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"Holy Cow!" I Screamed "Could It Possibly Be This Easy to Turn Off Pain Completely in Seconds??!!?"


Announcing The NEW Pain Elimination Grid Techniques™ (New Advanced DVDs)

For D.C.s, M.D.s, L.Acs, P.T.s, D.O.s, N.D.s, LMTs,  etc


"The Pain Elimination Grid™ may be the most significant contribution to manual medicine for pain relief so far this century. I've been unable to extend my elbow fully since I chipped the ulna bone when I was 18 (over 30 years ago). In 30 seconds Dr. Kaufman restored full, pain free motion using the Grid Techniques! 4 months later, it's still normal! He also eliminated a painful coccyx and lumbar spinous pain (in spite of a spondylolisthesis) that I had since the age of 8!" Patterson Stark, D.C. Fellow, American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, Christ Church, New Zealand 

Don't you think if the early pioneers of chiropractic and acupuncture had had techniques for instant relief of pain that we would be MUCH more accepted by the medical community today? 

What to do when "you don't get no respect":

boost your confidence! 

Last year (2007) I discovered an amazingly simple NEW series of procedures to instantly turn off pain, greatly increase range of motion, and restore normal muscle function. I call these the Grid Techniques™ or the Pain Elimination Grid. (These are different from Pain Neutralization Technique.) These procedures have given me the enormous confidence to get up in front of crowds of hundreds of doctors, KNOWING that my success is assured. The speed and simplicity of these techniques is amazing. Treatment time has come way down, the percentage of success is much higher, and the likelihood of instant symptom relief on the people I've seen has skyrocketed. (As you know, these procedures won't work for everyone.) 

What could be more impressive than instant, lasting relief of chronic pain, that can be demonstrated on the spot to large crowds of doctors? Yes, we've been doing this with Pain Neutralization Technique and Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks, but now the results are faster, more consistent, and even easier to apply! It's almost automatic!  

Our Ideas About Chronic Pain May

Need to Change After This. 

When I first discovered the Grid, it was like a leap into another dimension. The first few patients I did them on had their trigger areas (sore spots in muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.) turn off in seconds. The techniques were so simple I thought, "Well, the t.p.s may turn off but this couldn't possibly result in long term pain relief." Well, was I ever wrong!! (again.) Patients kept coming back, telling me to "do whatever you did last time."  

"Arthritis, my ass!" 

I just treated a 48 year old lady architect that had been diagnosed from x ray with osteoarthritis. She had a great deal of pain in her hand. Of course she was told to "learn to live with it." I used the Grid Techniques to neutralize 2 trigger points in her wrist extensor muscles. The pain completely disappeared, even after heavily using her hand. Saved her from a lifetime of dangerous and inappropriate arthritis medication.

 I used them on a 73 year old woman with a frozen shoulder for 6 months. She was limited to 80° of painful abduction. Within 30 seconds we had 160° of abduction, pain free. One treatment was all it took! (These are FANTASTIC for upper and lower extremity problems!)

 The very next patient that day was a 70 year old man with extremely painful flexion of both knees. With the first application of the Grid Techniques™ (specifically, the Tendon Muscular Reflex™) he started…well, it sounded like he was purring in ecstasy! When he left, he said "my knees feel like I'm 5 years old again." I was stunned!

"Who else wants to be a soft tissue genius?"

A note about our use of testimonials: We have received several hundred positive reports from practitioners. We have also received a small number of reports where the doctors have not gotten substantial results. (This may be because they did not apply the techniques correctly). Reports such as those below do not constitute scientific evidence, but are indicative of the effects many doctors have observed. The following are some of our best reports, and may not be typical. Your results will vary. This depends partly on how you apply the techniques; how well you actually follow the simple instructions, or whether you apply the techniques incorrectly or inappropriately. Although many see results the first day of using the techniques, it may take a few days or even weeks to get the hang of applying the procedures.  It may also depend on the particular patients you see- some patients respond more poorly than others.

Some doctors at seminars have reported substantial or even total improvement in their own chronic conditions after one treatment. Some doctors of course have reported no improvement at all. Our general impression of doctors using the techniques in their practices is that many patients with many types of chronic and acute pain syndromes have significant improvement after a few treatments. In many cases the improvement is permanent; in many cases the patient may need occasional maintenance treatment.

Although most doctors are thrilled with our procedures, a few are not. Fortunately, you are completely protected by our 100% money back guarantee (see details below). If you are not delighted with the results you get on your patients, simply call us within 60 days for a full refund.

"The P.T. at our clinic had knee pain so bad she was walking with a limp, and was afraid she would limp at her wedding. I used the Grid Technique (as well as some P.N.T.) and she got off my treatment table virtually pain free! She called me today from her clinic, and she is still blown away, she is pain free, can walk up and down stairs, and honestly can't believe it, she thinks I'm some sort of soft tissue genius now. It really was 'amazing'." Todd Russett, D.C., Strathroy, Ontario

 Of course I've treated many dozens of doctors at seminars around the country this year with these new grid techniques. Wanna hear what they say?

  “The day after my treatment, my back and sciatic pain disappeared completely for the first time in 5 years!” Joseph Rich, M.D., board of directors, American College for Advancement in Medicine, Knoxville, TN

"Besides seeing the amazing results in others, I got immediate relief from chronic neck and back pain. It's not returned, weeks later." Hyla Cass M.D., board of directors, A.C.A.M. , author of Supplement Your Prescription and Natural Highs, Pacific Palisades CA

"I'm a 3rd-year medical student. I watched Dr. Kaufman treat upwards of 50 M.D.'s at the ACAM conference.  Immediately after treatment, each doctor said they felt at least 80% better, and many of them admitted to close to 100% improvement.  The next day, I was able to ask 12 of them how they were doing since treatment the day before.  11 of 12 told me they felt much better or amazingly better." Gerard Pesca, N.D., Phoenix, Arizona

 One of the Most Surprising Events in

The History of Alternative Medicine?

I recently gave a demonstration of the NEW Pain Elimination Grid Techniques™ (along with P.N.T.) to almost 400 M.D.s at the American College for Advancement in Medicine (A.C.A.M.) in Phoenix. Just the fact that I was invited to speak to this prestigious group was evidence of the effectiveness of the techniques, but the results we obtained were phenomenal! The vast majority of trigger points I treated turned off in less than 40 seconds! This included many well known authors (see below.) These reports may not be typical. But please read what these doctors had to say;

 This has never been done before!

From an upcoming article in "Second Opinion Newsletter":  "I and at least 40 other doctors witnessed dozens of consecutive resolutions of chronic pain at the ACAM Phoenix 11/07 convention at Dr. Kaufman's talk. Had I not seen it, I wouldn’t have believed a system based on simple body physiology could take away your pain so quickly.

"Dozens of doctors experienced near total relief of pain. It’s so simple it’s astonishing the technique is unknown in medical school and largely unknown even to chiropractors. If you're like the dozens of physicians I witnessed, you’ll exclaim, “wow, that’s amazing”, or "I just can't believe it."

"Here's a "hands on" technique that heals the multitudes by resetting their nervous system reflexes. It just can't get better than that.” Robert Jay Rowen, M.D., Second Opinion Newsletter.           

"After the conference I treated my wife's knees. She's now sleeping pain free for the first time since last spring. Dr. K. also treated my sister yesterday for plantar fasciitis, a condition that has caused her considerable pain for about six months. Today she has no pain at all." Terry Chappell, M.D., president, International College of Integrative Medicine, past president American College for Advancement in Medicine, Bluffton, Ohio

“I had pain in the right lumbrosacral area for years. I felt immediate relief after treatment." Michael B. Schachter, M.D., author of "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Depression" and "The Natural Way to a Healthy Prostate." Airmont, N.Y.

“This morning, twelve hours after treatment, my arm was pain free for the first time in 2 years. I didn't even think about my arm until I was pulling my suitcase this a.m. as I was asked ‘how's your arm?’ It was then that I realized that I was pulling the suitcase with a normal, pain free arm. It’s perfect!” Gary Klingsberg, D.O., Englewood, NJ

"I used the Grid Techniques on a patient w/ multi site liposuction 4 days ago. There was a miraculous reduction in her post surgical pain level to near zero in seconds. She kept saying "that's amazing, I can't believe it". She promised to refer dozens of patients to me. Another pregnant patient had severe sciatica. I did the Grid Technique and it disappeared completely in 1 visit!" Carrie Andress, L.Ac,  Gardiner, N.Y.

"I had a back injury 25 years ago. I've had persistent neck, mid-back and low back pain. After Dr. Kaufman treated me, the pain is gone. My wife had right sacral pain for 38 years. After treatment the pain's almost gone. Amazing." Dr. Gary Coller, D.O., Zeeland, MI

"I had a L5/S.I. joint/piriformis/iliotibial band pain for about 3 months, due a fall. Dr. Kaufman worked on all 3 areas and I am wildly better! I cannot believe that no one is teaching us this technique in medical school. My relief was instantaneous. I've had OMT, prolotherapy, trigger point injections and have done yoga--all to no avail and this treatment worked in 5 seconds. It's crazy. I must learn the mechanism and technique."  Dorothy Pedtke, D.O., Grand Rapids, MI

The Grid Techniques Won't Take You to the

Next Level of Treatment Possibilities,

They'll Take You Way The Heck

Beyond The Next Level!

 I demonstrate instant pain relief to many large groups of doctors. Although P.N.T. and the Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks usually turn off trigger points within 2 minutes, I wanted faster and better results.  Using the Grid Techniques either by themselves or along with the Pain Neutralization Technique and the Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks erases a VERY HIGH percentage of trigger points quickly! Where it may have taken 2-3 minutes to disintegrate a chronic trigger point with P.N.T., they now usually disappear in less than 40 seconds. They are also the treatment of choice for extremity problems.

 These techniques are so simple, your office therapists may be able to apply them. (You'll need to check the laws in your state.) (Of course, these techniques don't turn off trigger points on everyone, nor do they relieve pain on every patient. But it's amazing how much of the time they DO work, in my experience.

“I had a severe neck injury 10 years ago and re injured with whiplash months ago. Recently I've had bad rhomboid cramping. After P.N.T.: I have no pain!” Helen Watt, M.D., Cave Creek, AZ

“I've had a neck problem for more than 10 years. After P.N.T. the tender point was gone in a second. It was fantastic!” Nalinee Sutthipisal, M.D., dermatologist, Bangkok, Thailand

“I had chronic neck pain for 30 years due to chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Kaufman did a demonstration on me on my right side, and it feels so loose now, in 1-2 minutes. Unbelievable! This is amazing work!” Martine Calache, Union City, NJ

“I fell out of the back of a station wagon 35 years ago on my tailbone. I fell onto a shoe 20 years ago. I've had pain daily, sitting. I no longer have pain after P.N.T. 2 week follow up: the pain never returned.” Linda Reed, Tucson, AZ

I guarantee this will change your mind about what's possible in healing!!

The Pain Elimination Grid Techniques™ on 5 DVDs include ALL this:

·  The 4 Pain Elimination Grid Techniques- an absolutely, unbelievably effective and SIMPLE technique to stop pain right here, right now! This is a full body technique, and ESPECIALLY effective for many extremity problems! Also included are:

o       the Lateral Spinous Pain Technique- an extremely common unsuspected source of pain, and a quick solution.

o       the Ligament Muscular reflex- this reflex was buried in the neurological literature for almost 100 years. I found it while researching something else. It occurred to me that it could be applied to pain control. It amazes the heck out of patients!

o       the Trigger Point Torque Technique.

 These techniques are so simple, pain often evaporates almost automatically! Even if you can't remember what you learned in school, even if you can't remember whether you actually went to school, you'll learn these techniques fast! Your confidence at quickly relieving pain will soar through the roof! But wait, there's much more. Here comes the best stuff:

·  Dramatically improve extremity problems with the Tendon Muscular Reflex, (T.M.R.) a procedure that immediately eliminates pain on movement and drastically increases ROM in the shoulder, wrist, elbow, neck rotation, flexion, and extension, lumbar flexion, knee flexion, etc., even in seniors (for many but not all patients). I just saw a woman that had almost no lumbar forward flexion for 9 years. By applying the T.M.R. she immediately bent forward almost 80°!

·  The Muscle Length Restoration procedure (M.L.R.)- you'll see the patient in the DVD get a full 4-5" of increased lumbar forward flexion in less than 20 seconds, a response I've seen many times! Another patient of mine, a D.C., also got 4-5" of increased lumbar flexion in 30 seconds, relieving her lumbar disc pain. You'll see patients on the DVD also get dramatically improved straight leg raising, as their tight hamstrings let go.

·  Bonus DVD: The Advanced Pain Exam, which will show you common but completely overlooked areas of pain. The Pain Elimination Grids can turn off any tender area, including bony prominences, edges of bones, etc.

·  The Incredible Stellate Ganglion Technique- turn off pain in the upper back, shoulders, trapezius, and neck within seconds, consistently, even if it's been there for decades! This was the surprise hit at the Phoenix A.C.A.M. meeting. I had more docs "oohing" and "ahing" at the speed this works than any other procedure. And it's brain dead simple to perform! Worth the whole price of the course right here!

·  the NEW Sympathetic Dominance Correction: do you have patients that are so stressed, the lights flicker when they walk into your office? Over activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System often perpetuates stress. We've found a technique that may quickly eliminate some of the objective signs of stress and may reduce sympathetic tone, often turning patients to jello. We call it the Euphoria Treatment. How many of YOUR patients need this treatment NOW?

·  A new way to use muscle length restoration to stop even severe tender point pain on tendons, bones, ligaments, etc.!

·  The Cervical Rotation Orientation Complex with Tendon Muscular Reflex! A new procedure to quickly and substantially improve neck rotation.

·  New: how to use the Grid Techniques to easily treat yourself! These are the first procedures that are so simple, we included a section on self treatment.

These docs were treated with the Grid Techniques at seminars (sometimes along with P.N.T.):

 "I've had tenderness over L4-5 spinal processes for about 5 years. After treatment, this went away in 20 seconds. Awesome. Gone is great!!" Kelly Yakinchuk, D.C., Portland, OR

 "I've had neck and shoulder pain for 25 years after I fell off a motorcycle at 35 mph. After 1 treatment my neck and shoulder pain is gone. I felt different, almost euphoric after treatment. I never felt like that after any other treatment." Eileen Machida, D.C. Charlotte, NC

 "I had a MVA 1.5 years ago. I hit a cow and she came through the windshield. I have had severe headache, neck pain, TMJ, teeth grinding, upper back pain constantly. After 1 treatment, the TMJ and headache pain were totally gone, and remained gone the next day. Thank you!" Rebeccca Cannon, D.C., Heppner, OR 

"My shoulder hasn't felt this good in years. I was afraid my condition would get worse and eventually need surgery. After treatment my neck pain/shoulder pain became significantly less and my shoulder and neck 'heaviness' is gone." Leif Choi, D.C., Beaverton, OR 

 "When Dr. Kaufman applied the technique the relief was so immediate I had to wait a few moments and focus on the spot to be certain of what I was feeling--or what I was not feeling any longer, if you get my meaning. Injuries and auto accidents from age 7 left me, at  56, with daily neck pain, limited range of motion and inability to hold my head in one position for any length of time. Years of adjustments, acupuncture, massage and yoga brought only temporary relief. Treatment resulted in almost instant relief of muscle pain and normal, full range of motion." Bob Ratzow, D.C. Portland, OR

 "I'm a student at Western States Chiropractic College. We spend a lot of time learning 'Evidence Based' medicine. There's no better evidence than the evidence you experience first hand. My hip and low back have been hurting for 5 years, causing excruciating pain. Dr Kaufman's technique offered instant relief!" Jason Young, Portland, OR

“I've endured chronic neck and shoulder pain since I was 19, when I chipped a bone in neck at C-5. I feel relief for first time in 15 years. This is amazing, amazing, amazing!" Rhonda King, Ft Worth, TX

Do the Grid Techniques Replace P.N.T. or the Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks?


Nope. You can use the Grid Techniques by themselves, or along with the other techniques. Using them all together creates an unmatched arsenal of pain elimination. Greatly increases both the speed and the percentage of results. And the Grid Techniques open up a whole new world in treating extremity problems (shoulders, knees, hands, elbows, etc.)

 You're protected. 100% satisfaction guaranteed,

60 day money back, no questions asked refund policy.

Try the DVDs for 60 days. You won't know if they'll work for your patients until you try them. I can't guarantee any particular results since I don't know your patients and I don't know how you'll apply these simple techniques but I can absolutely guarantee this: If you don't feel this is the simplest breakthrough in pain control yet, if the results don't TOTALLY amaze you, send 'em back (the DVDs, not the patients.) If you're unhappy for any reason with these DVDs, return them. No hassle, no questions asked. We'll give you a full refund. What could possibly be more fair? Is there any better guarantee than this in the holistic field?


The Grid Techniques are 6 DVDs total, including the Advanced Pain Exam bonus. The price is only $1497.

 This is an introductory price; frankly, I feel these techniques are worth much more than this. This is the cost of an airline ticket and a hotel for one seminar, not even counting the seminar fee! To order at this reduced price, call right now 800-774-5078 or 303-756-9567. You can also fax your order to 303-758-7558, or send a check to Kaufman Technique, 2693 S. Niagara St., Denver, CO. 80224.

AND you can even pay in 3 monthly payments,

if you'd prefer


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Disclaimer: P.N.T. and the other techniques are not effective for every patient. They may not work in any individual case. Several treatments are usually needed for lasting results. These reports were all written by the doctors themselves and have not been verified; they may not reflect Dr. Kaufman's opinion.  These are our best testimonials and may not be typical. Your results will vary.  These doctors were treated with P.N.T., advanced P.N.T. or other Kaufman Techniques™. We can not guarantee any particular result or outcome health wise, financial, or otherwise; however, we do guarantee your complete and total satisfaction with the material or your money back. These techniques are not intended for the cure, diagnosis, or treatment of any symptom or disease. These techniques have not been approved by the F.D.A. Stephen Kaufman D.C. and Kaufman Technique LLC are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of these procedures or any information on DVD, in class, or in written form.  Dr. Kaufman makes no guarantee that any particular patient will improve from treatment.

Dr. Kaufman and Kaufman Technique LLC do not endorse or recommend any of the practitioners mentioned on this website. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from treatment by any of these practitioners. You use their services at your own risk.