Urgent warning! Don't stick another needle in a patient

until you learn 8 Needle Acupuncture!


Learning a new system of acupuncture in a couple of hours that

        Is even more effective than traditional Chinese acupuncture (based on the reports of many acupuncturists who have learned this system.)

        Reduces the discomfort of needle insertion by over 90%.

        Can be done in less than 5 minutes a visit.

        Has much greater patient acceptance due to dramatically reduced treatment time, painless, almost imperceptible needle sensation, and RAPID results.

        Is much safer and less invasive than traditional acupuncture because of very shallow insertion and much shorter treatment times- much less risk of infection.

        Shows results more rapidly and requires a fewer number of visits.

        Is ridiculously simple to learn and apply.

        Has almost no Eastern metaphysical theory

        Is based on British medical theory and neurology, not complex Chinese philosophy

        Is the natural choice for any musculoskeletal pain, sports or other injuries, etc.

        Can be learned and applied with great results in a couple of hours.


"80% of the acupuncture treatments I use are the Kaufman 8-needle technique. The 8-needle technique makes it possible to see more patients in less time and get results. (They're) a wonderful addition to my toolbox, even after 10 years of practicing acupuncture. Easy to learn, completed in minutes and the results are significant." Michael Maguire L.Ac. Malibu, CA.

 "Dr. Kaufman is the best kept secret in manual therapy. Any acupuncturist or body worker (or chiropractor) looking to become more clinically effective should look into his material. Dr. Kaufman is one of the most generous teachers Iíve had and I consider myself lucky to be his student." Ken Andes, L.Ac. D.O.M., Suffern , N.Y.

Note: All statements are the opinions of Dr. Kaufman (practicing acupuncture since 1974) and many of the students who have learned his technique.