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The Truth About Pain Neutralization Technique:

What the Michigan Chiropractic Society

Had to Say on April 22, 2006. 


"You have saved my practice! I am soooo excited about your technique, I am on fire! My second day back and already thinking about moving to a bigger place, more room, more parking. Everyone wants to bring their best friend to me to fix them. OH MY GOD! You've created a monster! Thank you so much. I was also very impressed with the relief I received for spinal tenderness of L5. It works! It was immediate!" Bill McCullough, D.C. Petoskey, MI.

 "I was in an auto accident 5 months ago which left me with bilateral hand pain, limited cervical ROM w/ pain, right shoulder pain, and constant pressure in my lower cervicals. After treatment at the seminar I have no shoulder pain, increased ROM, very small amount of pressure on lower cervical spine and my hands feel improved. The pains I listed are the ones left over after 5 months of chiropractic treatment. 2 weeks ago a surgical consultation was recommended. After your treatment today, I am 95% improved. Thermography also shows a huge improvement." George Freeland, D.C. Sparta, MI.

 "I have had a strong trigger point in my left trapezius are for at least 15 years. Dr. Kaufman released it and I noticed immediate relief! This is fantastic stuff!" Sheila M. Cummings, D.C. Ann Arbor, MI.

 "The last 4 months I woke up every morning with bilateral hand numbness. Fearing surgery, I tried several chiropractors, rehab, traction, without relief. After being treated by Dr. Kaufman, I awoke the next day for the first time without any numbness! Incredible! My neck hasn't felt this good in years! With my new knowledge, I look forward to a new start with my career! Thanks, Dr. Kaufman! Wow!"  Gary Sclabassi, D.C., C.P.T. Walled Lake, MI.

 "I am impressed with the results obtained at the seminar in Michigan on myself and other colleagues. I witnessed pain vanishing in people in 30 seconds to a minute who have been suffering for years with debilitating pain. Great!" Glenn Miller, D.C. Ann Arbor, MI. 

"Total pain relief and remarkable increase in ROM from lower neck, upper back, shoulder blade pain." Neil Kolle, D.C. Redford, MI. 

"I had an L4 and L5 disc rupture 5 years ago, and spinal surgery 3 1/2 years ago. I have not  practiced for 5 years. After treatment--feeling came back in  my left leg that has been gone for 5 years. I'm walking with ease--I'm not used to that." Brian Pulver, D.C. Williamsburg, MI.

 "An MRI shows herniation on my L3 to L5 discs. I have had low back pain--right sciatica for the past 2 years intermittently. Dr. Kaufman treated me at the seminar, and I felt instant relief." Robert L. Fish, D.C., Jackson, MI 

"I have had severe pain in my hip, leg and knee for 2 years. Just one treatment from my chiropractor (Dr. Neal Kolle) after attending Dr. K's seminar, and the pain was reduced to a minimal ache and I could walk without a limp. Thank you. There is hope." Cheryl A. Howard Redford, MI.

 "I am also a symptom-based chiropractor with 22 years of muscle work a la Nimmo, myofascial release, Prudden, Travell, neuromuscular re-education, AK, BEST, etc. etc. The speedy and relatively effortless release of my right psoas at the seminar was most fascinating. Must find out more about this!" George R. Meluch, D.C. Haslett, MI.

 "The treatment was amazing. I have (severe) heartburn, and a lot of thoracic pain. I have a very difficult time laying on my back. Within 3 minutes it was gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Renee Elias, D.C. Gaylord, MI.

 "I went back to my hotel and adjusted both my C.A. and my associate doctor using the techniques I learned in your class yesterday. The results were both fast and amazing. I felt the locked areas unlock and range of motion return. On recheck the next morning they both retained their corrections to a much higher degree than normal. I'm impressed." William D. Karl, D.C. Westland, MI.

 "In just a very short treatment with Dr. Kaufman, my ROM in my left shoulder was improved dramatically." Miguel M . Ruelan, Jr., D.C. Flushing, MI.

 "I am impressed by your techniques and the results that are achieved through them." Daniel R. Woodruff, D.C. Gaylord, MI

 "I woke up this morning to tension and pain in my right upper neck and this typically will progress into a headache. After Dr. Kaufman performed PNT, my neck tension was gone, I had no pain nor did I get a headache." Ryan Kolle, D.C. Traverse City, MI.  

Of course, these techniques will not work on every patient. These are our best testimonials, and are not typical of  every case. But we do guarantee that you are delighted with the results you get, or your money back.


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