Doctors and Other Practitioners Report on the Amazing Results at the October 2009 Pain Elimination Bootcamp in Denver, CO.

“13 years ago I had 2 major surgeries in a 3 month period. First was for endometriosis (8 ˝ hour operation due to complications) followed by a reversal operation for a colostomy (8 ˝ hours—again, complications). This resulted in chronic pain whenever my abdomen was touched. Dr. Kaufman performed Manual Spinal Nerve Block on an abdominal trigger point. Right away, there was no more pain. The after-effect was a bit overwhelming since I had been living with this pain for 13 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Kate Juliano, L.M.T., Media, PA


"Prior to the October Bootcamp, I had symptoms of peripheral neuropathy: burning in my feet, and stiffness in both hands during themiddle of the night and upon waking. Medically, we weren’t sure if it was residual from myopathy secondary to a statin drug or the beginning of diabetes. Debbie Powell, P.T., treated me in class and the burning in my feet resolved, as well as complete relaxation. The burning did not return that afternoon or the next day which is the first time in a year I have tolerated sitting. Later, she treated Trigger Points throughout the spine and stiffness was not there when I awoke the next day. It is wonderful to find relief to symptoms that I did not think were musculoskeletal problems. However, it is even more wonderful to be relieved of the worry about what was causing the symptoms!

This information opens many opportunities to help our patients that we never dreamed could be so fast!” Beth Whitehead, P.T., Jackson, AL


 “Dr. Kaufman treated me yesterday for acid reflux. I’ve had this for 5-7 years; it’s nasty! You don’t want this. Every night you get up, throwing up, with a burning sensation in your chest. Last night was the first night in years that I did not have the problem! This has been a blessing for me!” Dayton Boyd, D.C., Lubbock, TX


 “For the past 5 years I have not been able to raise my left arm more than 90 degrees. My shoulder and arm ached and I couldn’t find a comfortable place where it didn’t hurt. My biggest problem was I couldn’t sleep at night, my shoulder kept waking me up and I’d toss and turn all night. I had a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder 3 years ago and was contemplating surgery on my left shoulder. After Dr. Kaufman treated me (see photo) my arm went up normally almost all the way, without pain, for the first time in years! Last night was the first night in all time that I don’t remember tossing and turning. It was wonderful to get a good night sleep! Wow! (“Wow” should stand for the “Walk On Water” Treatment).” Dave Pattis, Seattle, WA


“I have had ICV (right lower quadrant) pain and tenderness for ~ 13 years, once so severe I went to the Emergency Room thinking it was appendicitis. That tenderness disappeared after the Pain Control Patterns.” Bobbi Blair-Thompson, D.C., Huntington Beach, CA



  “I’ve had upper abdominal pain for one year, getting worse. After treatment by Dr. Kaufman, the pain on the left side went away, leaving the right side (not treated) feeling left out. On the break, I had a new practitioner work on the right side and got immediate relief. It was amazing a new practitioner could get the same results! It’s so easy! I’m amazed.” Frank Alamilla, D.C., Ft Worth, TX


“I have had chronic pain, ache, burning and sometimes itching for about 10 years in my lower back. It’s most noticeable when sitting for any length of time. I had been experiencing the dull ache while sitting in the seminar. Dr. Kaufman neutralized three trigger points in the area. The pain in the trigger points disappeared immediately. The ache in the area is gone. There was some itching when I first returned to chair. That is now gone as well.” Patricia Salvitti, D.C., Media, PA


“Since the June Boot Camp, I have been using the techniques on every patient at my office the very next day. To see the reaction of the patients as the tender points disappear is priceless.
One example is a patient with a chronic epicondylitis on the right side. He had an extremely tender point in his forearm extensors just below the elbow. I did a PCP and it went to zero pain right away. You could see the confused and shocked look on his face as it happened. As he was leaving he said his elbow was feeling better already from the treatment. It took almost no time at all! I am impressed!”
Robert Jeffrey, D.C. Los Angeles, CA.

 “I had pain and limited range of motion for 30 years in my left shoulder. I got great relief from a very brief treatment.  Also, pain of two years in my left elbow diminished very quickly. I’ve used the techniques on every patient back in my office after the seminar with great results.“ David Clarneau, DC, Shelbyville, TN


 “I have had right flank pain for 21-25 years. One of the participants worked on me, doing a psoas lift, and the pain was totally gone. I have been having hip pain for 4 weeks—there were several painful points that Dr. Kaufman eliminated. The hip feels better now when walking!” Kerry Randa, DC, Loveland, CO



“I had an exacerbation of scapula and shoulder pain that I’ve had on and off for 10 years. During that time, I’d tried massage, ART and chiropractic care with limited success. I was treated during the seminar and had the sensation of increased blood flow into the arm. After the treatment, the pain was gone and there was no more grinding!” Rachel Richards, DC, San Diego, CA


  “Dr. Kaufman found many sore points on my back and neck. He did the spinal nerve block on my neck and the pain in my upper trapezius disappeared instantly. Same thing with my mid-back—he used the Pain Control Pattern and  the pain disappeared as well. I bought the PNT DVDs 5 months ago and have used it on my patients with great results.” Lien Dao, D.C. Fresno, CA


 “I have been getting the most amazing results. These techniques are astounding and I have helped many clients who have had chronic pain for years. It’s incredible how tight muscles and trigger points just melt under my fingers. People come in that can barely move and leave feeling such relief. I had one client tell me he hasn't had this much pain relief in 15 years. I’ve been getting lots of referrals. During the seminar I had pain in my neck and low back. I worked on myself and the pain slowly went away. I also had Dr. Kaufman work on my arm which has been very sore around the medial elbow. The pain went away.” Gayla Norgren, L.M.T., Platteville, CO



“I have a patient who has had bilateral underarm pain for years that nothing has helped. The Kaufman Cervical Protocol made it go away. After a few treatments: It has not returned even after golfing.” Patricia Salvitti, D.C., Media, PA


 “Dr. Ruby Kevala of Ventura, CA, has treated me for a bulging L4-L5 disc with numbness going down one or both legs with pain in the back and hip area. This made walking, driving and sometimes sitting painful. This has been going on since 2004. After several PNT treatments I’ve had no flare-ups for months. She recommended I attend your seminar for my massage practice. This is Great!” Laurine Cullen, L.M.T., Ventura, CA


“Sixteen years ago I was walking along minding my own business, when my head was slam-dunked on the top of my spine by a freight elevator gate. My neck is my weak link and always kind of kinky. I was treated by Dr. Kaufman yesterday. Today my neck feels like the kink has been released from the chain! ” Paloma Pattis, L.Ac, Seattle, WA


 “I’ve had jaw pain (TMJ) for over 30 years. 2 broken jaws (mandible fractures) 2 surgeries, 3+ months of the denture and still lots of pain. After treatment, my TMJ feels substantially better!” Stephen Irestone, D.C., Burnsville, MN



“I had Plantar Fascitis pain for 4 months. Dr. Kaufman treated me using the Grid Technique. The pain reduced to almost imperceptible. Kudos for PNT.” Dale Ruemping, D.D.S., Seattle, WA



“I have had chronic sciatic pain for the last 3 years and after having PNT my pain decreased and now, the next morning I have significantly less pain.” Melissa Shelton, D.C., Plano, TX


  “I’ve had chronic low back pain, SI joint pain for over a year. At times I had severe lumbar muscle spasms so intense I could barely walk. Dr. Kaufman, utilizing the Pain Control Points, reduced almost all my pain, and greatly improved my lumbar mobility. To have significant change so quickly was AMAZING!” Stanley Brown, P.T., Springfield, MO



 “Several trigger points and pain in my neck disappeared right away. My range of motion to the right was very limited. Now I can turn my head fully to the right without pain.” Deborah Laplante, Gatineau, Quebec


 “I had a shoulder problem on the left. I couldn’t raise it more than 90 degrees. After a few minutes it was up almost all the way. It’s so encouraging to see fast and lasting results. Thank you 1000 times!” Andre Laplante, D.C., Gatineau, QC, Canada



“I have had right shoulder pain due to a rotator cuff injury for approximately 20 years. PNT techniques in the last 2 years have improved both the pain and range of motion significantly. Today, however, I experienced the best range of motion ever secondary to a subscapularis technique! Even my small residual shoulder pain has disappeared.” Bonnie Friehling, M.D., Columbia, MO


 “My Sacroileac trigger point tenderness  went away in almost no time. I noticed later that I was walking with an easier stride and increased length on that side.” Joyce Youngbrandt, P.T., Tinley Park, IL



“About a dozen trigger points miraculously vanished in seconds in my right thumb, hand and forearm! I’m so grateful and hopeful that with a few more treatments the chronic (15 years) condition of my upper back and neck will improve, too.” Jeana Thomas, D.C., Denver, CO


“I had very painful ribs for 2 years, off and on. After  a brief Basic Paraspinal PNT— the pain turned off, gone! This was so simple. Amazing, thank you! I also worked on a massage therapist with chronic arm and hand and elbow issues, and achieved great relief for her.” Karyn Erickson, L.M.T., Malvern, Florida


 “My son has had seizures for about 5 years. I treated his back, neck, and head using PNT. I noticed that he became more calm, and doesn’t have seizures anymore. Knowing that lots of autistic children have seizures, I worked on a couple of them. Their parents noticed significant differences in their behavior- they became so much calmer.

 Another experience (good one!) I treated a patient with Lyme disease. She slept better and it definitely released chronic pain she had for more than 20 years. I use PNT on my mom, who has hip (bone-to-bone) pain and has tried laser and injections—PNT had the BEST (!!!) results! It is amazing! ” Ingrid Chegai, P.T., Santa Cruz, CA

“Dr. Kaufman worked on my right leg and relieved several trigger points which have been present for 2-3 years (I had been having pain, weakness and muscle spasm). My leg feels normal on sitting and standing (now).” Brian Briggs, M.D., Minot, ND


“Dr. Kaufman has been sending me letters for  3 years. Quite frankly, they all sounded too good to be true. I didn’t believe it possible that trigger points could be turned off quickly with neurological reflexes. What really convinced me to come to the seminar was all the positive feedback from previous attendees. I figured they must all be telling the truth or he’s a gifted writer of fake testimonials. Either way, I wanted to find out.

The seminar was amazing. The techniques were very easy to learn and implement. I witnessed many miracles as about 60 of the participants were treated by Dr. Kaufman for chronic pain.

 I started using these procedures on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. The feedback using has been amazing from my patients. The term “wow, that’s amazing” has actually started to get a little old!  My own left medial knee pain of about 2 years duration was gone and stayed gone after I treated myself at the seminar (3 months ago).

 Honestly, of all the professional development I’ve done in my 16 year career, this was the most useful and practical technique seminar of them all.  The patients are truly amazed that I can change their pain and increase their range of motion in minutes or seconds. Here’s just a sample of the success stories:

 A 47 year-old woman with 20 years of pain following a fractured foot is now pain free after only a few treatments. A 17 year-old young man with a 5 year history of bilateral knee pain is now pain free. A 50 year-old woman who had persistent pain for over 2 years after knee surgery is now pain free.  

The most amazing success has been with the abdominal techniques. A long-term 70 year-old patient of mine confided in me that she has had a 5-year history of DAILY diarrhea. Nothing helped. After 6 treatments she is back to normal.

 Another female patient, aged 56, told me she had a long history of heartburn, bloating and diarrhea for 36 years. She could only eat a few bites of food before she felt full. She is back to normal. A 62 year-old woman has had right lower quadrant pain since she was a teenager. After using the ileocecal valve technique only 3 times she is now pain free for the first time in over 40 years. Honestly, you could build a practice around that one technique.

 My favorite patient came in yesterday. She is 93 years-old and has been suffering with spinal pain for ‘many years.’ The M.D.s have written her off as having ‘degenerative osteoarthritis’ and told her to ‘live with it.’ She’s almost all better. She’s saying that she’s ‘thrilled.”

 It’s such a great feeling to walk into a room with a patient knowing that there’s a huge likelihood they’re going to use the term, ‘wow, that’s amazing.’” Every D.C., P.T., M.D., and acupuncturist should have these tools in their toolbox. For massage therapists, PNT could be the ENTIRE toolbox.”  John Clark, D.C., Newcastle, Ontario

These Docs Wrote In After the June Bootcamp:

had a lady come in today with groin pain on lifting the left leg. She had no palpable trigger points and the only remarkable finding was a weak psoas on the side of the groin pain. Instead of strengthening the psoas I tried a pinwheel test on the legs for sensation and there was no sensation over the L4 dermatome on the right side. I applied the manual spinal nerve block to L4 on the right side for a brief time. Immediately she had full sensation of the right dermatome and a strengthened left psoas along with no groin pain!” Daniel J. Bank D.C. Queensland, Australia

“A 70 yo man had numerous osteoporotic fractures, and was in severe pain for over a year. After I treated him with P.N.T. he stood up, standing straighter and straighter than he had in a year. He  said “what the hell?” His pain was GONE for the first time in a year. His wife went back home and referred me 7 new patients so far. They live 2 hours away in Stevens Point WI. This is the first time in 50 years of practice that a patient has sent me 7 patients in less than a month. I was going to retire.” Charles Raether, D.C. New Holstein, WI.

“I had a patient enter with a  pain from an inguinal hernia.  He’s been in bed for two weeks with excruciating pain on walking. He hobbled in the office and within a short time his palpatory pain was gone!  Using PNT techniques he was up and walking without any pain for the first time in weeks.  He even noted that the bulge from the hernia had reduced substantially. I really need one of those "Wow, that's Amazing" signs in my office.  Since using your techniques I hear that several times daily.  I even catch myself saying it!” Kevin Hay, D.C. Woodstock, GA

 “I treated  my 79 year old mom’s frozen shoulder. Her condition was a result of a mamectomy performed 26 years ago. It was so bad at times that she had to hold a spoon with her left hand; the right didn’t flex to get the spoon to the level of her mouth. In three treatments her right shoulder flexion is now 160 degrees, and has stayed this way for a month.

 In the average patient I see, what used to take 15 treatments now takes 3-4. With most musculoskeletal problems it takes 3-4 treatments with Dr. Kaufman’s techniques to get almost full improvement. Patients generally feel substantial improvement during the first treatment. It is fun to be a patient hero!” Galina Semyonova, L.Ac., New York, N.Y.


Over the past 3 weeks I have been using your techniques and it has had a profound effect on my patients...I am now known as "THE MAGICIAN". These techniques were easy to learn but more importantly have a great effect on my patients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the Pain Neutralization Technique- because of you I finally can see that I am complete as doctor...there is nothing that walks in my office that I feel I cannot handle.

My wife had a migraine- in a few minutes with PNT I had her completely asymptomatic, with no residual effect at all.Yoav Stein, D.C. Los Angeles, CA.

 “I have been using your PNT work for over 8 months now, and I am more then satisfied – I’m THRILLED!! Literally, every day in my clinic, we are seeing great results with our patients. In the last two weeks I have had two sheriff’s deputies with shoulder pain.  In the past when a patient would come in with shoulder pain I would dread it.  I could give adjustments till the cows came home with very little result.  But now, bring on those shoulder problems.  Both patients got complete relief within a few visits.  In the same two week period, two female patients came in with knee pain.  Both of these patients came off the table pain free, limp gone, with a look of shock on their faces.

Best of all, after 31 years in practice, being bored and burned out in the past, now I can’t wait to get into the clinic.  I am happier in my practice today then I have ever been, thanks to you and the brilliant technique you developed.  And getting more referrals now then I have in years ain’t bad either.Peter G. Lazarnick, D.C., Carollton, Ga.

“Thank you for developing and sharing this fantastic approach in relieving pain!  I am blown away by it's simplicity and elegance.  Your techniques are just brilliant and are a completely original!  It's impossible to argue with the results that I am getting with your techniques.  I don't want to be doing what everyone else is doing because they were "told in school" this is what to do.  I try to look at what practitioners will be doing 20 or 30 years from now, not what we've been doing for thousands of year (manual therapy of various forms) I think your technique will be  a staple of our professions some day in the future.” Jeremy Baber, P.T. Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Since I purchased your DVDs some 8 weeks ago I have been totally blown away by the effectiveness of PNT. The first person I tried the PNT on is still pain free 8 weeks later.
Another female with 10 years of "bone crunching back pain" has found relief for the first time in ten years, she simply said "its gone". Another female with scoliosis,  as well as 2 Herrington rods, was suffering as a result of 3 major back operations in 6 weeks. She was taking pain meds orally as well as a pain patch. After her first treatment she no longer needed the patch and cut her oral medications substantially. Her constipation has greatly improved as well as she has also eliminated her sinus medication for the last 2 weeks, as she no longer needs it. She is also able to sleep very well and this was the result from her first treatment. In just one month of treatments, 8 sessions, she has improved by almost completely which is amazing considering the pitiful condition she was in.
Another gentleman who was experiencing bilateral hip pain as well as lumbosacral pain was completely relieved from his discomfort after  treatment. He had lost all hope of ever getting relief, he is certainly a believer in PNT.
Another female was experiencing ankle and foot pain especially on the dorsal/lateral aspect of her left foot. I used  PNT and in no time her foot and ankle pain vanished.
I am so happy I accidentally ran across your website. It has literally changed the way I practice and has boosted my confidence in facilitating the healing potential in others.
PS. I have been successful in turning off most all trigger/tender points .I have met just a few people out of about 50 who have not responded at all but the majority respond greatly." Scott Kingsbury, LMT, CR, Continuing Education Provider, Melbourne Florida

"Yesterday I saw a 51 year old women.  She is an audiologist, and 25 years ago she was stopped at a light and was rear ended by a truck going 45mph.  From that accident she had serious neck problems including pain, spasm, and stiffness.  A few months later she was at a stop sign and was hit in the rear end again.  This time her lower back was injured.  After the second accident she went to a chiropractor.

The chiropractor helped and she also had some PT.  However, the pain never went away, and over the last several years it has gotten very bad.  She is still seeing the same chiropractor she did all those years ago, and the chiropractor STILL adjusts her spine the same way.  The result is temporary.   Lately the pain comes back a few hours after her adjustment.  She has told this chiropractor that his adjustments are causing her pain afterward yet he continues to adjust her the same.

She has been to multiple pain clinics, received multiple injections, tried decompression, and was considering surgery (even though there was no disc problem evident on MRI or exam).  The medical community had exhausted their possibilities and the chiropractor continued to adjust away on her spine.  All the while she continued to get worse

This women is in the same business group that I am, and this weekend we had our picnic.  I was stunned as she tried to get a drink out her cooler.  She cannot bend at ALL from the waist, and she had set her cooler on the table so she would not have to bend.  Someone however, moved it on the floor.  This woman was unable to get down and someone had to help her.

She cannot bend over to tie her shoes so she always wears slip on shoes.  She cannot sit more than a few minutes without severe pain, and she notes that she has not gone on a trip for years because of that.  She has to take a lot of pain medication just to get through her day seeing patients.  If all that were not bad enough she is averaging about two or three hours a night of sleep.  The pain gets so intense, she has to get up frequently.

Finally she decided to come in yesterday.  I think she had almost given up.  Her evaluation revealed several exquisitely tender trigger points. I began the PNT session on the right medial knee.  After that she had no pain in the knee, SI joint, or lumbar paraspinals.  She was a little freaked out in a good way that her pain level changed that much.  I mean it was pretty dramatic!

Next I worked on the right QL  and right trap and when I was done she had ZERO pain!  Severe pain, spasm, and stiffness with almost no range of NO pain, NO spasm, and FULL range of motion.  She was flabbergasted (as I have to admit I was as well....)  She could barely speak as she was choking back tears.....She finally managed to speak and her exact words were "That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.."  No other words for a minute as I let her take it all in....

She was blown away.  I think because she had all these other treatments including spinal adjusting for years and in less than 5 minutes (literally 5 minutes) the pain was gone!  She could sit, she bent over and touched her toes....She jumped up and down!!!

I called her last night and her son and husband wanted to know what I did to her! (They could not believe she felt that good.)She told me that she sat down for dinner for the first time in years!!! 

What do you say to something like that?  We had our business lunch meeting today and when I walked in she was sitting there all smiles....."No pain!"  she smiled giving me the thumbs up!  She still had no pain, no spasm, no stiffness.....Now I realize that that can happen that quickly, but that for me was a first.

That was not just a treatment that was true healing.  I am seeing her again next week to follow up but if she is still doing well and there are no problems my gut feeling is leave it at that!

Find it, fix it, and leave it alone!  This is definitely why I became a doctor!  I know this is an amazing response and perhaps I won't see this type of dramatic change all the time, but even so the results I have seen on others has just been remarkable.....I cannot say enough, which is why it is hard to find words for this.... wow is that amazing!  (And yes I have a sign in my room that reads "Wow, That's Amazing!" because it truly is!)   Aaron M Peters, D.C. Dubois, Penn.

"I continue to use your techniques every day (for the past several years) and I am still amazed by how well they work." Judy Abrams. L.Ac.  Ithaca, N.Y

Disclaimer: There is no “typical” user of our products and therefore citing generally expected results is difficult if not impossible. We’ve made a good faith effort to share the actual experiences of doctors and their patients.  Every practitioner (D.C., L.Ac, M.D., P.T., N.D. and L.M.T.) is unique in terms of their background , training, and understanding. Each will apply the procedures in their own unique way. Every patient is also individual in how they will respond to treatment.

Our general impression is that most doctors find the techniques easy to learn and apply from watching the DVDs, and easy on the doctor. Many of their patients with chronic and acute pain will show improvement from these techniques. A few doctors are not able to successfully apply the techniques, and they don’t see improvement in their patients. Some patients do not respond at all. We’re always eager to for our students to give us feedback on the results they’re getting.

The Kaufman Techniques, Pain Neutralization Technique and any other procedures mentioned on this website  are  not methods of  diagnosing, treating, or curing illness, pathology, medical conditions, or disease of any kind. None of the statements on this page are approved by the F.D.A.

These testimonials are our best cases and may not be typical; your results will vary. We have not verified the statements of any of the practitioners. Their statements do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Kaufman. There is no guarantee of any particular results in any individual case from the application of these techniques, either in the classes or on dvd. All testimonials are presented with the understanding that your results may differ; not all practitioners get the same results. The information presented herein is for the consideration of licensed health care practitioners and is not intended to be used for soliciting patients, nor should prospective patients infer that any guarantee of a cure is implied. All information here is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you have a health problem you should see a physician.

All techniques taught are for the practitioner's information and consideration only; it is up to you as the practitioner to decide in any case when they may be applicable, and how they may be applied. I  can not be responsible for how these techniques are applied to any particular patient. All such applications are solely the responsibility of the individual practitioner. I am not able to personally monitor or suggest their use in any individual case. Always use very, very light pressure. In no event shall Stephen Kaufman, D.C. or Kaufman Technique ,LLC be liable for any injury or  damages arising from the use of any techniques or nutritional products presented or discussed on the DVDs or at seminars. 

The information and methods in these classes and discs is not meant and should not be used for self treatment, and are not a substitute for consulting a physician or health care practitioner for any health problems  you may have. Kaufman Technique LLC and Dr. Stephen Kaufman are not responsible for any adverse effects, injury, or damage resulting from the use of any of the information or techniques presented in these classes, on DVD, in written form, or on this website.  

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