treatment that took just 3 minutes for Dr Kaufman to do on me—I can move my arm pain freely all the way past my left SI joint. I touch my left hip without any pain! This is very amazing. I’m excited to do this work with my patients.” Allen M Dubner, D.C. Los Gatos, CA.

 " 4 years ago I suffered a dislocation of my shoulder after a ski accident. I easily reduced it and went about rehab. I have had reduced range of motion since the accident. Now after 3 minutes of your joint glide technique "I am healed!" I have full 180 degree abduction again! Last week in the gym I lifted 120 lbs. in an overhead press! Thank you!" Dr. Patterson Stark, D.C. Vail , CO.

   “I came to Dr Kaufman’s Extremity Seminar with a sub-acute elbow problem that I had injured approximately a month ago. I had already received multiple treatments, but everything, including AK and traditional acupuncture had produced no results. After being treated at the seminar with Dr Kaufman’s techniques—and his “new” acupuncture protocol—I left the seminar with 90% of my pain GONE! Thanks—I’ll be back for the rest of Dr Kaufman’s seminars!” P.S.: Dr Kaufman’s treatment techniques took less than 10 minutes!” Kathy Maher, D.C. Texas  

   “A gentle technique with extremely effective & immediate results. This should be a required course for all acupuncturists. Witnessing constant changes as “demo-ed” on stage by Dr. Kaufman was phenomenal, especially the “puzzled look” at relief by the classroom doctors tested. Looking forward to incorporate these procedures in my practice on Monday. I was also impressed with Dr Kaufman’s “8 needle techniques” and  his knowledge of Eastern medicine. A must for all healers!!  My treatment in class yielded unbelievable & remarkable therapeutic results…looking forward to many more classes with Dr Kaufman.” Dr. Ted Dugas, L Ac. New York City

“...As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, this class has been easy to follow, understandable and fun! I am certain that most acupuncturists would be grateful for this information. It is fast & efficient! I will gladly recommend this course and you to any of my colleagues, any time.

  "Thanks for fixing my knees. The right is very good. It bothers me off and on throughout the year—good to know there is “quicker” relief than my usual waiting for several treatments or weeks for relief.”  Janice Ledgerwood, D.O.M. L Ac New Mexico

 Many of these techniques were inspired by the famous English healer Harry Edwards, who successfully treated tens of thousands, often freeing even severely arthritic joints in minutes. 


  Extremity Miracles Seminar: lower extremities:

  • Hip pain. Immediately increase range of motion and stop pain without forceful manipulation in many patients. (Can use along with or instead of manipulation, of course.) Delay or avoid hip surgery!  Osseous and soft tissue procedures.
  • Knees- instantly replace a slipped meniscus (very common )! Rapid decrease in pain. Get them running again. Effective procedures for :
  • Medial and lateral knee pain - avoid surgery in partially torn meniscus. Eliminate clicks on flexion and extension! Immediately increase pain free motion on flexion, extension, and rotation! You'll often quickly reduce swelling and point tenderness.
  • Extremely good news for osteoarthritis in most joints.
  • ITB syndromes
  • Pulled hamstrings
  • Ease tight hamstrings instantly! (This is incredible to see!)
  • Sports injuries? Not any more!
  • Eliminate most post workout soreness, speed recovery, and greatly enhance athletic ability!
  • Shin splints
  • Tendonitis and bursitis 
  • Feet- plantar fascitis? No problem. 
  • Neuromas- you'll eliminate the pain. 
  • Heel spurs? You can stop the pain quickly and permanently, even without orthotics (you can use them, too! )
  • Leg, calf, and foot cramps. Learn the new spasm protocol. Soft tissue procedures and nutrition.
  • Ankles- often immediate results even in bad sprains, restore range of motion in chronic problems instantly!
  • Bunions- Most of the time, the pain  will disappear. Believe it or not, sometimes (not all the time) bunions will get straighter. 
  • Butt and groin pain.
  • Also: new breakthrough uses of trigger point therapy.


   Gynecological Problems, Thyroid, and The Incredible Energy Seminar!!

   Do you treat women? You'll discover extraordinary protocols for GYN problems, including 

  • NEW, dramatically effective procedure to reduce abdominal tension and increase drainage quickly.  This is extraordinary,  resulting in rapid, outstanding results in:
  • hot flashes
  • infertility (many successful cures)
  • PMS
  • menstrual cramps (you'll often stop them in seconds!)
  • amenorhhea (no periods)
  • nausea of pregnancy (ends it in hours or days)  
  • urinary tract infections (acute and recurrent).
  • chronic abdominal pain
  • heavy menstrual bleeding and too frequent periods- you'll rapidly return many of your patients to normal cycles. 


  • fibrocystic breast disease and breast tenderness -very common and painful. Usually responds to this protocol.
  • uterine fibroids- we have seen many get much smaller or disappear.
  • post partum depression  
  • effective, easy, cheap weight loss strategy for many of your patients!
  • endometriosis
  • insomnia- this is very common and debilitating, and responds extremely well, without medication.
  • osteoporosis -surprising  new research.  
  • effective strategies to prevent uterine, breast, prostate cancer- extraordinary medical research reports!
  • candida- you'll go home with an extremely effective, simple, inexpensive and rapid approach. 29 years experience treating this.
  • vaginal dryness

  You'll help most of your patients with these problems with these new soft tissue manipulations and nutrition. Tell your friends about this seminar! Some of this work is based on the mysterious Kersten technique, a legendary treatment from Germany with almost miraculous results. Many gynecological problems are functional and respond quickly. Help your patients avoid unnecessary tests and surgery. Turn your hands into magic weapons of healing.

    Many patients complain of fatigue. I‘ve discovered a series of simple, soft tissue maneuvers which greatly increase energy! Almost every patient who receives this treatment  has a dramatic increase in energy, including most  with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia! The real solution for your patients with low adrenal problems and depression. 

   The outstanding, powerful Thyroid Protocol will change your view of thyroid disorders!  Most patients with subclinical hypothyroidism (quite common) respond to this protocol, without medication! Even patients on meds usually feel much better from this treatment. We will present  impressive medical research validating a NEW non-drug approach to thyroid disorders! The fatigue and thyroid procedures alone are worth the price of the whole weekend.

   Even patients with lifelong insomnia often start sleeping normally! Dr. Kaufman has successfully treated many and has  several patients in his  practice right now who have been helped this way. 

   An extremely effective manipulative  and supplement protocol for candida! No drugs, very little dietary change, very simple supplementation that works quickly. We will also learn an effective approach to patients with brain fog (difficulty concentrating), common in chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,  and sleep disturbances.

   Includes the amazing Prostate and Urinary Frequency Treatment; your senior men (and women) patients will send in their friends after they sleep through the night with this one. It also sometimes aids interstitial cystitis.  

   "I had a unique experience in Dr. Kaufman's Gyn class when he demonstrated a technique on my left ovarian cyst.  An initial heat, deep inside around the cyst brought some old congested energy to the surface which then slowly dissipated over the next hour.  The area now feels clear of the pain I used to sense there."  J.N., PhD

   " I used the techniques from the GYN seminar on a patient with amenorrhea. Her period started within a few days!" Dr. Serena Elhard, D.C., Lakewood, CO.

   "The A.T.P. Treatment (for fatigue) pays for itself. The patients come in asking for it." Dr. Melissa Logue, D.C. acupuncturist. Ft. Collins, CO.

   “ A patient with high blood pressure, under medical care, and HBP medication was being treated in my office. His initial BP was 192/88. After 3 visits (he is still under care.) the blood pressure protocol treatment has lowered his BP to 142/78. Thanks for your help.” Dr. Josef M Planansky, D.C. Denver, CO.

“I had a patient with longstanding hypertension at age 48. I attended his musculoskeletal complaints with Dr. Kaufman’s cervical protocols ... and stabilized this patient’s BP from a  medicated 155/101 to 122/80! It has remained down for 6 months. Dr. Kaufman’s techniques work!”  Dr. Patterson Stark, D.C. Vail, CO. 

     Call 303-756-9567 or (800) 774-5078- 24 hour line to order or for more info.


The Emotional and Physical Pain Seminar : breakthrough in treating depression and emotional trauma, as well as all musculoskeletal pain!  The mind body/ body mind class: half the class will focus on eliminating emotional stress by treating the body with soft tissue techniques, half will focus on dramatically relieving physical pain by learning how to re-route the emotions. THIS COULD EASILY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT CLASS YOU EVER TAKE!

   Help your patients enormously with depression, grief, emotional trauma, panic, and phobias, as well as chronic physical pain! See rapid improvement in even long standing conditions with this hands on POWERFUL treatment!    An extraordinary approach which  often gives immediate lasting results. Includes many  procedures developed by Dr. Kaufman over the past 20 years and not taught elsewhere, as well as research by various medical professors. We also will share incredible research on a startling procedure to dramatically relieve physical pain!

   This is a major bargain; some of the other techniques that are being taught that are similar to these are $800 to $10,000 a seminar, or even more! This material will knock you out. The class will be a major personal growth experience for you, quite likely the most important healing secret you have ever discovered.

  • Neural Facilitation Techniques and newer powerful procedures as well. Several  of these techniques allow you to treat the patient emotionally without even bringing up the problem or talking about their emotions at all. (See papers by Dr. K on stress, NFT ,  how NFT works. )
  • Relieve most phobias in minutes!  
  • Learn startling, simple procedures that dramatically, quickly reduce your patient's stress level! (You can often induce a profound altered state of relaxation, in seconds, with these  acupressure procedures.)
  • Most  unresolved grief and  P.T.S.D. is reduced in minutes, even if the condition has been there for decades! At least 40% of the average patient population has a conscious emotional trauma that has been troubling them for 3 months or more; help these people! We will report on numerous medical studies documenting the 80-90% effectiveness of similar techniques.  
  • NEW! A breakthrough to deal with the greatest fear of all! Most of us have it!
  • NEW!  The Emotional Hypervigilance and Cognitive Surveillance Hypothesis: an absolute breakthrough in understanding how chronic musculoskeletal pain is perpetuated, and how you can now stop it for good!
  • Most physical pain is aggravated or caused by emotional components; learn great tools for breaking that chain. Treat the true cause!  Medical research has determined a long list of conditions responsive to this method; click here.
  • Learn an extraordinary technique that can ameliorate even the most severe physical pain; it's literally almost unbelievable. We will examine the nature of pain and some surprising  research from Harvard , New York University School of Medicine, and others. The S.C.A.T technique is the single most important tool I have learned for my own health! It gave me personally a miracle cure. Hear how one doctor with a 30 year history of back pain cured his back pain with this procedure! This week I had several cases who responded dramatically , surprisingly, to this approach. 
  • NEW! Use these techniques for most acute musculoskeletal pain as well! Also significantly increase athletic performance and reduce downtime from injuries!
  • E.R. : the Emotional Re-routing Technique. You’ll literally wonder how you lived without it.  
  • You'll get extraordinary improvement in athletic function with a special NEW application of these techniques.
  • NEW! Successful application of these cognitive techniques to asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and hay fever, migraines and other mind body influenced (MBI) disorders!
  • Dr. Kaufman will demonstrate how to easily apply all these protocols to your practice with actual patients. You'll quickly be able to integrate this with your current mode of practice.
  • Also includes medically  research proven nutritional protocols for depression, anxiety, panic disorders, etc.

   "By my nature, I am a skeptical man.  I read most testimonials with a wary eye.  Yet I feel compelled to write this one.  In June of 2002 I attended a lecture given by Dr. Stephen Kaufman.  The talk demonstrated his techniques in treating effects of post traumatic stress on people in the audience.  The problems presented ranged from a fear of going to the dentist to deep-seated childhood memories.  Within a few minutes, to my surprise, each volunteer expressed emotional relief from their concerns.  I was impressed.  I was also doubtful that Dr. Kaufman’s technique could help me.    You see, I was sexually molested three times between the ages of 12 and 13.  For years I had covered up this feeling of guilt, embarrassment, and shame.  Nothing had helped. 

    "When I saw Dr. Kaufman, he asked a few questions, performed a few simple tests and made a few adjustments.  It took all of two minutes.   I can’t tell you what happened or explain how it happened.  But it was clear to me that something did happen.  I can only say that as of 5:00 p.m. on June 15, 2002 a burden was lifted from me, and for the first time in 34 years I experienced a sense of grace. The pain that I carried for so long was gone.  Thank you seems simple, but proper.---Jim  Shutte , Denver, CO. 

   "After only one treatment , Dr. Kaufman’s amazing techniques dramatically reduced my symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as the stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting I had each morning for many months.  My productivity at work has increased because I am feeling better. I don’t know how it’s done, but I would have been lost in despair and depression if I had not contacted Dr. Kaufman."  Alison McBride, Oakland, CA.  

   " (Dr. Kaufman,) your name is becoming a household  word around the clinic.  Over half the things I do now have some aspect of your work involved. I have had numerous successes with your techniques.  
  • A lady with chronic anterior groin pain is now 95% resolved.  
  • Another with chronic SI pain who was rearended by a shopping cart is completely resolved after trying my "old" ways for a year and a half.  
  • A young lady who injured her knee snow skiing and was facing surgery by her orthopod, 2 treatments pain completely gone.  
  • A very severe case of sciatica on a man who had previous low back surgery is 90% resolved after 7 treatments.  
  • The lady I mentioned with 5% hip abduction bilaterally has now 30% in both.  All areas of tendon and muscle pain you mentioned in the seminar were evident and lessened dramatically during treatment.  
  • The emotion treatments are also very exciting.  A young man with low self esteem and extreme hate of his father is now acting like a new man and is regularly conversing with his dad and comes in with a big smile on his face.  
  • A women in her 40's who was abandoned by her parents and left on a doorstep of her now empty house, now has full recall of her adoptive years  and now knows why she felt so rejected for so many  years and could not stay in a relationship is doing fabulous.    Dr. Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas

 "The emotional work is amazing. My patients were amazed at how relaxed they became." Dr. Pat Dougherty, D.C Denver, CO. 

  "I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your awesome seminars.  Using the stuff regularly and already getting great feedback from the patients. My patients love your neck protocol! I have used your techniques from the Emotion seminar several times this week and all I can say is..... OUTSTANDING!! The patients are so amazed that their internal stress is completely relieved after only a few minutes of treatment.  One guy today during the "TAT squash" says "Wow...I'm tingling all over!!".  He then reported is stress level immediately dropped from an 8 to a 2.
 You are the best. " Dr.  Keith Braswell, D.C. Smyrna, Georgia

" My nine year old daughter had fantastic results from the hypothyroid protocol . Her fatigue, lethargy, and coldness decreased dramatically and has stayed that way." Dr. Kathy Koop, D.C. Denver, CO.  

" Thank you so much for the Thyroid Protocol, In the first two weeks after the seminar, both of the patients I used it on had their temps rise 2 degrees and felt much better, which in my experience is a tremendous response.  Patients love the increased function and energy from the ATP technique, a powerful technique and I am finding it in a high percentage of patients. "  Dr. Don Gay, D.C.  Florence, CO.

   “A young girl had painful periods so bad she had to heavily medicate herself just to survive.  I did the painful period protocol yesterday and she came into the office with a smile from ear to ear and said she also had absolutely no pain.  “Wow, that's amazing!".  The   menopausal hot flash protocol has worked beyond my expectation. So far it has not failed. The insomnia protocol is also working fabulously on everyone treated so far."  Dr.Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas  


"Secrets of Instantly Relieving Pain in TMJ, Upper Cervical, and Cranial Areas with T.N.T. -Trigger Point Neutralization Technique™ - Double New Patient Referrals!" now available on DVD- $697 for 2 day seminar (9 discs)!

New: Trigger Point Neutralization Technique (TNT )! Dramatic new procedures added to cranial and cervical classes!  A totally new way to instantly inactivate painful muscular trigger points in many patients. (Not all, of course.)


I have never seen a group of doctors so excited as this class when they learned the new T.N.T. procedures! 

This is a powerful NEW type of cranial treatment, different from all the other cranial techniques now taught. Incredible results in headaches, neck, upper trap, TMJ pain, sinus problems of all types. Stop pain on the spot for many patients! All techniques are painless, can be done in seconds, and are very easy to learn. Includes the NEW cranial, TMJ,  and upper cervical Trigger point Neutralization Techniques (T.N.T.), and startlingly effective Trigeminal Nerve Treatment. Amazes the patient. (And the doctor, too.) (Of course, not every patient responds.) For chiropractors, acupuncturists, and body workers.

   A young boy was so hyperactive that we couldn't keep his hands off everything.  After the first cranial treatment, I went to get him in the waiting room and couldn't believe it was the same child. He was sitting quietly with his hands folded in his lap! His mother said he was a different child! He was sleeping normally for the first time in his life!  Several other doctors are now reporting identical results on many patients with these techniques!

   A woman with a stroke couldn’t walk without a walker. After 2 treatments she regained most of her balance and walked unaided.

   Another stroke patient had severe balance disturbances. After a few treatments she was back to walking normally.

   A man with severe constant headache for  6 months, suicidal from the pain, diagnosed with temporal arteritis, completely recovered in a few treatments. A pregnant woman with a constant headache for 5 months was completely pain free after 3 treatments. This is common; we have many cases like this.

   Experience dramatic possibilities from a NEW concept in cranial work! You’ll effectively treat cranial bony structures, cranial muscles, nerves and vasculature.

   If you've never done any cranial treatment whatsoever.....this class is for you!!

   If you've been doing cranial therapy for many years.....this class is for you!! A totally new concept!

  • Most patients feel immediate results!

  • Extremely gentle, totally painless!

  • Much simpler than any other cranial technique! These techniques do not require a great deal of sensitivity like some other cranial treatments.

  • Quick to perform, easy to learn! Easy on the doctor to do.

  • In my opinion, much more effective than any previous cranial work!

  • NEW! Advanced TMJ module. Extraordinary results in eliminating TMJ muscle pain with the Trigeminal Nerve Treatment!

  • Extra: you'll master how to abolish pathological cranial trigger reflex areas (CTRA's) and give pain relief quickly- dramatic to the patient!

Unusually effective protocols for:

  • All manner of headaches and neck pain.  You'll be able to immediately, dramatically get rid of tender points around the cervical vertebrae and muscles, even decades old upper trap pain! See exquisite upper trap and TMJ muscle pain disappear in seconds  on the DVDs!

  • Improve vision, even slow loss in cataracts and other degenerative conditions.

  • Improve hearing loss, tinnitus.

  • Dramatic, rapid relief for hay fever, respiratory allergies, sinus problems. Protocol for sleep apnea

  • A new, soft tissue approach to the upper cervical region to balance this critical area without trauma! No manipulation or thrusting!

  • Effective treatment for learning disabilities in kids. Many severe cases have responded!

  • Improve memory, concentration and focus substantially for yourself and your patients.

  • Greatly improve the outcome in CVA  (stroke) patients! Numerous dramatic cases will be described. Of course, not all patients respond. (These techniques can be extremely beneficial for  long term results in stroke patients but are not appropriate for acute CVAs; all patients need to be referred immediately to the nearest Emergency Room.)

Techniques so simple, results so startling, you'll wonder why you haven't seen them before!

Improve brain function: startling medical research on brain longevity strategies.                                                         

You’ll learn incredible clinical techniques, with extensive research references:     

  • Can aging of the brain, age related memory impairment (ARMI), and hearing loss be prevented, slowed, or even in many cases reversed? Yes!

  • Can  IQ , memory, concentration, learning be improved?  Yes!

  • Can visual impairment including macular degeneration , cataracts, glaucoma, the leading causes of blindness, be prevented, slowed, and even reversed? Yes!

  • Can aggression and hyperactivity in kids be reduced with non-drug methods?  Yes!

Read what the doctors in the class said:


“This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in years...Thanks to you, I’m swamped (with patient referrals)! I’ve never had these kinds of results with anything. The P.N.T. is amazing. (Like you promised) I have patients saying “Wow! That’s amazing!” all the time. Thanks for all that you do. You've made my practice fun & exciting again which is particularly rewarding as this is my 27th year in practice!! ”  Dr. James Monk, D.C. Chickasha, OK. (after viewing the DVDs)



“I have had significant tension in my jaws for as long as I can remember. I never dreamed it would ever change. On Saturday, Dr. Kaufman did a simple occiput procedure that started an amazing wave of relaxation in my sinuses, mandible and maxilla that continued for a full hour after the treatment. Then on Sunday, he did his new trigger point therapy on my TMJ and now my masseters are like butter and all of the chronic tenderness at C1 and C2 has vanished as well! Not only are the results amazing but he did it quickly—great news for busy, high volume docs!” Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C. San Jose,CA.



“After being assessed for upper trapezius pain and treated once, my trapezius trigger points disappeared and did not come back. I have experienced trigger points and pain for over 20 years and they have never felt better than after this one treatment! ” Dr. Debbie Novick, Julian ,CA.



“By using fundamental neurological concepts, having an appreciation of musculo-skeletal function, you can reset neuro-muscular activity to a more harmonious influence with marked reductions in pain, within seconds. The possibilities are staggering. Our patients get off the table and they float!! They say “this is absolutely incredible!” They ask us “how are you doing this?” (getting these incredible results with P.N.T.) I love it! It’s so much fun.” ”  Dr. William L. Koontz, D.C. Colorado Springs, CO.


“Dr. Kaufman’s technique for relieving musculoskeletal pain is nothing short of miraculous. After a single visit to him, I was completely free of the chronic, nagging neck and upper back pain that had plagued me for ten years following a ski injury. Also , I had a sore, swollen, injured first finger DIP joint for 3 weeks prior to my visit with Dr. Kaufman. It was painful all the time, especially when I flexed it. After one 3 minute treatment, voila! The pain has gone! A miracle! Thank you! ” Dr. Sharon E. Meagher, M.D., radiologist Vail, CO.


“Dr. Kaufman’s visceral technique cleared 90% of residual abdominal trigger points and pain one year after a cholecystectomy complicated by a stone in the common bile duct and pancreatitis!  Amazing!” Dr. Karin Nelson, D.C. Denver, CO.



“I had a dental swelling in the lingual side of the maxilla after oral surgery. The stroke technique to my surprise reduced the swelling that had been there for 3 days—immediately!”  Dr. Patterson Stark, D.C. Denver, CO.


“Every chiropractor, no matter how many years in practice should take Dr. Kaufman’s seminars!” Dr. Albert M. Golly, D.C. Colorado Springs, CO.



Other classes available: most classes are full day seminars, $347 per class for 4 dvds and class notes.


Call now to order: Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C.  (800) 774-5078 or (303) 756-9567   

P.S. Don't forget our 100% No–Hassle Money Back Offer- watch  the dvds, learn the techniques in minutes,  and try them in your office for 30 days.  If you're not absolutely delighted with  the results, if your patients don't thank you over and over for learning these , return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


 "Breakthrough in Neurology Produces Instant Pain Relief for Many Patients, and doubles new patient referrals": Trigger Point Neutralization Technique ™ (T.N.T.) – healing dynamite! Cervical, thoracic, and low back procedures. June 4-5, 2005

   Most patients with musculoskeletal pain have numerous, painful trigger points in their muscles. Many have painful or restricted range of motion.

   What if  I could show you a way to neutralize painful muscular trigger points in seconds?

  • Gently, with only  your finger tips , almost no pressure whatsoever, completely painlessly!
  • Gentle enough for 90 year old patients, easy enough for 90 year old doctors to perform!
  • No machines, lasers, or instruments to buy!
  • Provides immediate pain relief for many patients!
  • Extremely easy to learn! Treatments take seconds!
  • Based on classical neurological research!
  • So simple you’ll be amazed you’ve never seen it before!
  • Eligible for relicensing credit from the Colorado state Board of Chiropractic
  • Triple your referrals! Results are often so dramatic, patients will call their family and friends from your office!


   My name is Steve Kaufman. I am a chiropractor in practice for almost 30 years. I have taught numerous techniques over the years.  I have learned  how to combine several simple, standard neurological procedures to  immediately change the tone in a painful muscle, eliminating many chronic exquisitely painful areas in seconds. The doctors who have taken my course on Trigger Point Neutralization Procedures™ (T.N.T.) acclaim this as a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain, musculoskeletal and visceral. Many of these doctors have extensive training in most of the other chiropractic techniques taught. Most have practiced for decades.

   Try this test on your next 10 patients. On both sides, press into the paraspinal musculture at C1, C2, C3. The suboccipital muscles. Press into the upper traps. Press deeply into the rhomboids on both sides. Press into the bellies of the supraspinatus, the infraspinatus. The quadratus lumborum and the piriformis. The sacroileac ligaments.  How many of your patients have numerous very tender spots in these areas, even after chiropractic adjustments or acupuncture? These are causing or contributing to their chronic and acute pain. Do you want to learn how to make those go away, quickly, painlessly? (No hard trigger point pressure! Forget painful myofascial release! No $10,000 lasers!)  

You will master in this class:

  • A full understanding of the  muscles of the body, where they all are, and what they all do.
  • What painful muscular trigger areas are, how to quickly find and assess them correctly, and how to make them melt like butter in seconds, without any discomfort to the patient. (In fact, most patients say, “It feels good!)
  • Why  muscles produce most of the pain in musculoskeletal problems, and how this can be stopped in seconds!
  • The 22 most common muscular/ tendon/bone/ ligament trigger areas in patients.
  • A simple  understanding of several basic neurological reflexes that you learned in school, such as the myotatic reflex (the stretch reflex), the inverse myotatic reflex (the Golgi tendon reflex), reverse inhibition , and temporal and spatial summation of stimuli,  and why applying these is absolutely critical to being able to stop pain instantly. This is very easy and FUN to learn; a 14 year old could learn and apply this!
  • You’ll be astonished how simple, quick, and powerfully effective this treatment is. The whole assessment and treatment typically takes 90 seconds, yet you’ll correct many problems that patients have had for years!
  • Muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament pain techniques


“They laughed when I said I could eliminate painful muscular trigger points in seconds!”

   But the 25 members of the last class watched in awe as they learned to do just that, on one after the other. People who had had chronic, painful neck, TMJ, upper trap and shoulder pain for years and decades, in spite of treatment by every chiropractic treatment around, had it eliminated in seconds- and it stayed gone! Chronic low back, sacral, SI, coccygeal pain. Chronic abdominal pain and headaches. All responded.

   Instant Pain Relief- the future of chiropractic. Based on classical neurological procedures. It’s just good science, applied. When you eliminate the nociceptive withdrawal reflex , painful muscular trigger areas will heal, often in seconds. 


    Trigger Point Neutralization Technique ™ (T.N.T.) – Cervical/ Thoracic and Low Back /Pelvis: eliminate painful muscular trigger areas in seconds!”  

    Denver, CO. June 4-5, 2005. See a new paradigm in the healing arts emerge. Cervical /Thoracic on Saturday; Lumbar/ Pelvis on Sunday. Class limited to 25.

   $597 for both days ($347 per day) before April 25; $697 after.

   This class will be available on DVD for $697 for both days.

   Cranial/advanced TMJ/ upper cervical Trigger Point Neutralization Technique ™ (T.N.T.) – available now on DVD. $697.

   Call Dr. Kaufman now to register at (303) 756-9567 or (800) 774-5078


These are real comments written by real doctors in real cities. See many more below. Please note: these techniques will not work for every patient.

All seminars: all techniques hands only, no muscle testing, no devices, electronics, or lasers to buy, no supplements forced on you. No manipulation or bone popping, no painful or forceful techniques. All classes suitable for chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers.


   Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C.  (303) 756-9567   

   2693 S. Niagara St. Denver CO.  80224  

   DVDs available now!!

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