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"Mysterious Pain Neutralization Technique Astonishes 58 M.Ds  in Chicago As  Chiropractor Eliminates Chronic Pain In Seconds on  One After the Other, Using Light Pressure on Newly Uncovered Neurological Reflexes."                                                                                  

 They actually called it "a miracle!" "Revolutionary!" "Phenomenal!"

"These M.D.s laughed when I told them they could stop chronic pain

instantly, with just their fingertips.

But then in Chicago I did it on 22 of them, one right after the other.

                       Without Electronic Instruments, Drugs or Needles."                        

My toughest challenge: a group of 58 skeptical M.D.s. 

I recently gave a demo of Pain Neutralization Technique to a group of well known holistic M.D.s and D.O.s in Chicago, the International College of Integrative Medicine.  I was understandably nervous. Here I was, a stranger, an "alternative" practitioner, about to try to prove my claim that I could stop muscular pain instantly on many patients. These were long time, skeptical, orthodox physicians; some of them were well known. I have their books.  

The results were, I would say, phenomenal. I treated trigger points on each "patient" for 1-5 minutes, about 3 TPs per patient. I treated over 20 patients. I was able to turn off the large majority of TPs in seconds. The majority seemed to get substantial or even total pain relief from long term, chronic conditions. 3 frozen shoulders came way up. Even pain decades old withered away on these docs. 

"Here is a miracle I wouldn't have believed if I wasn't there to witness it. A previously unknown chiropractor delivered a talk about his Pain Neutralization Technique for instantly relieving the pain of trigger points. He claimed to immediately restore motion and eliminate pain. What medical doctor would believe such claims from a chiropractor? I listened with curiosity and healthy skepticism. Then he performed his technique on many of my esteemed colleagues including some very famous ones.   

"The majority got immediate relief, even with very long term chronic problems. It was absolutely incredible! I'll be devoting an issue of my newsletter to his techniques." Robert Rowen, M.D. editor-in- chief, "Second Opinion" newsletter. Santa Rosa, CA. 

"For 9 months, I have suffered with left sacroiliac/lower lumbar pain. With just 1 session of less than 5 minutes (of PNT), my low back pain is 80% better. The next day, it's 90% better. WOW! I gotta learn how to do this stuff!" John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. Humble, Texas, best selling author, "The Yeast  Syndrome." 

"Thank you Dr. Kaufman for the immediate relief you provided me yesterday. I have had continuous back pain since fracturing the transverse process of L1-2-3-4 in 1974. You found the painful point and with P.N.T. the pain was completely gone in a few seconds. It is still gone."  Ted Rozema, M.D., former president, American College for Advancement in Medicine, past president, International College of Integrative Medicine, Landrum, S.C.

 "I've had cervical disc disease for 30 years with restricted range of motion and chronic discomfort on turning my head. In just a few minutes with Dr. Kaufman I'm rotating 90 to either side pain free. (I was also unable to raise my arm) and in minutes I was able to abduct my arm  maximally to 180 with much less pain." Robert M. Battle, M.D. Houston, Texas

 "Dr. Kaufman's presentation was nothing short of fascinating. In a group of physicians and other medical providers, before our eyes he decreased and in some cases eliminated pain that people had for years. My own TMJ was improved in minutes. This non invasive technique is definitely worth trying on patients. It could revolutionize the way we treat chronic conditions." Caroline D. Van Sant-Crowle, M.D.  Palm Harbor, Fl.

 "The mechanism of this treatment (PNT) made sense to me but experiencing the treatment was almost shocking. I had burning C6-7 pain for 3-4 months that resolved in seconds. Without much pressure or coaxing. It just resolved. And it is still gone the next day, by the way."  Dorothy Pedtke, D.O. 

"Dr. Kaufman held a roomful of M.D.s and D.O.s spellbound with his non-invasive techniques to relieve pain instantly. He created a groundswell to invite him back to learn more and more." Terry Chappell, M.D., D.P.L., President, International College of Integrative Medicine, past president American College for Advancement in Medicine, Bluffton, Ohio 

"Dr. Kaufman treated my trap and cervical muscles injured 2 weeks ago. His 60 second treatment completely eliminated my pain. His techniques are phenomenal." Ann Kuenker, D.O. Elk Rapids, MI.

 "Amazing, fast, gentle therapy to relieve pain." Rene V. Blaha, M.D. Lancaster, Ohio

 "After witnessing Dr. Kaufman I treated my wife and her knee pain was markedly improved. This treatment is simple and just plain awesome." John G. Ghuneim, M.D. Saline, MI.

 "I am cautiously optimistic after being briefly treated by Dr. Kaufman. I have had less than 90 abduction in my left shoulder for 10 years, which only intermittently improved with deep tissue massage, muscle energy, acupuncture, fascial release, etc. After less than 10 minutes, I had 115 of abduction, which I still have." Ann McCombs, D.O. Bellevue, WA.

 "Intriguing, excellent results! I am baffled!" Regina Drueding, M.D. Ogden, Utah

  "P.N.T. gave me complete relief of chronic multiple site neck pain within minutes. This has been previously unheard of." Elyse Averdick, Nurse Practitioner

(All these testimonials were written by real practitioners. These are our best testimonials; they may not be typical. Your results will vary; not all practitioners get the same results. These techniques will not work for every patient. Not all musculoskeletal pain is due to trigger points, and not every trigger point on every patient responds to P.N.T. (though in the experience of many of the practitioners who have learned P.N.T., many trigger points do seem to respond.) Several treatments are usually required for lasting results. Although most of the practitioners using these techniques are ecstatic about the results, including D.C.s, L.Ac.s, M.D.s, etc., you won't know until you try it how it will work for you.  However, we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!)

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