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Sciatica, Disc, and Severe Low Back Pain: Easily Treated!  

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   Imagine smiling with confidence when a new patient with severe low back pain and sciatica from a disc comes into your office! This class will give you a huge number of  treatments that produce immediate symptom relief, for a great variety of musculoskeletal problems. Do only stuff that works! 

   How many ways do you know to treat the low back? Learn 24 new, powerful techniques! Two or three of these procedures will more than pay for the class. Dr. Kaufman has practiced for 29 years and  published over 75 papers.  He has won numerous awards for  his papers. He has devised hundreds of shortcuts. This class will give you many new, simple techniques that work Monday morning.  Treat old and young easily. Handle all manner of muscle pain with confidence.

  Learn a major breakthrough in the treatment of sciatica! You need no longer fear when that hot disc/sciatic patient walks through your door! Get absolutely dramatic results when other methods have failed, even surgery! Learn startling facts about severe low back pain and where it's coming from. This will totally supercharge your confidence as a doctor!

  • Immediate results in many sports injuries, acute and chronic.
  • Advanced disc techniques , including   new procedures to aid lumbar disc pain! Help many patients avoid surgery. New techniques in spinal fixation correction and testing, gentle and long lasting!
  • New, powerful  cranial techniques!
  • The new spasm protocol.
  • A new understanding of the importance of the lymphatic system and how to use it to gain immediate symptom relief. The great importance of tendons in most musculoskeletal problems, and a very effective new  way to treat them.
  • One of the most powerful and overlooked therapeutic procedures .
  • Our emphasis is on immediate, practical, clinical results.  We'll try to make this the best spinal class you've ever taken!   
  • Learn more easy to use techniques in one intensive day than in two or three  weekends of  other seminars! These procedures are so intuitively obvious you'll wonder why you didn't think of them before.

   Of course, not all patients  respond. Nevertheless, these gentle techniques will greatly please most of your patients and stimulate many referrals.  And your satisfaction is guaranteed. Use the techniques for 60 days. If you're not happy, just return the DVDs  for a full refund. I'm not asking you to believe me; please read the reports of the doctors below.

    “Thank you for your treatment of my hip. I had pain for over six months and tried everything!  As a yoga instructor and Chiropractor and kinesiologist, I tried all my stuff, saw a few associates to no avail.  I was considering the possibility of a bone infarct or worse. Your treatment was about ten minutes and I felt immediate relief.  My range of motion without pain was 90%  better and over the following three weeks has improved to 100%! “ Dr. Patterson Stark, Christchuch, New Zealand

   The low back and disc procedures give instant pain relief; right here, right now!  " Dr. Pat Dougherty, D.C. Denver

   “I had a very painful sacroileac joint for a year that resisted treatment. After 3 sessions with Dr. Kaufman last year, my SI joint no longer bothers me.”  Dr. Chuck Santisteven, D.C., Lic. Ac. ,Denver 

   "My neck has felt tight, upper c spine, for a long time and I am very happy that getting worked on only one day, the range of motion is greatly improved, and feels wonderful. " D.C. at the April, 2004 seminar.     

" ...she walked out saying she felt the best she ever has after a treatment in the office!  She wants to know when she can come back for more work!  I feel the work you are doing is something I have been searching for.  It is a way to use the (methods) I already know and combine it with your methods that WORK.  I am anxious to see who else comes in today to try out my new methods!  Thanks for sharing your work with us."  Dr. Peggy Bolks, D.C. Spring, Texas 

   "Wow. Fun and informative. My expectations were more than met. Can't wait to start implementing this stuff into my practice. I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman's seminars. I like his relaxed teaching style how non-judgmental Dr. Kaufman is. " Dr. Jens Korgaard, D.C., Newington, Conn.

Order now to greatly enhance your results with low back pain, sciatica, and other musculoskeletal patients. Call 800-774-5078.


“Dr Kaufman’s upper extremity seminar is a wonderful class, easy to learn, easy to apply, and highly effective techniques. Couldn’t recommend it more.”  Dr. Claire M. Li ,D.C. Long Island, New York

  “I am overjoyed that I took the extremity seminar from Dr. Kaufman. In less than a minute treatment, patients (in my office) who presented with shoulder pain and restriction, wrist pain and finger pain and restriction, foot and toe restriction have had between 50% and 100% improvement after one treatment.”
   “Follow up treatments increase the percentage improvement. Patients are excited and amazed and I am confident and at ease now when a patient has an extremity problem—as a matter of fact. I’m totally jazzed to see it improve immediately.!!”
 Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C., Los Gatos, Ca.



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