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"Mysterious Pain Neutralization Technique™ Astonishes 325 M.D.s in Phoenix and 58 M.D.s in Chicago As Chiropractor Eliminates Chronic Pain In Seconds on One After the Other, Using Light Pressure on Newly Uncovered Neurological Reflexes."          

 They actually called it "a miracle!" "Revolutionary!" "Phenomenal!

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These M.D.s laughed when I told them they could stop chronic pain instantly, with just their fingertips.

But then in Phoenix I stopped pain in seconds on over 60 doctors. In Chicago I did it on 22 of them, one right after the other. In Detroit 84 M.D.s were amazed.

And of course thousands of D.C.s, L.Acs, and P.T.s in Colorado. Michigan. Texas. Utah. Ohio. Oklahoma. Oregon. Nevada.

225 Naturopathic Physicians in Seattle.

         Without Electronic Instruments, Drugs or Needles. 

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"Here's a miracle I wouldn't have believed if I wasn't there to witness it. A previously unknown chiropractor delivered a talk about his Pain Neutralization Technique for relieving the pain of trigger points. He maintained he could rapidly restore motion and eliminate pain. What medical doctor would believe such a report from a chiropractor? I listened with curiosity and healthy skepticism. Then he performed his technique on many of my esteemed colleagues including some very famous ones.   

"The majority got rapid relief, even with very long term chronic problems. It was absolutely incredible! I've devoted an issue of my newsletter to his techniques." Robert Rowen, M.D. editor-in- chief, "Second Opinion" newsletter. Santa Rosa, CA. (See below for a link to this full report and many others!)

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Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C.

My name is Dr. Stephen Kaufman. When I was in school, I saw many students getting adjusted every day, sometimes several times a day, and yet they STILL had constant chronic pain. I myself had chronic neck and low back pain, in spite of frequent chiropractic treatment. Although I've seen many patients helped by chiropractic care, many more were not, at least not long term.

I started treating trigger points and myofascial pain many years ago. (A trigger point is an area in a muscle that's painful when pressed; it very often causes a patient's pain or other symptoms.) I was often frustrated when patients came in with severe pain. I soon found that if I couldn't help their pain quickly they would go somewhere else. Other patients would stay with me for years and I grew to like them, but I felt guilty when I didn't really make a change in their chronic pain.

I always wondered if there weren't something like a "magic switch" that could turn off trigger points and the pain they cause like a light. In 1989 I set out on a research project to find this "Holy Grail". The goal: find some way to easily turn off trigger points and pain on the spot, by removing the cause, using only light pressure on neurological reflexes. It took more than a decade, but I've now developed numerous procedures that seem to do just that, in many cases. No devices or products are involved, only soft tissue reflexes.

One day I accidentally observed after doing a neurological reflex on a patient that an upper trapezius trigger point that she had for 20 years immediately disappeared. On follow up visits it never returned. I applied this and other techniques to many patients and found they consistently eliminated chronic and acute trigger points, usually in seconds. Often the patient's chronic and acute pain and other symptoms vanished, as well.

I've discovered  a series of techniques that combine several simple, standard neurological reflexes that often quickly change the tone in a painful muscle, eliminating many chronic exquisitely painful areas and symptoms. The doctors and practitioners (D.C.s, L.Acs, M.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, N.D.s and body workers) who have taken my course on Pain Neutralization Techniques™ (P.N.T.) acclaim this as a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain. Many of these doctors have extensive training in most of the other healing techniques taught. Most have practiced for decades.

Now YOU can learn these techniques, easily, at home, from DVDs. These techniques are NEW, and NOT similar to the techniques of Nimmo, Travell, Rolfing, deep tissue work, strain counter strain, or any other method of treating trigger points or "myofascial release" procedures!

My toughest challenge: a group of 325 skeptical M.D.s. 

I recently gave a demo of Pain Neutralization Technique to a group of 400 well known holistic M.D.s and D.O.s in Phoenix, the American College for Advancement on Medicine. In Chicago, and  then again in Troy, Michigan, I demonstrated for over 140 M.D.s at the International College of Integrative Medicine. I was understandably nervous. Here I was, a stranger, an "alternative" practitioner, about to try to prove my statement that I could stop muscular pain on many patients. These were long time, skeptical, orthodox physicians; some of them were well known.

The results were phenomenal. I treated each "patient" for 1-3 minutes. I treated over 60 patients. I was able to turn off the large majority of trigger points on stage, in front of the crowd. The majority seemed to get substantial or even total pain relief from long term, chronic conditions. 3 frozen shoulders came way up. Even pain decades old withered away on these docs. Of course, not every patient responds. Although many of these doctors report dramatic results after one treatment, most patients need several treatments for lasting benefit.

A word about pain: although many report rapid improvement in pain, these procedures do NOT just cover up pain! They work in many cases by correcting the cause of the chronic or acute pain, which is often muscular dysfunction. Our procedures are NOT THE SAME as any other technique!!! They are completely DIFFERENT from Nimmo, Travell, myofascial release, strain counter strain, or any other type of treatment! They are a totally new approach to turning off the problem, not covering it up!

Listen, you may not like testimonials, but how else can I possibly convince you of the amazing things we've seen? Please read what doctors at our seminars say:

(Note about testimonials: There is no “typical” user of our products and therefore citing generally expected results is difficult if not impossible. We’ve made a good faith effort to share the actual experiences of our doctors and their patients. Every practitioner (D.C., L.Ac, M.D., P.T.,N.D. and L.M.T.) is unique in terms of their background , training, and understanding. Each will apply the procedures in their own unique way. Every patient is also individual in how they will respond to treatment. )

“I've had pain for over 20 years at the C7-T1 level that resolved in minutes after treatment at the June Boot Camp. I also had bilateral hip pain for months that I thought was from DJD, but x-ray did not show any degenerative changes. I was having trouble walking. After 1 brief treatment the pain was gone; I have no more hip pain. One year follow up: the pain never returned!Terry Williams, D.C. Ft Lupton, CO. 


"2 weeks after I attended the 6/10 Boot Camp, I held a seminar to introduce the techniques I learned from Dr.  Kaufman.  I bravely decided to take my chances by asking for volunteers from the audience to see if I could relieve their pain from tender trigger points.  A dozen people volunteered to put me on the spot.  To my amazement, to the patients’ amazement, to the audience’s amazement, every person who volunteered reported complete relief of tenderness after less than a minute of treatment. 

 "I don’t expect 100% effectiveness in the future, but I trust these treatments to melt away my patients’ trigger points and substantially improve the quality of each of their lives.”  Terry Chappell, M. D. Blufton, Ohio. Past president, American College for Advancement in Medicine, founder, International College of Integrative Medicine, and one of the pioneers and leading practitioners of alternative medicine and chelation therapy.

“Wow” doesn’t begin to cover the relief I feel (after PNT treatment)! I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and had decompression surgery in 2002. 4 years later, I had 2 cervical disc surgeries. Though the more serious neurological symptoms are controlled, I’ve had daily headaches, neck stiffness, and chronic cervical pain since then. Regular physical therapy, deep tissue massage, and medication helped somewhat, but any relief was temporary.


“One treatment (with the P.N.T. techniques) has relieved the painful stiffness and limited range of motion of the past 10 years!! My father (also a physician) had hopes of a small miracle (from P.N.T.) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! My family medicine practice has many chronic pain patients. I hope I can afford them even a fraction of the relief I feel from the P.N.T. techniques.” Rhodora Kabatay- Lee Ho, M.D. (family practice), Pekin, Illinois

“I had a patient with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and arachnoiditis since 1992. She was down to 97 lbs, in severe pain, and barely functioning.  She’d had both knees replaced, the left one twice, bringing on the RSD.  Her pain management specialist inserted a neurostimulator in her back surgically to help block the extreme pain.  The strongest pain medication didn’t help.  She couldn’t stand for anyone to even lay a hand on her legs.  Using PNT, I was able to eliminate almost 100% of the pain in her legs in a couple of treatments, and the best part is that it held!” Don Gay, D.C. Florence, CO.


“I've had chronic C5-6 pain since my mare dumped me in the pasture on my head 50 years ago. At the ACAM meeting in Phoenix, 2007, the pain was relieved almost completely that day and has remained so for over 6 months. At the Denver Boot Camp, I had chronic medical epicondylitis of the right elbow relieved by one treatment.”  George R. Watson, D.O., Wichita, KS.


 "Once you started showing the techniques I gasped. "Oh my God, he could teach 3rd graders to be healers. The techniques are so astoundingly simple, yet profoundly effective. It's a revolution in healing. I could see its application in class but once I got back to work the reality set in. Before I was starting to feel like a mechanic, cranking and twisting, popping and pulling. Now I feel like a magician, waving a magic wand." Chris Tusken, D.C.,  Loveland, CO


 "Thank you Dr. Kaufman for the relief you provided me yesterday. I've had continuous back pain since fracturing the transverse process of L1-2-3-4 in 1974. With P.N.T. the pain was gone. It is still gone." Follow up 18 months later: the pain never came back after that treatment!  Ted Rozema, M.D., former president, American College for Advancement in Medicine, past president, International College of Integrative Medicine, Landrum, S.C.

“The Pain Neutralization Techniques are incredible, this is so much fun to see the look on people’s faces when you shut down a major pain.  Almost too many cases to list.  I thank you.”  Kerry Randa, D.C. Loveland, CO. 


 "I'm a 3rd-year medical student, and a naturopathic physician. I watched Dr. Kaufman treat upwards of 50 M.D.'s at the ACAM conference.  Immediately after treatment, each doctor said they felt largely better, and many of them admitted to full improvement.  The next day, I was able to ask 12 of them and ask how they were doing since the treatment the day before.  11 of 12 told me they felt much better or amazingly better." Gerard Pesca, N.D. Phoenix, Arizona

 "Dr Kaufman’s techniques are so simple and effective, they'll turn even the most chronic skeptic into a believer. I work in a high volume clinic seeing between 160-190 patients/week and we use the techniques on almost every patient. How effective are they? Well, we're booked 3 weeks out now and have patients begging to be seen. Learn the techniques and start getting the results you've always dreamed about!” Joseph Giacona, LAc., Brooklyn, NY


M.D. Pain Management Specialist Gets Phenomenal Results Using The Pain Neutralization™ and Sclerotome Deep Pain Techniques™!

 "I've treated over 200 people using the P.N.T. and the Sclerotome Techniques.  The most frequent response from patients is "that's amazing".  I've only failed a few times to alleviate or improve folks.  I'm so excited- I've been practicing manual medicine now for over 15 years and have been searching for an easy, fast acting and effective technique. P.N.T. is the answer, and needs to be used by anyone treating pain. 

 "I've been able to relieve headaches, neck and low back pain, frozen shoulders, joint pain, jaw pain, carpal tunnel and radiculopathy right away.  This discovery of how to use these well researched reflexes to relieve pain is nothing short of transformational for both patients and practitioner alike.

 "I've had osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral, and myofascial work and education by the best practitioners on the planet. Yet P.N.T. and associated techniques are the most effective, immediate, and long lasting techniques I've ever experienced, seen or used on patients."  John R. Baird, M.D., Diplomate, American Academy Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, former associate professor University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, physiatrist,  Louisville, KY.


"After watching the first few P.N.T. DVD’s, I treated a patient with sciatica and low back pain. After a minute she exclaimed, “What did you do to me?” Not only had the chronic back pain gone away but her leg was no longer feeling numb.  One treatment! I saw her about a month later and the sciatica had not returned. I was just as surprised as she was!” Jannice Bowler, M.D. Vancouver Island, British Columbia


“After utilizing the basic PNT protocol from the DVDs on my local pain specialist M.D., he has been so impressed with the results he’s referred up to 5 patients a day to my practice! He has been to many other pain specialists in other areas of the country and locally with no results. After only a few PNT treatments, he is comfortable at work as well as other activities.” Brian Osborne L.Ac., Plattsburgh, NY


“Not only were the results on other patients/physicians stunning, but also the treatment I had at the boot camp: in 2-3 seconds, all of my own trigger points and facet pain disappeared! “It’s amazing!” and “It’s gone!” are exactly what I hear from my own patients: it’s a hoot!

"I had a patient with myeloma (cancer) of the jaw. He'd had trouble swallowing, severe pain, couldn't use his eye properly after radiation and chemo. With a treatment of less than a minute, all the pain and other symptoms disappeared. And the results lasted almost 2 years! Then I repeated the treatment, with the same results.

"Using your techniques I’ve gotten rid of a world of migraines. When your patient looks at you and their pain is gone, you know you’ve done something. I had a patient with pancreatic cancer, in severe pain- in a minute it was gone.

"I had a patient who was 6’8”, with pain in the legs so severe he could barely stand. I removed the pain in 60 seconds. I had a couple of cases of cancer of the jaw- the pain stopped in a minute. Had a case of numbness for 6 months- the patient couldn’t swallow easily. It resolved after treatment! I’m amazed!

"Your techniques have added a HUGE new dimension to my practice; they put the fun back in, after 43 years.David Walsh M.D., Pain Management Specialist, diplomat, American Board of Pain Medicine; diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology, Mobile, AL. DR. WALSH IS UNABLE TO ACCEPT NEW PATIENTS. PLEASE DO NOT CALL HIS OFFICE.

"Dr. Kaufman held a roomful of M.D.s and D.O.s spellbound with his non-invasive techniques to relieve pain right away. Immediately after the ICIM conference I came home to treat my wife's knees. She is now sleeping pain free for the first time since last spring. Much obliged! Dr. K. also treated my sister yesterday for plantar fasciitis, a condition that has caused her considerable pain for about six months. Today she has no pain at all. I've found the techniques very effective in my own practice." Terry Chappell, Chappell, M.D., president, International College of Integrative Medicine, past president American College for Advancement in Medicine, Bluffton, Ohio

A note about our use of testimonials: We have received several hundred positive reports from practitioners. All of these are from real doctors, in real cities; we don't pay for these. Reports such as these do not constitute scientific evidence, but are indicative of the effects many doctors have observed. The testimonials here are some of our best reports, and may not be typical.

Fortunately, you are completely protected by our 100% money back guarantee (see details below). If you are not delighted with the results you get on your patients, simply send them back within 60 days for a full refund.

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I know you go to a bunch of seminars and learn tons of techniques. Even so, I 100% guarantee you've never seen a program quite as potent as these procedures. You must be absolutely delighted with the extraordinary results you'll get from ANY of our DVDs, your patients must thank you for learning them, or your money back! Try 'em; if you don't like 'em, send 'em back within 60 days, and we'll promptly refund  your money (minus shipping, of course). What could possibly be more fair?"

Let me ask you, who else guarantees their techniques? Obviously, I’m extremely confident our material will blow you away, or I wouldn’t make you such an outrageous offer. No one else does this! Hey, let's be real here. I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't make you this offer if there was much of a risk for me. The truth is, almost no one has ever asked for a refund!

The risk is mine, not yours. We want happy customers!  If you're not ecstatic with the material, send 'em back within 60 days. You don't need a note from your mom.

NO hassles, NO questions,  NO hoops to jump through, NO long form to fill out. NO explanation needed. If you and your patients are not completely thrilled with the ground breaking techniques you learn here, just return the DVDs and notes within 60 days and ask me for a refund and you'll immediately get back every penny (minus shipping, of course).

I can't guarantee the techniques will work for you since I don't know you or your patients. Many doctors have reported results like you read about on this page, but there are exceptions. The techniques have worked for so many people but who knows? It might be different for you. But I can absolutely guarantee you'll be delighted with this class, or your money back.

So there's ABSOLUTELY ZERO risk to you to learn these amazing techniques. The only risk is by NOT watching these DVDs and missing out on adding these procedures to your practice. What does it cost you every time a patient quits because you couldn’t help their pain?

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Let's say you discovered some techniques that were amazingly effective- many practitioners were excited about them, and wrote you astonishing reports about them. How would you get the word out? Wouldn't you want to tell others about these reports? 


WARNING! The reports you're about to read may sound too good to be true. Of course, none of these techniques will work on every patient. Remember, by federal law, I can only publish true testimonials, and I have to honor my 100% money back guarantee. Even if by some chance I didn't issue a refund (which has never happened),  you could always cancel your credit card payment. So you have absolutely nothing to lose.


You can even pay in 3 monthly payments!


What If YOU Could Almost Magically Relieve Pain With Just Your Fingertips, In Seconds, By Erasing Trigger Points?

Isn't this what chiropractic and acupuncture are SUPPOSED to do?

Many of these D.C.s, L.Acs, M.D.s, D.O.s, N.D.s and P.T.s report just that!

Most patients with musculoskeletal pain have numerous, painful trigger areas in their muscles. Many have painful or restricted range of motion. Imagine the delight of your patients when they stand up and hug you after you've relieved pain they've had for years!

Try this test on your next 10 patients.

Forgotten all you've ever learned about muscles and neurology? No sweat!!  You'll learn everything you need in this class! This is so simple (and FUN) a 14 year old can learn to apply the techniques in minutes.

You'll discover how to neutralize painful areas in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine and pelvis, and the abdomen.

Even a child could learn these techniques in minutes. Chiropractors, M.D.s, acupuncturists, N.D.s, osteopaths,  and body workers have mastered this whole set of procedures after watching the first few DVDs.

Too good to be true?

These reports are from many well known M.D.s, D.C.s, L.Acs, etc- many are famous authors. How long do you think I'd be in business if I were making them up?

"I’d given my notice of retirement to the clinic where I work. After many years of health issues, multiple surgeries, then a rear end accident that severely injured my right hand/ thumb I was resigned to retiring and going on Disability. I was depressed, emotionally crushed.

“At the June 2011 seminar, Dr. Kaufman treated me with the Mandibular Reflex Technique. I was amazed at the immediate release of pain in the upper traps and my rib cage. What blew me away though was the fact that as I went to go sit down, I realized that the horrendous pain I had in my thumbs (which I had told Dr. K nothing about) was gone. Totally gone.

“For over 1 ½ years I had continuously dealt with this pain. It caused me to limit bodywork to one session a day, to get sometimes daily chiro adjustments, and use the laser therapy at the office several times a week. The only medical option given to me was to give up bodywork.

“The pain stayed away completely for 4 days. It was significantly diminished when it returned somewhat, and as time went on it again eased to the point that I’d have to remind my self that I’d ever been injured. I withdrew my retirement notice, went back to work, and increased my bodywork hours. The P.N.T. techniques are amazing. I’ve found that at least 95% of my clientele benefit from P.N.T. Update 9 months later: I'm still back at work! And my practiced has increased 300% since my first P.N.T. seminar!”  Peggy Gray, R.M.T., Colorado Springs, CO.

 Physician Goes on P.N.T. Rampage at the world famous Tahoma Clinic, with astonishing and addictive results!

 Gaston Cornu-Labat, M.D. is a holistic physician and surgeon, from Dr. Jonathan Wright’s Tahoma Clinic in Seattle, WA.  He attended the Oct. 2012 P.N.T./ Sclerotome Mentor Class, and said:

 "As soon as I got home from the class I went on a pain neutralization rampage with the clinic employees and practitioners. This rampage lasted 3 days and I treated about 30 people in between my scheduled work.

 "The results are so astonishing I feel like a big kid in a big candy store. The results are so immediate and the technique so gentle that I find it addictive, I can’t stop using it. For the last 20 years, until I joined the Tahoma Clinic and expanded my horizons, my specialty has been general surgery.

 "My career has certainly been gratifying, but in essence, to relieve pain and suffering, I have to cause pain and suffering. This has been very present in my mind all these years. Now in many instances I don’t have to. For me, as a healer, this is huge! What you have made available is mind boggling.

"One of our MA’s had a couple of fractures and 4 subsequent surgeries in her right ankle about 10 years ago. She was told by her doctors that she would live with pain for the rest of her life and that it would keep getting worse. Pain pills would be the only option. She has lived with daily pain all this time. It’s been 3 days now, the first 3 days in the last ten years that she has had no pain at all after I did some of the P.N.T. techniques on her..

"One of our receptionists has been dealing with carpal tunnel and epicondilitis symptoms for 6 months. I used the same combination of techniques on her and when I asked her about it a couple of days later she said “Oh! I had forgotten about it!”

"Both of them gave testimony at our doctors meeting this week when I had to present my results from the seminar. This certainly had an impact and I’ve treated 4 of our practitioners since then. Two more are lined up waiting.

 "Another patient had 3 years of knee pain after meniscus surgery and now is pain free after treating her with P.N.T. in a 20 minute session.

 "During the seminar I felt a little overwhelmed by the significance of P.N.T. that I immediately saw. On the other hand, the techniques were given in such an “organic” way that I was able to start hands on pain neutralization as soon as I got back to the Tahoma Clinic even without reviewing my notes and DVDs.Gaston Cornu-Labat, M.D. Holistic Physician and Surgeon, Tahoma Clinic Seattle, WA

"I am The Worst at writing testimonials. This is because I’m too busy to write you a testimonial for every patient who is a success story, since that would be every patient I’ve treated since I started studying your work 6 or 7 years ago. I do not adjust or manipulate in any way - - I use only your techniques.

 "Of course there are the flashy “hero” patients: the spina bifida occulta patient, told she could never conceive a child, who carried a full-term, healthy baby after she received treatment with Kaufman Techniques; the patient born with all her abdominal organs on the outside of her body who endured multiple surgeries as a child and had constant pain all her life - - pain free after Abdominal PNT; several ptosed kidney patients helped with the psosas release and lift; 5 different knee replacement patients, all with post-surgical RSD, all of whom had relief from pain with a variety of Kaufman Techniques; and many many more.

 "But for me the truly amazing aspect of your work is how it helps my all-day every day patients.  I practice in a ski resort town. I see a lot of knees, shoulders, concussions, whiplashes, low backs, groin pulls, and post-surgical discectomies, laminectomies, fusions, fractures, and the rest of the mayhem that goes with a population of extreme sports fanatics and World Cup teenagers.

 "I know you always say that these techniques don’t work on everyone, but in 6 or 7 years of using your work I have never (that’s never) had a patient whose pain I could not neutralize using one or more of your many terrific techniques.

 "So I know this doesn’t follow your general testimonial format, but so far, in my personal experience, every patient I’ve ever treated with your techniques has had a personal miracle of pain and dysfunction relief that meant a lot to them and me – they are all testimonials to the efficacy of your work."  Valentina Lert, D.C. Telluride, CO

“I was excited to try the PNT techniques on my mom. She has bulging discs in her neck and her low back is fused. For the last 5 years she has suffered from searing nerve pain and pain down her arms. With one brief treatment her pain was gone!” Kara Turner, L.M.T. Denver, CO.



"I've had pain/dysfunction in my right wrist for over a year and a half. I was pessimistic, having had many different musculoskeletal treatments for this, which were unsuccessful. However, with one treatment with Dr. Kaufman’s PNT my pain has gone and my wrist is back to functioning normally. I've not been able to do a pushup for 18 months, and now I can. Many thanks. I cannot speak or recommend more highly this technique." Dr. Theo Peters M.D., D.O., Diplomate, British Medical Acupuncture Society, Specialist National Health Service Consultant in  Musculoskeletal Medicine at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. MSK Specialist, Primary Care Rheumatology Society, author. Arundel, England

Why You Really, Really Want to Learn Pain Neutralization Technique on DVD- Right Now!

"For 9 months, I've suffered with left sacroiliac/lower lumbar pain. With just 1 session of less than 5 minutes (of PNT), my low back pain has almost disappeared. The next day, it's even better. WOW! I gotta learn how to do this stuff!" John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. Humble, Texas, best selling author, "The Yeast  Syndrome." 

“Dr. Kaufman relieved my post surgical pain in right lower quadrant. I had hernia surgery in December of 2001 and since then a nagging pain. In an unbelievably short time it absolutely disappeared. 4 year follow up: the pain never returned after that one treatment!” Bohdan A. Lebedowicz, M.D., internal medicine, Mt Vernon, IL 

“Thank you, thank you! My wife says PNT is the best technique ever—the first time we can shut down one of her headaches right away! My regular patients are just as impressed! "Amazing" is now an everyday word in my practice. These new procedures are the most powerful techniques that I've learned in 34 years!  You've truly taken it over the top this time! Any technique this simple, yet this powerful, is truly going to go wild."  Don Gay, D.C. Florence, CO.


“The PNT techniques are phenomenal!  They have made my treatments so much more effective and patients love the fact that it's not painful.   My only complaint is that since I've been studying with you my patient volume has gotten out of hand due to referrals and I can't handle all the people that want to see me.  Thank you again for all of your help.” Ken Andes, L.Ac., DOM Suffern, N.Y.


"A kidney stone had been stuck just below my kidney for 2 months, causing 4 separate visits to the ER and a great deal of agony over many weeks. The surgeon was about to schedule me for surgery. After seeing Dr. Kaufman (and treated with a Manual Spinal Nerve Block Treatment) I was extremely surprised and delighted the next day when my urologist's X-rays showed that the stone had migrated all the way to the neck of the bladder and was about to leave my system. The stone passed out completely 3 days later. There had been no further pain or bleeding after treatment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Thomas R. Giles, Ph.D. Denver, CO. 

"My own experience, besides watching the amazing results in others, was that I obtained quick relief from chronic recurring neck and back pain. It has not returned to this point, weeks later." Hyla Cass M.D., board of directors, A.C.A.M. , psychiatrist, author of Supplement Your Prescription and Natural Highs Pacific Palisades CA 



"I got resolution of a knife-like stabbing pain in my mid-back, after a short treatment at the boot camp. After using it for more than a year, PNT is the most consistent pain relief technique I've ever seen. It really is amazing that something so easy to apply can have such profound results relieving pain and restoring function in patient after patient. One year follow up: the pain hasn't returned.” Reuben Mickel, D.C., Vancouver, WA.


 “I treated a female, 45 years old. 18 years before she had tongue cancer spread into the lymph nodes. She had surgery and radiation to treat the cancer. As a result of surgery, she was hypersensitive on right neck and side of her face to the point that she could not touch her neck or face for 18 years. I treated her with the Manual Spinal Nerve Block and her neck and face are now completely normal for the first time in 18 years. Her comment: ‘Unbelievable, amazing.’ She was referred to me by a local physician.” Martin Benjamin, LAc., Lenox, MA


"This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in years...Thanks to you, I’m swamped (with patient referrals)! I’ve never had these kinds of results with anything. The P.N.T. is amazing. (Like you promised) I have patients saying “Wow! That’s amazing!” all the time. Thanks for all that you do. You've made my practice fun & exciting again which is particularly rewarding as this is my 27th year in practice!!

“The Pain Control Patterns have produced amazing results. I had an 87 y.o. man, who’s had back surgery, open heart surgery, DJD, DDD. I told him that he wasn’t a candidate for spinal manipulation but we could use the PCP. This man was severely depressed from constant pain made worse by even minimal physical activity. I did the PCP and the grid technique and his pain has disappeared! I taught my son the sciatic technique over the phone-in a short time, his girlfriend’s severe sciatica was GONE! ”  James Monk, D.C., Chickasha, OK

"This stuff (P.N.T.) is "scary" in its effectiveness. I "magically" relieved over 15 headaches (in the office, dojo and at my house on my wife!) My assistants now joke that I have voodoo powers! " John Hinz, L.Ac.  Waukesha, WI.

"Dr. Kaufman's presentation was nothing short of fascinating. In a group of physicians and other medical providers, before our eyes he decreased and in some cases eliminated pain that people had for years. My own TMJ was improved right away. This non invasive technique is definitely worth trying on patients. It could revolutionize the way we treat chronic conditions." Caroline D. Van Sant-Crowle, M.D.  Palm Harbor, Fl.

"After doing some internet research, and also in no small part due to your money back guarantee I purchased the PNT series.  I am a Physical Therapist with 16 years experience in Active Release, Strain-Counterstrain and Myofascial Release.  This is so much easier and more effective that my patient's think I am a different therapist!  My outlook on my practice has already changed dramatically.  I literally have yet to have a patient who hasn't been amazed at how their pain can be turned off - even a post surgical lumbar and bilateral SI joint fusion responded well. Thanks for opening my eyes to this simple yet effective modality to help my patients!" Mark Milleville, PT,  NY


"In October of 2004, I injured my left lateral meniscus. The subsequent MRI revealed a mild tear. You treated the knee for pain at the fibular head and surrounding area and the pain went from VERY TENDER on palpation to almost completely improved. Flexion greatly increased right away. The restriction and tightness was completely gone!"  Marvin R. Terry, DC  Orlando, Florida



From the June 2008 article in "Second Opinion Newsletter":  "Here's a true account of what I and at least 40 other doctors witnessed at the ACAM Phoenix 11/07 convention at Dr. Stephen Kaufman's talk. Dr. Kaufman is the man I wrote about 2 years ago in "Second Opinion" who developed Pain Neutralization Technique (P.N.T.)™ that can free you of chronic pain quickly. Had I not seen it, I wouldn’t have believed a system based on simple body physiology could take away your pain so quickly.

But I wasn’t the only one to witness it. At least 40 doctors experienced near total relief of pain. No chemicals, no drugs, no injections, no prolotherapy. No lasers, no cracking joints. Just activating a most basic neurological  reflex is all it took….

After seeing 40 resolutions of chronic pain, I want to tell you  how Dr. Kaufman's remarkable technique might resolve your chronic pain or even organ dysfunction. It’s so simple that it’s astonishing that the technique is unknown in medical school and largely unknown even to chiropractors. If you're like the dozens of physicians I witnessed, you’ll be likely to exclaim, “wow, that’s amazing”, or I just can't believe it."

I’ve brought you information on prolotherapy, neural therapy, wonderful healing contraptions like cold lasers. But here is a laying on of hands technique that heals the multitudes, not with prayer, but resetting their nervous system reflexes. It just can't get better than that.” Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. editor in chief, Second Opinion Newsletter. (June, 2008)

Let's compare our Pain Neutralization Technique™ to some of the most popular chiropractic and body work techniques being taught:

Do ANY of these other techniques have all these?

Nope, I didn't think so.

Remember, if you're not ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with  the techniques on these DVDs, if your patients don't thank you over and over for learning these, if several patients don't call you a magician, we'll give you a full refund cheerfully within 60 days, no questions asked.

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What's your investment for all this?

The Pain Neutralization Technique DVDs (2 day video seminar on 7 DVDS PLUS ALL the bonuses, an additional 9 DVDs, 16 DVDs total) are ONLY $1297. This is a couple of Starbucks a day for a few months, and you'll use these techniques the rest of your life! This is the price of 1 airfare trip to a seminar for a couple! One new patient referred will more than pay for it!

OR, you can save $200!!! Our most popular starting package: the P.N.T. class above with all the 3 bonuses (16 DVDs total) PLUS the Amazing Cervical, Vertigo, and TMJ Class (a 7 DVD set, described below) only $1697.

 Remember, for a limited time you get all these bonuses included:

BONUS 2 DVD set: BRAND NEW updated Advanced Paraspinal PNT ($497 value)

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BONUS DVD: Paraspinal P.N.T. (a $295 value)- this DVD ALONE is worth more then what we're asking for the whole set! MANY docs have called with startling reports of success JUST using the simple techniques on here.

Plus BONUS DVD: Applied P.N.T. (a $195 value)- this DVD contains numerous updates and knowledge we gained after several years of teaching P.N.T. It will help assure your success and answer most of the questions you might have.

Plus BONUS 3 DVD set: "P.N.T. Essentials 1-3" (a $597 value!) All of the techniques taught at the original P.N.T. seminar, plus additional techniques, presented here in the studio, one after the other, so you can learn them quickly. After watching these, you can watch the seminar DVDs to see the techniques work on one doctor after the other.

Plus: "Trigger Point Introduction DVD" ($127 value)

So you get 16 DVDs total in the P.N.T package, a total value of $3305, for only $1297!

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 New: the P.N.T. DVDs come with 60 day FREE phone support. If you have any questions at all about the techniques, feel free to call Dr. Kaufman!

What does it cost you when you can't relieve a patient's pain, and they quit your care after a visit or two? This is less than the cost of airfare and hotel to a seminar! And remember, these DVDs are tax deductible as a business expense! So your investment is even less.

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And did I mention, you can even pay in 3 monthly payments!

Urgent Care Doctor Finds Advanced Pain Neutralization Techniques™ More Effective Than Narcotic Pain Medication, In Selected Cases

Jawad Bhatti, M.D.

"43 out of 49 Low Back Pain Patients Had Instant Relief! 34 Out of 37 Neck Pain Patients Got Immediate Elimination of Pain! Using just the advanced PNT procedure: so far I've treated 49 patients for back pain with only 6 patients reporting less than 50% relief.  37 patients were treated with neck pain and/or shoulder pain; only 3 of them had less than 50% relief. Most others had more than 90% relief.  There were 2 fibromyalgia patients who had 100% relief.  5 patients had good relief of abdominal pain. 7 headache patients had 100% relief."

The low back pain techniques worked on 3 patients with chronic back pain on narcotics (Duragesic and high doses of Lortab) to bring their pain down to a low level - pretty impressive. One follow up showed her improvement maintained 4 weeks later, after 1 treatment.

I had a patient with knee pain from severe osteoarthritis with leg bowing. Using the Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks™ I was able to bring his pain down to zero. This amazed me. My nurse had plantar fasciitis. She got great relief from P.N.T. and I able to bring her heel pain down to zero with the Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks™. I used your advanced meridian bending for shoulder ROM on a patient with moderate to severe osteoarthritis, who had complete ROM increase from greatly restricted to normal.

I treated a patient for a clicking TMJ. The patient's jaw dropped out of surprise from the improvement, and left the clinic saying "its a miracle". I also used your meridian bending technique for panic attack and anxiety on a patient who had lost a child, with dramatic improvement. One patient had foot pain secondary to ankle fracture following an open reduction, internal fixation surgery a week ago. Her pain came down from severe to almost normal with manual spinal nerve blocks. The hydrocodone she was taking could only bring it down partway.

 I had a patient with diabetes and phantom limb pain with severe pain secondary to below the knee amputation. The pain level dropped to zero after the P.N.T. application. I will follow up on her next month and give you more feedback. I admitted 2 patients to the hospital last night, one with diabetes and sub-occipital abscess and the other with prostate cancer and prostatitis. I tried meridian bending on both of them for pain and it worked; narcotic pain meds only brought the pain  down part way, but the P.N.T. techniques brought it down almost completely. 

A physical therapist was having acute sinus pain and asthma exacerbation, and I tried meridian bending on her- in seconds she had immediate symptom relief and was pain free. The Advair she was taking was not even close. I asked her to call me and let me know that how long this lasts, and to keep track of how many times she has to use her inhaler. My 9 month old son was diagnosed with otitis media and on antibiotics and decongestants. I tried meridian bending on him- after his first treatment his rattling disappeared and he perked up.

I saw a 2 year old baby with documented fever, where the fever medication didn't work. I applied P.N.T. and shortly her core body temp was decreased to normal, measured by thermometer. I had a young girl with abdominal pain and fever secondary to urinary tract infection with nausea and vomiting, admitted last night. She had a fever and she was very hot to the touch. After P.N.T. her temperature dropped, she felt better and her body started cooling down instantly.

I used P.N.T. on my wife (a dentist) and she's pain free for the first time in the last 5 years. I work in an urgent care federally qualified health center and I'm able to help a lot of people with your techniques. They all are very very thankful. "Wow" is the word I often hear.  The techniques work like a charm.

Jawad Bhatti, M.D  Midlothian, VA   Board certified, Pain Management, Board certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Board eligible, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist. To read more extraordinary cases from Dr. Bhatti, M.D.,  please click here.

You've gotta read this!

Dr. Markus Seuthe recently learned many of the P.N.T. techniques from DVD. He’s applied the techniques with these astounding results without ever attending a seminar in person, just from what he’s learned from our DVDs.

His patient had a paralyzed arm for 2 years following a fractured neck and surgery. 40 doctors and neurologists told him he would never regain any further function. In this case the patient did not have permanent nerve damage, but interference with proper function that was instantly corrected with P.N.T. meridian bending and Joint Repositioning Techniques. Obviously most patients will not respond this dramatically, but who knows how many might be helped?

"I treated a bodybuilder whose left arm hand and fingers were paralyzed, after fracturing 4 cervical vertebrae 2 years ago. He had had surgery at that time and was in hospital for 8 weeks. He couldn't move his fingers. 40 doctors and neurologists had told him he would never regain use of his arm and hand. He had zero deep tendon reflexes in his triceps and biceps. His fingers, biceps, and triceps were absolutely paralyzed.

“On the first visit, using meridian bending and other PNT techniques, he regained full strength in his arm muscles, and almost full movement in his fingers. All his deep tendon reflexes came back. Feeling returned to his hand. His hand had looked very pale; almost full color came back after treatment.

"Both he and his wife started crying; his wife continued to cry for 10 minutes. This patient was referred in by a young girl who'd had severe migraines for 8 years. Her migraines stopped after 2 P.N.T. treatments." Markus Seuthe, D.C., Baierbsronn, Germany         

Medical Pain Management Specialist says Pain Neutralization Technique™ May Be More Effective Than Spinal Injections For Some Patients

"I'm getting so many compliments (from doing P.N.T.), it's unbelievable. P.N.T. is brilliant. I can feel the trigger points dissolve under my fingers. I've also never seen anything this effective for coccydynia.

 "P.N.T. was done on a 35 year old female. After  a few weeks of P.N.T. especially to her piriformis, the patient is now working full time, after 3 months of disability."  Elliot J. Rampulla, M.D. Diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology, Diplomat, American Academy of Pain Management, Former Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Ive been getting the most amazing results. These techniques are astounding- Ive helped many clients who’ve had chronic pain for years. It’s incredible how tight muscles and trigger points just melt under my fingers. People come in that can barely move and leave feeling such relief. I had one client tell me he hasn't had this much pain relief in 15 years. I’ve been getting lots of referrals. ” Gayla Norgren, L.M.T., Platteville, CO


“Following the PNT class in 6/10 I returned to my PT practice where I treated 17 patients and had incredible results with turning off all pain in 15 of the 17 patients.  This has been the best technique I’ve ever learned in my 30 years of PT practice.  My patients are in awe of it.” Teena Petree, P. T. Plano Tx.


"I've had cervical disc disease for 30 years with restricted range of motion and chronic discomfort on turning my head. In a short period with Dr. Kaufman I'm rotating  normally to either side pain free. (I was also unable to raise my arm) and  I am now able to abduct my arm  maximally  with much less pain." Robert M. Battle, M.D. Houston, Texas


"I had a L/SI joint/piriformis/Iliotibial band pain for about 3 months, possibly due to both the delivery of my last child and a fall on stairs. Dr. Kaufman worked on all 3 areas and I am wildly better! I cannot believe that no one is teaching us this technique in medical school. My relief was straight away. I have had OMT, prolotherapy, trigger point injections and have done yoga--all to no avail and this treatment worked right away. It's crazy. I must learn the mechanism and technique."  Dorothy Pedtke, D.O., Grand Rapids, MI 

“I had pain in the right lumbro sacral area for years. I felt relief then and there after P.N.T.” Michael B. Schachter, M.D., Airmont, NY

"An 80 year old with severe trochanter pain GONE. A 75 year old with severe low back pain reports almost complete relief right away. I've seen many upper trapezius trigger points disappear, too many to count. One patient told me "to go do that Voodoo that you do so well." This comment was made after 4 upper back TPs disappeared." Jim Monk, D.C., Chickasha, OK

"I saw a patient who had SEVERE low back pain for 2 years, so bad that he could not sleep more than 2 hours before he awoke writhing in pain. He had seen 2 surgeons, his MRIs and CT scan's showed 8 different indications for surgery. After 2 Manual Spinal Nerve Block treatments, he slept normally- he has had no pain at all! His surgeon is astonished at the dramatic increase in his range of motion!" Patterson Stark, D.C.


To order call 800-774-5078 OR to fax an order form, click here.

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Rapid Pain Relief- the future of natural healing. Based on classical neurological procedures. It’s just good science, applied. Astounding to witness.

Is the way you practice hurting you? Imagine walking in to work each day and looking forward to the fun of relieving pain. Stop re-injuring your own areas of chronic pain, if the way you practice gives you;

 Let me ask you, who else absolutely GUARANTEES YOUR delight with their techniques? Obviously, I’m extremely confident our material will blow you away, or I wouldn’t make you such an outrageous offer. No one else does this! The truth is, almost no one ever asks for a refund! (Well, there was this one guy- but hey, there’s one in every crowd, right?)

Read the startling June, 2008 Second Opinion article by Robert Rowen, M.D., click here!

Read the July 2006 Second Opinion article by Dr. Rowen, click here!

Read the amazing article in Townsend Letter for Doctors 5/08 "M.D.s Love P.N.T.!" click here!

Reports of doctors at the amazing 2010 P.N.T. Training Class, click here!

More AMAZING reports of doctors at the 2009 P.N.T. Training Camp, click here!


Read 100's more reports about the effectiveness of P.N.T. from M.D.s, D.C.s, acupuncturists, physical therapists, etc.,  click here!

Read the article in Townsend Letter for Doctors 11/07 about P.N.T., click here!

To read more extraordinary cases from Dr. Bhatti, M.D. please click here.

BRAND NEW! The amazing clinical reports of the 105 Doctors at the June 2012 Pain Elimination Boot Camp!  Click here!


Read the great article in the American Chiropractor Journal about P.N.T, click here!

Read the 2nd article in the American Chiropractor Journal about Dr. Kaufman's techniques, click here.

More miracles as almost 400 M.D.s in Phoenix witness dramatic pain elimination from P.N.T., click here.


Miracles at the Detroit meeting of the International College of Integrative Medicine, click here.

Miracles in Portland on Feb. 23. 2007, click here.


Read what real doctors in real cities say about P.N.T. and the Kaufman Techniques:

 "I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I've been in private practice since 1993 seeing outpatient neuromusculoskeletal disorders. I've trained in most manual therapy systems and a multitude of orthopedic PT methodologies. I'm a constant learner and avid practitioner that is always trying to find the fastest, most effective way to release pain and restore function.

"I've seen a fair number of gurus and master instructors in my day both in the more structured approaches as well as many of the more esoteric systems. I shy away from the word "amazing" when describing any good treatment technique, but after a series of actual patients were treated in this seminar and experienced positive results that were completely unexpected - by the patients as well as us!  That's the only word to describe the results Dr. Kaufman's techniques yield - Simply amazing.

"It's interesting to hear the disclaimers about how Kaufman Techniques won't work on everybody. This is of course true in all healing methodologies. However, having practiced PNT and the other Kaufman Techniques for almost a year, I have yet to see a patient that did not get a positive response from treatment. I dare say that so far 100% of my patients have responded favorably and therapeutically in some measurable way.  

"In our field and in medicine, there are some methods that continue to be administered and are considered good with 40-50% efficacy; so to say that these methods are effective on 100% of my patients seems ridiculous, but it's true (at the time of this writing).

 "Moreover, I was already proficient and known as an elite practitioner that gets results where others do not.  P.N.T. has taken my game to a whole new level. I'm still waiting on my first non-responder. As a natural skeptic, I still ask my patients, "are you sure?", when they report their results from only a few techniques in one session. But when range of motion improves, strength returns, functional levels increase; you have to acknowledge that a positive effect has occurred. There's your evidence.

"Aside from that, the immediate results in subjective pain relief are nice too - and that's what most of our patients want in the first place. In essence, my patient outcomes are better and faster, and I have patients that are willing to pay out of pocket for this obvious higher level of care. Dr. Kaufman's work has helped me take my practice from a superb healing environment to an elite one. I would definitely be a patient in my clinic, so I'm satisfied…but I'm not done yet!

 "This level of training is far from guru-based methods and placebo effects. There are real patients being treated and getting real results - objective and subjective! Interestingly, there was a patient with a cervical problem and another with a knee problem set for surgery; however, after this seminar, there are no surgeries planned. What an awesome experience, and I am excited to apply my new knowledge gained to further benefit my patients and all who want to be healthier, feel better, and move better!" Dr. Wade Baskin, P.T., DPT, RRT. Executive Director, GT Physical Therapy, Inc. Louisville, Mississippi 

"I've been working in the health field for a long time, as a nurse, massage therapist and chiropractor. Watching your DVDs on PNT and the Manual Spinal Nerve Block have been tremendous when it comes to pain relief. Having had so many miracles in treating with your techniques, the miracles have become commonplace. Headaches, neck/ traps, TMJ, carpal tunnel, abdominal pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis have all been effectively treated with your techniques. I especially like the 'global' effect that the manual spinal nerve block has. I say 'WOW' more often than the patients. I couldn't believe how easy both techniques were. I can now extrapolate your techniques to any part of the body. Since I've been studying with you, my practice has grown. I'm always excited to see the next patient because I know I can help them. Thanks for your courage and curiosity to create new effective, 'light force' techniques." Mary Mich, D.C., R.N., Denver, CO.

"The mechanism of this treatment (PNT) made sense to me but experiencing the treatment was almost shocking. I had burning C6-7 pain for 3-4 months that resolved right away. Without much pressure or coaxing. It just resolved. And it is still gone the next day, by the way."  Dorothy Pedtke, D.O. Grand Rapids, MI.

“This morning, after treatment, my arm was pain free for the first time in 2 years. I did not even think about my arm until I was pulling my suitcase this a.m. as I was asked ‘how is your arm?’ It was then that I realized that I was pulling the suitcase with a normal, pain free arm. It’s perfect, for the first time in 2 years!” Gary Klingsberg, D.O., Englewood, NJ

"I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that my fellow colleagues take this work. The public at large needs this work desperately.  The cervical work is absolutely great. On returning to practice I did an experiment and told patients that I would be doing a different type of work on their necks, a non-manipulative approach. Out of the hundreds I did this on, only one wanted a standard cervical manipulation. The feedback was great on the new techniques and everyone loved it. It still produces a better result on the cervical spine than any other technique I have used in the last 20 years.  The low back techniques are incredible. I have been able to resolve several stubborn cases...."  Dr. Dean Odmark, D.C. San Antonio, Texas 

"Dr. Kaufman's presentation was nothing short of fascinating. In a group of physicians and other medical providers, before our eyes he decreased and in some cases eliminated pain that people had for years. My own TMJ was rapidly improved. This non invasive technique is definitely worth trying on patients. It could revolutionize the way we treat chronic conditions." Caroline D. Van Sant-Crowle, M.D. Palm Harbor, Fl.

"The techniques are absolutely phenomenal ; you're an incredible teacher! I taught for 15 years in an osteopathic college. I've never seen any other technique do what your cervical techniques can do..every patient that I 've used them on has had an increase in ROM. All the patients that I 've used the anxiety procedures on have felt substantially better, even with all the fear out here that the hurricanes have caused. The extremity techniques are very clear from the videos; it's just like being in the class"  Kirby Hotchner, D.O. Miami, Fl

"I had severe, chronic neck pain and limited cervical rotation for over 10 years. I needed to be adjusted frequently. In a few treatments last year Steve unlocked the facets, restoring normal motion and a lasting pain free state!! I also had severe constant burning pain in my left shoulder after fracturing my clavicle 12  years ago. Steve quickly eliminated all of that as well. This stuff works!!”   James Taylor, D.C.,  Lakewood  , CO

All techniques hands only, no muscle testing, no devices, electronics, or lasers to buy, no supplements forced on you. No manipulation or bone popping, no painful or forceful techniques. All classes suitable for chiropractors, M.D.s, acupuncturists, P.T.s, N.D.s, body workers.


"Who else wants to have their patients to

fall in love with them?"

This may all sound unbelievable. But suppose  what I say is true ?

 Wouldn't this be of enormous value to you and your patients? 

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 The P.N.T. DVDs plus all bonuses is only $1297.  Buy any 1 day DVD advanced class along with the P.N.T. and save $200!! Our most popular starting package: P.N.T. plus the Cervical class- $1697 (save $200!)

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The P.N.T. and Manual Spinal Nerve Block DVDs contain almost magical techniques for trigger points and myofascial pain throughout the body. However, there may be other dysfunction besides trigger points in various areas of the body which the following seminars correct. These classes are advanced; we strongly recommend you start with the P.N.T. class, or, to save a ton of money, one of the packages that includes the P.N.T. class. For special package prices, print out the order form. (Click here  for order form)

World's Greatest Cervical Technique: How to Quickly Relieve  Cervical Pain,  Migraine, TMJ and  Vertigo, including cervical disc and radicular pain: Includes the 2 DVDs BONUS Advanced Cervical DVDS PLUS BRAND NEW Cervical Mastery DVD (usually sells for $297) $797 for all 7 DVDs.

Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks, Advanced Pain Neutralization Technique, and Advanced Meridian Bending- (P.N.T. Level 2) learn to treat secret spinal reflexes that almost magically stop pain in seconds!  $1397

The Pain Elimination Grid Techniques (P.N.T. Level 3) - unbelievably simple, instant procedures for chronic and acute pain. An advanced class. $1397

Upper Extremity Miracles Seminar! Deluxe, 6 DVDs including the 2 BONUS DVDs Advanced Shoulder protocols $897

Sciatica, Disc, and Severe Low Back Pain: Easily Treated!  Includes BRAND NEW BONUS DVD Advanced Low Back Pain Update $797

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Stop doing ridiculously complex, time consuming treatments!

Stop doing techniques that are hard on your body, and hurt the patient!


" testing a patient, her right deltoid was weak and hurt to test. ... it had been a problem for 5-6 months ... Her abduction was less than 90 degrees and painful and minimal strength due to pain. Remembering what you had done with my shoulder, I thought what the heck, I used the protocol as I remembered and ...., after changing the contact slightly and going through the ROM, I could passively abduct her arm to full range with no pain, and the deltoid tested full strength.  I'm not sure whose eyeballs were bigger, hers or mine. She was astounded (me too) and thrilled to be free of pain."  Kerry Randa, D.C. Loveland, CO.

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What? You're still not convinced? You say you need MORE testimonials?? Okay, click here for hundreds more! 

Warning: don't even think of attending another seminar until you read what other doctors say on this page!!

Stephen J. Kaufman, D. C., 303-756-9567, is a practicing chiropractor in Denver, Colorado. He has practiced chiropractic,  numerous soft tissue techniques, SOT, myofascial and trigger point therapies, acupressure,  acupuncture,  and yoga for many decades. These classes require no muscle testing and no acupuncture. He has developed many new techniques in soft tissue therapy and has published over 100 professional papers. He can be reached at  (303) 756-9567. 

Over 4000 chiropractors, acupuncturists, P.T.s, M.D.s,  and osteopaths, from all over the world have learned the Kaufman Techniques. Read the incredible things they have to say here.

P.S. Remember : I 100% guarantee you've never seen a program quite as potent as these procedures. You must be ecstatic over the extraordinary results you‘ll get from these D.V.D.s and seminars, your patients must thank you over and over for learning them, or your money back! Try them for 60 days, risk free! Call now (800) 774-5078.”

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There is no “typical” user of our products and therefore citing generally expected results is difficult if not impossible. We’ve made a good faith effort to share the actual experiences of doctors and their patients.  Every practitioner (D.C., L.Ac, M.D., P.T., N.D. and L.M.T.) is unique in terms of their background , training, and understanding. Each will apply the procedures in their own unique way. Every patient is also individual in how they will respond to treatment.

Our general impression is that most doctors find the techniques easy to learn and apply from watching the DVDs, and easy on the doctor. Many of their patients with chronic and acute pain will show improvement from these techniques. A few doctors are not able to successfully apply the techniques, and they don’t see improvement in their patients. Some patients do not respond at all. We’re always eager to for our students to give us feedback on the results they’re getting.

Note: These reports were sent to us by these doctors, and have not been verified by us.

Disclaimer: The Kaufman Techniques, Pain Neutralization Technique and any other procedures mentioned on this website  are  not methods of  diagnosing, treating, or curing illness, pathology, medical conditions, or disease of any kind. None of the statements on this page are approved by the F.D.A. These reports were all written by the doctors themselves, but your results will vary. These are some of our best testimonials, and may not be typical. We haven't verified these doctors' reports. Although many report improvement with one treatment, several treatments are usually necessary for lasting results.

These testimonials are our best cases and may not be typical; your results will vary. We have not verified the statements of any of the practitioners. Their statements do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Kaufman. There is no guarantee of any particular results in any individual case from the application of these techniques, either in the classes or on dvd. All testimonials are presented with the understanding that your results may differ; not all practitioners get the same results. The information presented herein is for the consideration of licensed health care practitioners and is not intended to be used for soliciting patients, nor should prospective patients infer that any guarantee of a cure is implied. All information here is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you have a health problem you should see a physician.

All techniques taught are for the practitioner's information and consideration only; it is up to you as the practitioner to decide in any case when they may be applicable, and how they may be applied. I  can not be responsible for how these techniques are applied to any particular patient. All such applications are solely the responsibility of the individual practitioner. I am not able to personally monitor or suggest their use in any individual case. Always use very, very light pressure. In no event shall Stephen Kaufman, D.C. or Kaufman Technique ,LLC be liable for any injury or  damages arising from the use of any techniques or nutritional products presented or discussed on the DVDs or at seminars. 

The information and methods in these classes and discs is not meant and should not be used for self treatment, and are not a substitute for consulting a physician or health care practitioner for any health problems  you may have. Kaufman Technique LLC and Dr. Stephen Kaufman are not responsible for any adverse effects, injury, or damage resulting from the use of any of the information or techniques presented in these classes, on DVD, in written form, or on this website.  

We will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by this website to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

Dr. Kaufman and Kaufman Technique LLC reserve the right to limit or refuse sale to any individual of any DVDs or seminar. There may be a small additional carrying charge if you split your purchase into 3 monthly payments. Dr. Kaufman and Kaufman Technique LLC do not endorse or recommend any of the practitioners mentioned on this website. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from treatment by any of these practitioners. You use their services at your own risk. All material c.2010 Stephen J. Kaufman, D.C.

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