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The Extraordinary Events at the American College of Advancement in Medicine in Phoenix on 11/17/07!

Dr. Stephen Kaufman demonstrates his Pain Neutralization Technique, Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks, and the new Pain Elimination Grid to 325 M.D.s.

All hell breaks loose.

This was an unbelievable occasion! The audience of almost 400 M.D.s literally exploded with interest and enthusiasm during the first hour of my talk. When I left the stage and went out into the hall, a mob of physicians (and their wives) descended on me, bombarding me with questions and begging for treatment. I treated them from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 PM, with a short lunch and meditation break. I had to refuse a bunch still on line even at the end of the day. Sorry, folks.

 At my 2nd talk, docs were turned away because the room was overflowing. Maybe we'll get a double room next time. The most important thing: I made a whole bunch of new friends! How else can you do that so quickly?

 Here's what some of them said after a brief 2-3 minute treatment:  

"I'm a third-year medical student. I watched Dr. Kaufman treat upwards of 50 M.D.'s at the ACAM conference.  Immediately after your treatment, each doctor said they felt at least 75 to 80% better, and many of them admitted to close to 100% improvement.  The next day, I was able to ask 12 of them and ask how they were doing since the treatment the day before.  11 of  12 told me they felt much better or amazingly better.  One of the doctors who felt very well said that he had already used the technique to treat his sister that evening and was very gratified with the results." Gerard Pesca, Phoenix, Arizona

“Dr. Kaufman relieved my post surgical pain in right lower quadrant. I had hernia surgery in December of 2001 and since then a nagging pain. It took him about 15-30 seconds to absolutely eradicate it.Bohdan A. Lebedowicz, M.D., internal medicine, Mt Vernon, IL 

“The day after my treatment, my back and sciatic pain disappeared completely for first time in years!” Joseph Rich, M.D., board of directors, A.C.A.M. Knoxville, TN 

“I have endured chronic neck and shoulder pain since 19 years of age, when I chipped a bone in neck at C-5. I feel relief for first time in 15 years (after P.N.T.) This is amazing, amazing, amazing. " Rhonda King, Ft Worth, TX

"My own experience, besides watching the amazing results in others, was that I obtained immediate relief from chronic recurring neck and back pain. It has not returned to this point, 3 days later. Steve Kaufman is a creative genius and genuine healer!" Hyla Cass M.D., board of directors, A.C.A.M. , author of Supplement Your Prescription and Natural Highs Pacific Palisades CA

“This morning, twelve hours after treatment, my arm was pain free for the first time in 2 years. I did not even think about my arm until I was pulling my suitcase this a.m. as I was asked ‘how is your arm?’ It was then that I realized that I was pulling the suitcase with a normal, pain free arm. It’s perfect, for the first time in 2 years!” Gary Klingsberg, D.O., Englewood, NJ

“I have had abdominal pain on and off around the gall bladder since 1991. In just a few minutes Dr. Kaufman reduced my pain dramatically from a constant pain and tightness to neutrality. It's quite impressive.” William Duncan, PhD, advisor to Board of Directors, American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

“I had 3 whiplashes and decreased ROM in my neck even after much chiropractic treatment. Immediately after Dr. Kaufman’s Tx I had increased ROM and felt more relaxed. Wow!! ” Terri Su, M.D., Sebastopol, CA

“I’ve been suffering head, neck, and shoulder pain- there was pretty amazing relief after this treatment.” Alexandre de Luca, Optometrist, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I had an amazing, instantaneous release of infraspinatus trigger points that have never been without pain. I've had 10 neck injuries, 40 years of neck pain and degenerated CS6 disc. Treatment has resulted in immediate relaxation.” Kenneth A Wolkoff, M.D., Park City, UT

“I had chronic neck pain for 30 years due to chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Kaufman did a demonstration on me on my right side, feels so loose now, in +/- 1-2 minutes. Unbelievable! This is amazing work!” Martine Calache, Union City, NJ

“7 years ago I fell off a horse and have had pain along my posterior iliac spine. When pressed, the point burned and my whole body tensed. After about 30 seconds of treatment by Dr. Kaufman, the pain was completely gone and my body was relaxed.”  Karen Rhodes, Enfield, CT

From an upcoming article in Second Opinion Newsletter:  "Here is a true account of what I and at least 40 other doctors witnessed at the ACAM Phoenix November 2007 convention at the hands of Stephen Kaufman, DC. Dr. Kaufman is the man I told you about 2 years ago who developed a healing technique that can permanently free you of nasty chronic pain in 20 seconds. Had I not seen it, I wouldn’t have believed a system based on the most simple body physiology could forever take away your pain. But I wasn’t the only one to witness it. At least 40 doctors either saw or experienced near total relief of pain. No chemicals, no drugs, no injections, no prolotherapy. No lasers, no cracking joints. Just activating the most basic neurological reflex is all it took.

So amazing were the resolutions of intractable problems, that Dr. Kaufman asked for and received written testimonials from most if not all the medical doctors and others that he treated.

After seeing about 40 consecutive resolutions of chronic pain, I feel compelled to tell you again of the remarkable technique of Dr. Kaufman and how it might resolve your chronic pain or even organ dysfunction. It’s so simple that it’s astonishing that the technique is unknown in medical school and largely unknown even to chiropractors. I have no doubt that you will fully understand a neurological reflex that the medical professionals ignore in preference to polluting your body with chemicals. If you are like the dozens of physicians I witnessed, you’ll be likely to exclaim, “wow, that’s amazing”, or “I just can’t believe it”.

An MD from Colorado watched the multitudes. He was suffering from a tennis elbow that did not respond to prolo therapy injections. He applied the technique that Dr. Kaufman taught in the workshop. In 20 seconds, his tennis elbow was gone.

Sometimes the most profound cures come from the simplest interventions. PNT could not be more simple. Just activating your body’s normal physiological reflexes can completely cure you of intractable pain. I’ve brought you information on prolotherapy, neural therapy, wonderful healing contraptions like cold lasers. But here is a laying on of hands technique that cures the multitudes, not with prayer, but resetting their nervous system reflexes. It just cannot get better than that, especially if you are leery of so called “laying on of hands.” Robert Jay Rowen, MD, editor in chief

“After treatment (with P.N.T.) I was able to breathe much more easily and completely.” Alan Dumoff, attorney for A.C.A.M., Gaithersburg, MD

 “I had pain in the right lumbrosacral area for years. I felt immediate relief after P.N.T.” Michael B. Schachter, M.D., Airmont, NY

 “I had a chronic iliopsoas syndrome from previous abdominal surgery with chronic abdominal pain in right upper and lower abdominal area. It was relieved in one treatment (with P.N.T.)!” James A. Novak, M.D., San Diego, CA

“My cervical ROM expanded (after P.N.T.) I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and balance after the treatment. The next day I was remarkably better. My neck now moves fluidly. I usually wake up with a stiff and sore neck (for the past 5 years). Not today!" Beth McDougall, M.D., Mill Valley, CA

“Obviously, you were a great success at ACAM. I couldn’t even get in through the door at your evening session. The audience loved you, and that's what's important.” Terry Chappell, M.D., Bluffton, OH, president, International College of Integrative Medicine, past president American College for Advancement in Medicine, Bluffton, Ohio

“I've had calf achiness bilaterally for 20 years. After using P.N.T.  my left calf trigger point tenderness released a lot of tenderness. Dr. Kaufman treated my left calf and hamstring. He found a tender trigger point on front of my leg. After treating it, the calf seems to feel better on re-palpation! Thank you!” Dr. Fred Hui, M.D., past President, Acupuncture Foundation of Canada, Toronto, Canada

“I had a  severe neck injury 10 years ago and re injured with whiplash months ago. Recently I've had bad rhomboid cramping. After P.N.T.: I have no pain! Helen Watt, M.D., Cave Creek, AZ

I fell out of the back of a station wagon 35 years ago on my tailbone. I fell onto a shoe 20 years ago. I've had pain daily, sitting. I no longer have pain after P.N.T.” Linda Reed, Tucson, AZ

“I'm 75 years-old, I've had  longstanding pain in my posterior neck and arm. I had prompt relief with (P.N.T.)!”  Warren Levin, M.D., Vienna, VA

“I've had a neck problem for more than 10 years. After P.N.T. the tender point was gone in a second. It was fantastic!” Nalinee Sutthipisal, M.D., dermatologist, Bangkok, Thailand

P.N.T. relieved my migraine by 80% in minutes. All nausea was gone after  the treatment. Thank you.” Varsha Rathod, M.D., rheumatologist, St Louis, MO.

“I've had cervical pain for 10 years. Dr. Kaufman palpated the correct area in my neck and in 6 seconds the pain was 60% better. I felt the pain relief down into the shoulder as well. I have not had relief from any other techniques. Wow, this is great!!Debra Muth, N.D., N.P., Palmyra, WI

“I've had pain in the neck for at least 1 year. I had an automobile accident 2 months ago and since then I've had pain across base of skull. Pain radiated to trapezius area and supraspinatus and SCM. The pain decreased a lot after P.N.T.! I owe you one!!” Neil Rosen, M.D., Shrewsbury, NJ

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