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There is no “typical” user of our products and therefore citing generally expected results is difficult if not impossible. We’ve made a good faith effort to share the actual experiences of our doctors and their patients. Every practitioner (D.C., L.Ac, M.D., P.T.,N.D. and L.M.T.) is unique in terms of their background , training, and understanding. Each will apply the procedures in their own unique way. Every patient is also individual in how they will respond to treatment.

Our general impression is that most doctors find the techniques easy to learn and apply from watching the DVDs, and easy on the doctor. Many of their patients with chronic and acute pain will show improvement from these techniques. A few doctors are not able to successfully apply the techniques, and they don’t see improvement in their patients. Some patients do not respond at all. These are some of our best testimonials, and may not be typical; your results will vary.

All techniques taught are for the practitioner's information and consideration only; it is up to you as the practitioner to decide in any case when they may be applicable, and how they may be applied. I  can not be responsible for how these techniques are applied to any particular patient. All such applications are solely the responsibility of the individual practitioner. I am not able to personally monitor or suggest their use in any individual case. Always use very, very light pressure. In no event shall Stephen Kaufman, D.C. or Kaufman Technique ,LLC be liable for any injury or  damages arising from the use of any techniques or nutritional products presented or discussed on the DVDs or at seminars. 

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