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The Miracles in Portland on

Feb. 23- 24, 2007 


"Thank you for fixing my shoulder! For 40 years I have barely been able to move my shoulder. It has dislocated easily with even moderate movement, and always been accompanied by sharp pain. After one PNT treatment it is now almost normal with full range of motion; I can even swing it above my head. After 40 years of grief it's a great relief. Rarely does one encounter a technique that fulfills the promise of chiropractic to relieve human suffering and restore health by the use of the hands only. As an old school chiropractor I was moved to tears by Stephen's offering. A great gift! " Terry Hovey, D.C., D.I.B.A.K., Yachats, OR 

"My right shoulder and neck have had constant pain due to my occupation (video cameraman for 25 years.) Dr. Kaufman's technique immediately released most of the pain and tension. I am amazed and thankful. I was really having a hard time shooting (recording) his morning session due to this pain and the afternoon session is going to go a lot better!! Thanks!" Rick Hines, Portland, OR 

"I'm a student at Western States Chiropractic College. We spend a lot of time learning 'Evidence Based' medicine. There is no better evidence than the evidence you experience first hand. My hip and low back have been hurting for about 5 years, causing me to experience excruciating pain. Dr Kaufman's PNT technique offered instant relief -thanks!" Jason Young, Portland, OR 

"I had a MVA 1.5 years ago. I hit a cow and she came through the windshield. I have had severe headache, neck pain, TMJ, teeth grinding, upper back pain constantly. After treatment with Dr. Kaufman, the TMJ and headache pain were totally gone, and remained gone the next day. Thank you!" Rebeccca Cannon, D.C., Heppner, OR 

"I have had neck and shoulder pain for 25 years after I fell off a motorcycle going 35 mph. After PNT treatment my neck and shoulder pain is gone. I felt different, almost euphoric after the treatment. I never felt like that after any other treatment." Eileen Machida, D.C.Charlotte, NC 

"The PNT is simply awesome. My shoulder has not felt this good in years. I was afraid my condition would get worse and eventually need surgery. IAfter 5 minutes of therapy by Dr. Kaufman my neck pain/shoulder pain became significantly less and overall I feel my shoulder and neck 'heaviness' is gone. I finally found a non-force technique that I can use on my patients and feel confident it will work. Thanks, Dr. Kaufman. PS: I almost purchased a laser unit to on T.P./Pain on myself and patients. I now believe I don't need a laser unit that may become obsolete later be out $5,000!" Leif Choi, D.C., Beaverton, OR   

"When Dr. Kaufman applied the technique the relief was so immediate I had to wait a few moments and focus on the spot to be certain I was feeling what I was feeling--or what I was not feeling any longer, if you get my meaning. A series of sports injuries and auto accidents beginning at age 7 have left me, at age 56, with daily bouts of neck pain, limited range of motion and inability to hold my head in one position for any length of time. Years of adjustments, acupuncture, massage and yoga brought only temporary relief. Dr. Kaufman's treatment resulted in almost instant relief of muscle pain and normal, full range of motion. Many thanks for an exciting new and very effective modality." Bob Ratzow, D.C. Portland, OR 

"Your technique 'neutralized' the pain in my practice that comes from not knowing what to do with chronic patients." David Reneau, D.C., Myrtle Creek, OR 

"I have had tenderness over L4-5 spinal processes for about 5 years. With Pain Neutralization Technique, this went away after 20 seconds. Awesome. Gone is great!!" Kelly Yakinchuk, D.C., Portland, OR 

"At 68 years of age, I was resigned to accepting restricted cervical range of 45 degrees or less of rotation in either direction. In less than two minutes, you increased that range to 70 degrees or better in both directions. Awesome! Truly, your work resurrects the classic chiropractic paradigm, 'find it, fix it, leave it alone. Quick and easy is good! At my age, not only good, but better!"  Art Walker, D.C., Portland, OR 

"I've had left shoulder pain with limited motion on and off for several years. It has been easily aggravated by most any activity and especially by adjusting cervicals. You tried two maneuvers and the second, immediately resolved the pain and provided full range of motion. Wow! That's amazing!" Art Walker, D.C., Portland, OR 

"I've had neck pain and limited ROM for several years with significant disc disease likely due to several head-on collisions playing football in H.S. and college. I had continuous aching pain with rotation and LF and sharp pain at end range which was about 30-45 degrees in rotation and 10-15 degrees in LF. Dr. Kaufman treated me for a few minutes and ROM increased to nearly 90 degrees bilaterally in rotation with about 75% reduction in pain--and no sharp pain. Thank you, Dr. Kaufman." Don Wheatley, D.C., Portland, OR 

"My right shoulder has been sore for several months from overuse. I had pain on raising my arm overhead laterally and bringing the arm across my body. After PNT I had immediate increase in ROM and decrease in pain on raising my arm." Lloyd Nelson, D.C., Baker City, OR 

"My neck pain and mild nagging left radicular pain improved and cervical ROM increased 60-70 degrees immediately after PNT" Tim Hubbard, D.C., Sherwood, OR 

"I have a left Piriformis Syndrome giving me left S1-S2 pain and dyesthesia to the lateral foot and heel. After treatment by Dr. Kaufman I have improved about 80%. Thank you!" Daniel Beeson, D.C., Portland, OR 

"During the last week since the Oregon seminar I have used your techniques multiple times. Some results were good enough to elicit responses such as "Itís a miracle" and "thatís amazing". Thank you for putting more fun into my practice." Sally Green, DC, LAc. Portland, OR.

Of course, these techniques will not work on every patient. These are our best testimonials, and are not typical of  every case. But we do guarantee that you are delighted with the results you get, or your money back.


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